Babies Switched

Author: Willow4Tara08
Rating: R - NC-17
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Summary: Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay are both married to guys and pregnant, and their babies get switched at birth. They found out when the kids were 2 years old; they both wanted their biological kid back, but the husbands didn't care either way. The women meet up, talk, and happen to fall in love with each other.

It was a hot summer day and Willow and her husband just got home from the birthing class. She is 7 months pregnant, and very hot and miserable. Her husband James turns the A.C. on full blast for her then goes to sit by her, rubbing her feet.

"Man that feels good," Willow said.

"It's the least I could do," James said.

"If we decide to have another one, let's try for a winter one," Willow said.

"Deal!" James said laughing. "So what are we going to name our son?"

"Um, William, James Jr, or Jesses James," Willow said.

"I like Jesses James Rosenberg Preston," James said.

"Yeah I do too. Jessie James it is then," Willow said.

"Honey, are you ever gonna change your last name to Preston?" James asked.

"C'mon honey, 'Willow Preston'? Sorry, but no," Willow said.

"It's cool. What do you want for dinner?" James asked.

"Steak would be nice," Willow said, looking at him. The phone rang.

"Steak it is," James said, smiling as he answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi James, is Willow there?"

"Hold on... It's Buffy," James said.

"Hey Buffy, what's up?" Willow said.

"Willow, how are you?" Buffy asked.

"It's been so long," Willow said.

I know, long, so how's everything?" Buffy asked.

"Great, I'm pregnant!" Willow said.

"Really?! How far along?" Buffy screamed.

"7 months," Willow said.

"That's great! Why didn't you ever call and tell me?" Buffy said.

"I told Dawn to, I figured she told you," Willow said.

"Nope, she didn't tell me," Buffy said.

"Buffy, I want you there when he's born," Willow said.

"Ok, I'll be there. You're having a boy?" Buffy said.

"Yes, Jessie James Rosenberg Preston," Willow said.

"That's a cute name - long, but cute," Buffy said.

"Thanks Buff," Willow said.

"I called to say I'll be home next month," Buffy said.

"Can't wait to see you, I miss you so much," Willow said.

"I miss you too. Gotta run," Buffy said.

"Ok, bye," Willow said, hanging up the phone.

"Honey your steak's ready," James said.

"Thanks, I'll be right there," Willow said.

"So how's Buffy doing?" James asked.

"She's great, coming home next month," Willow said.

"That's good. It would be nice to see her again," James said.

"It sure would be," Willow said, taking a bite of her steak.

"So how's the steak? Good?" James asked.

"It's delicious, hun," Willow said, taking another bite.

"Glad you like it, dear," James said.

"I always liked your steaks," Willow said.

"I know you do, Wil," James said.

"Are you buying the paint for the nursery tomorrow?" Willow asked.

"Yeah, I'm going to get first thing in the morning," James said.

"Oh, ok," Willow said.

"And when I get back I'm taking you out for a great breakfast," James said.

"Aww that's so sweet of you," Willow said.

"Well I couldn't carry the little guy for you," James said.

"If you could, would you carry a baby?" Willow asked laughing.

"I probably would, but it might hurt coming out!" James said laughing right along with Willow.

"You're right, it probably would hurt guys worse then women," Willow said.

"Yeah, I don't see how women do it," James said.

"It's hard but we manage it," Willow said.

"And it's rewarding at the end of 9 months," James said.

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