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Little Surprises

Author: Axel_Avalon
Rating: PG
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"By the end of the first trimester, your baby will weigh approximately 1 ounce, and be about 3 inches in length and signs of the baby's sex are beginning to appear. Finger and toe nails are developing. The facial features are becoming well defined, with an obvious chin, nose, and forehead. Eyes are fully formed and eyelids are developing. The baby is now starting to move the hands, legs, and head. At this point you will not feel the baby's movement. You may have gained about 3 to 4 pounds." Tara's attention was so focused on the book in front her that she didn't notice Willow walking up behind her.

Willow leaned against the doorframe and watched the blonde. Tara had been reading any and everything on pregnancy that she could find. If Tara wasn't searching the subject in the net, she was buried under a pile of books. It was all rather cute in an obsessive nervous father type way.

Tara looked up from the book and spotted Willow. "Hey Will, is everything ok? Do you need anything? Is the baby ok? What did the doctor say?"

"Tara calm down. I'm fine and the baby's fine. Will you just breathe for a second?" the red head laughed as she went and sat beside Tara on the couch.

"Sorry, I did it again didn't I?" the blonde blushed.

"It's ok, it's cute. Doctor Chris says that everything is absolutely fine; I only had a small bout of morning sickness. He gave me some more vitamins and told me to start watching what I eat."

"So you're ok?" Tara smiled in relief.

'My god those lips, she's so beautiful. I just want to... Damn these pregnancy hormones. That's all it is, hormones of the pregnant variety. Not that hormones can be pregnant or any...'

"Will, sweetie are you ok? You zoned out on me for a minute there. You're not feeling faint or anything are you? Should I call Dr. Chris?"

"No Tare, I'm fine. It just got kind of busy up here." She tapped the side of her head.

"Oh well I know how to cure that." A smirk crossed Tara's face. "Pancakes for dinner?"

"Oh god you spoil me."

"I enjoy it." Tara stood and placed a small kiss against Willow's temple before heading for the kitchen.

'It's only the hormones... Yeah keep telling yourself that Rosenberg.'

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