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Spark to a Flame

Author: Auburn
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters but the story is mine.

The sound of Willow's laughter filled the room, it bounced off the walls and made it's heavenly decent into Tara's ears causing her to laugh lightly in return, of course she didn't find it all that funny as she was the source of her girlfriend's laughter. The reason still escaping her somewhat befuddled mind.

"I don't know how that happened." She said after a few moments of disbelief. "You moved it didn't you?"

Willow burst into another fit of laughter, Tara's exasperated and dumbfounded expression exercising her humorous inclination to the maximum. Her stomach was beginning to hurt with the strain.

"My foot is stuck, Will. Maybe if you can compose yourself for a minute you can hold the tin while I pull it out?" Tara said through soft giggles and braced leg for a hefty tug.

Willow let out a few more chuckles before shuffling on her bottom to hold the tin to the floor. Tara's foot made a few squelching sounds as it pulled free from it's paint ridden prison. The blonde then rotated her ankle a few times, checking to see if it hurt.

"Is it ok?" Willow asked genuinely, although still stifling giggles. She wrapped a towel around Tara's paint covered foot so chocolate-brown didn't end up on the newly laid cream carpet of her bedroom floor. "It's fine." Tara giggled, her girlfriend's mirth at the situation was infectious.

Willow grabbed her crutches and followed Tara towards the bathroom, her chuckles still erupting every now and then.

"You moved the tin?" Tara asked again, still trying to figure out how her foot had ended up in the paint tin, she had been helping Willow paint her bedroom before moving in tomorrow. They worked in unison, Tara standing to paint the top and Willow sitting to paint the bottom, it had been a quiet afternoon until her painty-foot mishap.

"No." Willow shook her head and took the paint covered towel from Tara's outstretched hand. "You did."

"I did?" Tara repeated disbelievingly. Her trademark eyebrow raised sceptically causing Willow to laugh once more. "You did Tara, I swear. You moved it so I wouldn't have to stretch to reach the tin."

Tara threw her head back slightly in remembrance, of course, she had moved it so Willow didn't have to stretch, because every time she did the shorts she was wearing rode up the inside of her thigh causing major distraction and naughty Willow-thigh thoughts.

But it was still Willow's fault, if she hadn't been wearing those shorts....

Removing her pants, Tara carefully placed them onto the floor, then positioned her foot into the bath tub and turned on the tap to allow the water to wash away the paint.

Paint gone, leaving a wet foot in it's wake Tara then wiped it dry and turned to embrace her girlfriend.

"It is your fault and you must make it up to me." Tara ordered grabbing her girlfriend around the waist and pushing her backwards gently until she was pressed against the wall of the bathroom.

Willow's eyes widened in surprise, her crutches dropping to the floor so her arms could wrap around Tara's neck, the feel of Tara's lips on the skin of her throat a sudden but welcome surprise.

"Uh, Tara?" Willow's voice hitched as Tara nipped her skin, "we have a lot to get done today, I.... I wrote out a schedule." She swallowed hard against her girlfriend's lips. "My schedule Tara, remember?"

Tara leaned back slightly and looked into her girlfriend's gorgeous, green eyes causing a half smile to grace her full, mischievous lips.

"But Will, there was a problem with your schedule." She said seriously and watched as Willow's mind tried to figure out exactly what that problem was.

"There isn't, Tara. I made time for everything, paint, lunch, cleaning, moving the rest of the boxes. Really, it was a very well thought out schedule. I even gave us an extra hour in case we took longer on some things than we should have so, uh, what could possibly be wrong with it?" Tara's soft giggle made Willow's brow furrow, her plan was flawless, it was always flawless!

"No time for kisses?" Tara's half smile turned into a smirk. "What if one of us should need attending to?"

"Well, I guess I thought you could go a full day without needing to be attended." Willow shot back, Tara's smug smirk at finding a flaw with her carefully laid out plans was going to cost her.

"Oh I can." Tara answered. "I just don't like to."

Willow tried to catch her breath as she laid spread against her girlfriend's long, lithe body, a light sheen of sweat covering her heated skin. She was spent, euphorically satiated, like Charlie had just given her his chocolate factory and she'd stuffed her face with yummy treats.

She had attempted (half-heartedly) to foil her girlfriend's evil plan to disrupt the perfectly thought out schedule she had made, but Tara wasn't easily deterred and Willow eventually buckled under the light kisses and soft, yet perfectly placed touches. She wanted to make love with Tara, who wouldn't? But the schedule didn't have time for it. Not that it mattered now.

Willow felt a little naughty knowing there were things that needed to be done, but as she snuggled deeper into Tara's arms, she tried to stifle a grin. Rebellion, even if it was against your own meticulous schedule, felt good.

"Wanna get up?" Tara asked, her voice sounding loud in the tranquillity of the moment.

Willow gripped Tara's body tighter and shook her head.

"But we have things that need to be done, sweetie." Tara reminded her girlfriend, "If we don't do them then everything won't be ready for you to move in tomorrow."

"That's ok." Willow sighed. "We have all the time in the world."

That simple sentence brought a smile to Tara's face. Having all the time in the world to spend with Willow, even if it was doing something as trivial as painting, was her idea of heaven.

Donny stepped carefully over the front step of Willow's new home, his vision obstructed slightly by the large stack of boxes in his arms as he carried them from Mr. Rosenberg's car. He turned the corner and entered the living room to gain the attention of a seated Willow.

"Where do you want these, ma'am?" He asked and shifted the weight of the boxes to get a better grip.

"Uhm, what's in them?" She asked a little unsure and craned her neck to make out the description on the side of the top box. "Oh, they're files and folders, they go upstairs in the office. That's the second room on your left."

"Got it." He said quickly then mumbled. "Damn heavy for 'files and folders'!"

He made his way up the stairs, making note of a creaking third step so he could ask Willow if she would like it fixing. He stumbled a little, not being able to see the steps below him, then counted the rooms when he reached the top as he passed them "First, second... second left." Once he entered the room he dropped the boxes with a thud, glad to rid his arms of their weight.

He walked back down the hall, passing the room his sister was in, he backtracked and popped his head through Willow's bedroom door.

"It's not a bad old house is it, sis?" He asked and stepped further into the room.

Tara looked up from what she was doing and smiled warmly at her little brother.

"No it's nice, it has plenty of character." She answered.

"Do you think you could live here?" He asked, and Tara raised a questioning eyebrow at him. He lifted his hands and stepped away in submission. "Hey I was just asking, didn't mean anything by it."

She looked at him for a long moment before spraying Willow's nightstand with furniture polish, then spoke whilst wiping it clean. "I guess I could live here, but that would be up to Wil.... Why?" She tacked on.

"Well, I was just thinking, I mean.... when you do move in, or if you do, and what with mom selling the farm and everything, then maybe I could take your apartment over, the farm won't sell quickly mind you. It needs a little work before it can go on the mar...."

"Donny...." Tara interrupted, "Mom's selling the farm? Since when? When did she decide that?" Tara pointed the furniture polish at her brother as she asked, clearly perplexed by the new information.

He raised his arms once again, higher this time. A slight look of fright upon his face. "Uh, you're not gunna attack me with that are you?" He joked and pointed at the polish.

Tara melted slightly, a smile gracing her lips as she placed the canister on the nightstand and sat on the end of Willow's bed.

"Mom's selling the farm?" She asked once again, "That farm was dad's." The news settled in slowly. "Why?"

"Well, I guess she wants to move on with her life, Tara. Dad's been gone for a long time. The farm's still going strong, but mom's getting older. It can be lonely up there sometimes, for the both of us. I know she misses you, too. And she's made a good friend in Mrs. Rosenberg so now's a better time than any to move into town." Donny sat beside his sister, both staring out the front window of Willow's bedroom. They could see the house opposite the street, it's roof white from falling snow. "Mom said to me, when she told me she was thinking about selling the farm, that our family enjoyed it so much perhaps it was time for another family to do the same thing. I agree with that."

Tara thought for a moment, then turned to see the blue eyes of her brother watching her intently. "I agree too." She nodded sadly.

"C'mere." Donny smiled, wrapping his sister in a firm hug.

"You're bedroom's done, sweetie." Tara said, walking into the living room with her brother in tow. She had to laugh at the sight of her girlfriend sitting on the floor surrounded by white sheets.

"I got tangled." Willow explained with a hefty pout, trying to pull her left crutch out of the grip of a mischievous sheet. "It doesn't want to let go."

"Willow, what in heavens name are you doing?" Sheila exclaimed, walking from the kitchen with a tray of coffee and biscuits. "I left you for five minutes, I asked if you would be alright."

"And I would have been if you'd have warned me about the devil sheets." Willow huffed and held her arm out to be gently lifted by Tara. Tara obliged, then pulled the crutch from the offending sheet and handed it to her girlfriend.

"Payback for my foot in the paint tin yesterday." Tara whispered with a smirk.

"I thought you paid me back for that? You know.... after?"

"What's going on?" Anna entered the room with Ira in tow. "Have we all finished?"

Everyone nodded yes then Sheila spoke up. "My daughter got accosted by white sheets, it seems she is very traumatised." She explained and placed the tray of coffee and biscuits on the coffee table. "Drink, anyone?"

The family enjoyed each other's company for the rest of the evening, laughing and joking at childhood stories that Sheila, Anna and even Ira couldn't help but recount. Donny laughed as his mother told the story of how Tara got stuck in a tree. Tara laughed at the story of how Willow got a crayon stuck in her ear. And everybody laughed at the story of how Willow and Tara secretly lusted after one another for months before their accidental meeting.

It was nice, Willow thought. Her mother seemed happier, more relaxed. She hadn't left Sunnydale in months and that was a miracle in and of itself. Ira seemed happier too, he was able to share his anecdotes with Donny and not get greeted by the disapproving eyes of women. He too, seemed happier.

She then turned her gaze to the woman sitting beside her, laughing at Sheila's enthusiastic story telling. Tara's light giggle was musical, magical.... amazing.

"Everything ok, sweetie?" Tara asked. Willow started slightly having been caught in a major stare-fest. She nodded and smiled weakly.

"I'm a little tired."

"Bedtime?" Tara smiled back and stood, she gently took Willow's arm and helped her to her feet. She turned her attention to their family and interrupted their jovial conversation. "Uh, guys... we're gunna...."

"Oh oh, of course!" Anna said a little too loudly. "It's getting late anyway." She stood and gently kissed both girls on the cheek. "We'll clear up, then clear out, ok?"

"Ok." Both girls nodded. They received kisses and goodnights from the rest of their family and made their way upstairs.

They entered Willow's room, it seemed deafly quiet after the jocund gathering with their family downstairs. Their mother's were a handful to say the least.

Shuffling her way towards her chest of draws, Willow rifled through them to find a t-shirt to sleep in, finding one she liked, Willow then turned to Tara.

"Are you staying, or have you just come to tuck me in?" She asked.

Tara moved towards her girlfriend and wrapped her arms around Willow's waist, her trademark half smile gracing her lips.

"That's up to you, sweetie."

"Good." Willow beamed and kissed Tara lightly. "Here you go." She handed Tara a shirt, then proceeded to look for her own.

"I don't know why we wear these, we never have them on when we wake up." Tara giggled and began to undress.

Ten minutes later both girls were washed, dressed and settled in bed. Willow snuggled deep in Tara's embrace, her body warmed and relaxed. She wasn't sure what was better; falling to sleep with Tara, or waking with her. It took her a few minutes to come to the conclusion that they were equally important.

"Because what's the point of going to bed with you if you're not going to make me breakfast in the morning?" Willow said suddenly and felt herself jiggle as Tara laughed.

"Uhm, I don't know?" Tara answered around her soft, melodic laughter. "What is the point of going to bed with me if I'm not going to make you breakfast in the morning?"

"Kisses, snuggles, your hot body next to mine, the occasional orgasm...." Willow said mischievously.

"Willow!" Tara exclaimed through giggles. "You were tired a few minutes ago."

"I'm still tired, but I'm also thinking, and my thinking has lead me to think that perhaps.... you should be kissing me right now."

Tara could feel Willow's smile against her chest and she dared a look down. Catching green eyes waiting patiently for her to oblige, she chuckled internally.

"You want a kiss.... you know how to get it."

"You make me do all the hard work." Willow huffed playfully and turned her body until she was directly above Tara, holding herself with the strength of her arms, she rested her lower body against Tara's.

"Kiss me." She asked again only to receive a full scale grin from the woman beneath her.

"Ki...." Willow didn't manage to finish her sentence as Tara lips cut off her words, their lips met lightly, then parted leaving willow with a slight sense of surprise at not having to fight harder to get what she wanted. She was about to move off Tara's body, but felt soft fingers entangle themselves in her hair.

"Now you kiss me." Tara said, her smile gone and replaced by a beginning need.

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