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Babies Switched

Author: Willow4Tara08
Rating: R - NC-17
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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, Joss owns them.

That same day across town Tara Maclay and her husband just got home from her check up with the ob/gyn. Tara's 7 months pregnant and it's hot as hell for her and her husband Brandon. He turns the A.C. for her and starts rubbing her shoulders.

"What would you two like for dinner?" Brandon asked.

"Chinese sounds good, what do you think?" Tara said.

"Great I'll order. So what are we naming him?" Brandon asked.

"Blake Maclay Jackson, remember?" Tara said.

"Oh yeah, that's right, sorry babe." The phone rang. "Hello?" Brandon said.

"Is Tara home?"

"Hang on... Here babe, phone," Brandon said.

"Who is it?" Tara asked, taking the phone.

"Some girl," Brandon said.

"Hello?" Tara said.

"Hey Tara, it's Julie."

"Hey Julie, how are you?" Tara said walking outside.

"I'm good. When are you coming back to New York?" Julie asked.

"Julie it's been five years," Tara said.

"I know I miss you."

"I'm not coming back," Tara said.

"Then I'll come up there with you," Julie said.

"No Juls, you can't," Tara said.

"Why not? Tara, who was that guy?" Julie asked.

"Julie, look, I'm 7 months pregnant," Tara said.

"That's great, we can raise it together!" Julie said.

"Juls, no, I'm married now!" Tara said.

"WHAT!!! You married a guy?" Julie yelled.

"Yes, and I'm sorry."

"How long have you been married?" Julie asked.

"Only a year," Tara said.

"So you don't like pussy any more," Julie said.

"Julie of course I do, it's wonderful... I just needed to do this," Tara said laughing.

"Ok, if you say so," Julie said.

"Sweetheart, dinner's here," Brandon said peeking out.

"Ok I'll be right there," Tara said.

"Sweetheart, oh my god," Julie said.

"I gotta go, Julie," Tara said.


"So who was that?" Brandon asked as Tara walked back in.

"An old friend back home," Tara said, knowing full well she was lying.

A month and a half later Willow went into labor, and so did Tara. They were both at the same hospital; they were sitting in wheel chairs, side by side almost, while their husbands checked them in.

"So what are you having?" Willow asked.

"A boy, and you?" Tara said.

"A boy. I'm Willow, by the way," Willow said. Damn, she's sexy.

"Tara, nice to meet you," Tara said. She's hot...

They shook hands, and at the same time a major labor pain hit both of them. At the same time they squeezed each others hands hard, leaving little bloody half moons on their hands.

Four hours later both women had their babies and were resting up while the babies were cleaned up and put in the incubator, and wheeled to the nursery... where Tara's baby gets Willow's name and Willow's baby gets Tara's name on the wrists bands... then wheeled into their rooms. The door opens to Willow's room.

"Here's your parents," the nurse said.

"Look babe, our son," James said, picking him up.

"James, you're crying," Willow said.

"My son, I'm a proud father," James said.

"C'mon Jessie James, let's go to mommy," James said.

"Hey Jessie James, you're just so handsome," Willow said.

"He is so cute, baby," James said.

"He looks like you," Willow said.

"Kind of," James said.

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