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Little Surprises

Author: Axel_Avalon
Rating: PG
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Disclaimer: We all know the sick twisted moronic genius who owns them, I am merely trying to soothe the wounds he so viciously inflicted. I don't own the song either.


Tara sat bolt upright in bed when she heard Willow scream. She jumped out of bed and headed down the hall towards Willow's room. She pushed the door open and saw Willow sitting up in bed cradling the small bulge in her stomach. Tara raced to the red head's side. "Oh God Willow!!! Are you ok? Is it the baby?"

"Tara shh, come here." Willow pulled Tara to sit beside her in the bed. "I'm fine, but..." a tear escaped from Willow's eye.

"What is it sweetie?" Tara wiped away the tear and tucked some of Willow's hair behind her ear.

"I... I felt him move. Tara I felt him move." Tears leaked from the red head's eyes as she smiled brightly.

"Oh Will, that's great." Tara hugged Willow and tried to hide her disappointment at missing the baby's first movements.

Willow a small wave of disappointment pass over. "Tara? Do you want to stay? In case the baby moves again?"

"I'd like that." Tara said softly.

They both settled into bed with Tara spooned behind Willow with one hand on the redhead's stomach. They lay there together until sleep claimed them.

Willow's senses slowly awoke one by one. She felt a hand softly stroking her stomach and a soft body pressed against her back. Deep, steady breathing tickled the back of her neck. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she snuggled into the blonde behind her. 'I could stay here forever.' With a smile on her face, Willow closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

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