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Let the Sun Shine Through

Author: LostRegret
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own them. They all belong to Joss, yadda yadda yadda...

"Tara, can you slow it down a little bit maybe?" Xander threw at the blonde girls retreating form. With a box under his arm and his other hand planted firmly on the place where his side stitch throbbed with every breath, he huffed and puffed his way up the flight of stairs.

When he finally reached the apartment, he was met with a grinning Tara. "Do you like it?" She asked bouncing on her toes.

"I would like it more if it would stop spinning." Xander said as he plopped down on the floor. "Oh Xander! It wasn't that bad."

"Seven flights Tara." He held up seven fingers for effect. "Not two, not three, but SEVEN. Why didn't you get Faith to help you? She's all with the fitness." Even though he had only met Faith once, he could tell right away she was more that fit for her frame. Almost god-like.

"She had to work. Besides, I wanted the manly Xander to help!" He stood up and puffed out his chest. "That you got m'lady."

"C'mon we got more boxes downstairs." She said as she jogged towards the staircase.

"Suddenly, I'm not feeling very manly." Xander mumbled to the empty room as he jammed his hands in his pockets and walked excruciatingly slow to the Staircase Of Death.

The next day Buffy called Xander at his apartment. After four rings she was about to hang up but was answered in the middle of the fifth ring.

"Hello." Came an almost painful greeting.

"Hey Xand. What's up?"

"If you mean in the vertical sense it's definitely not me." He grimaced as he lay back down on his bed.

"What happened to you?"

"I was helping Tara move in yesterday. Trying to be all with the helpful. I had to run up and down seven flights of stairs all day."


"You know. Tara. Remember, I told you about her when I got back from my 'I'm-gonna-drive-to-all-fifty-states' escapode. I met her in San Francisco."

"Oh yeah. I remember now, and the word is escapade. Why she moving here?"

"She got this job offer as a chef in the local snooty restaurant. 'The Butterfly Lantern'."

"You guys stayed in contact all this time?"

"Amazing huh?" Buffy grinned.

"Willow's still kinda off. Maybe we should introduce them. Some new people in her life could help ya know. Get her out of the house at least."

"O.K. sounds good. We could grab something to eat at that Italian place 'Charzollas' then go to the Coffee Shoppe."

"Wow. We actually have a plan for once. What time?"

"How's seven-thirty?"

"Cool. Oh hey Xander whaddya say you and me hit the gym. We could tackle the Stairmaster."

"Yeah ha ha Buffy. I'll meet you there when the feeling returns to my lower half, which by the way could take years." Buffy stifled a laugh as Xander said his goodbyes and they hung up. Now the hard part... Convincing Willow to leave her room.

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