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Spark to a Flame

Author: Auburn
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters but the story is mine.

Willow was in heaven. Or was it hell? Surely heaven wouldn't allow her to have the illicit naughty feelings she was currently experiencing. With each stroke her body sunk deeper into the soft sheets of the bed and with long kneading fingers Tara turned her body into a mass of goo, a very aroused mass of goo.

Willow wasn't sure when the arousal had began to become noticeable, perhaps it was when she successfully persuaded Tara to be naked, arguing that she herself had to be naked and that it was only fair they were on equal footing. Perhaps it was when she realised that from the position she was currently in she could feel Tara's center press lightly into her lower back, teasing her every time Tara leaned forward. Perhaps it was when Tara's long teasing fingers lightly and knowingly brushed against the side of her breasts, not enough to satisfy, but just enough to linger.

It didn't help that those fingers were now gently teasing out any trace of tension in her neck, gently caressing and teasing the soft downy hair at the edge of her hairline. Surely Tara had run out of places to massage? Surely it was now time for Willow to turn over and be kissed, be taken in any manner Tara deemed necessary?

Willow sighed when she felt Tara shift, the tension in her body completely gone, her normally wiry body now limp and complacent, ready to be skilfully manipulated, but it wasn't time just yet.

"Relax." Tara instructed gently, lovingly.

Willow's eyes opened suddenly, the softness of Tara's breath on the skin of her back momentarily surprising her, but she closed them once again when the soft breath was replaced by warm lips as Tara kissed her skin. Tracing the curve of Willow's spine with her mouth, mapping it with her tongue and lightly sucking when she reached the delicate dimples at her lower back.

"How do you feel?" Tara smiled softly around the words knowing exactly how her girlfriend was feeling.

"Like you're teasing me." Willow frowned. "You're becoming a vixen at that."

Tara bit her lip feeling somewhat apologetic for her merciless teasing, Willow was always her willing victim, it was too easy and too much fun to stop. She kissed her way up Willow's back, stopping to lightly nip at the protrusion of the delicate shoulder blade before lowering herself gently on top of her girlfriend.

"You're right I am." Tara agreed, running her hands along the soft skin of Willow's arms before interlacing their fingers. "But you love it."

"I do." Willow's nod was somewhat muted by the pillow her head rested on, her eyes remained closed, her senses focusing on a different set of sensations as Tara's breasts pushed against her back.

Tara chuckled, "But there are other things you love that you want me to do?"

She moved her body to Willow's right side, half on the bed, positioning herself comfortably. Her right leg over the back of Willow's left, careful not to hurt her girlfriend's injured limb, hip pushed into Willow's bottom and breast pressed into her back.

Tara ran her hands over Willow's body, caressing her skin, feeling the heat and tingle as they touched, she felt her girlfriend's arousal and bathed in it. She loved When Willow was like this, it was a part of her girlfriend only she was allowed to see and it made her feel powerful, wanted and needed.

She gently put her hand on Willow's thigh, causing the redhead to open her legs wider. Coaxing Tara to touch her in the place that burned most, the blonde inwardly smiled. Of course she'd obey.

Tara softly stroked her hand up the inside of Willow's thigh, feeling Willow's anticipation as well as her own, she could feel the heat and imagine the arousal that waited for her there and as the tips of her fingers connected with Willow's outer lips she let out a sigh. The softness, the intimacy, the need emanating from her girlfriend's body caused her own center to ache.

She couldn't see Willow's face, she could just see the side of her cheek, could see the rose coloured tint and just make out her parted lips. Her girlfriend was in heaven, and it was her who had taken Willow there.

Tara delved deeper, exploring Willow's folds, seeking out the nub that would make the smaller woman's body tighten and her breath quicken. She found it and appreciated it's effects. Her finger lightly drawing patterns, declaring her love and staking her claim.

Willow's body began to rock, her bottom pushing harder against Tara's hip, her enthusiasm encouraging her girlfriend to explore more, to go deeper and Tara didn't hesitate. She abandoned Willow's clit for a moment, seeking out other opportunities. She couldn't see, could only feel and thoroughly enjoy the challenge as her fingers followed the moist arousal of her girlfriend, finding the opening and anticipating the velvety den it led to. She wasn't disappointed as the muscles wrapped tightly around her finger, pulsing at the new sensations.

"Tara." Willow whimpered, her breath coming heavier, quicker.

The blonde didn't rush, she knew where Willow wanted to be taken and decided to take her there at a leisurely pace, her name on Willow's lips left Tara in no doubt that it was she that Willow craved, needed, wanted, begged for. It was her and no one else, that thought left a desire in her that nothing physical could substitute.

She pulled away, the strong muscles around her finger tightening in protest and Willow whimpered once again, the torture was exquisite as she felt Tara in her, on her and around her. Tara was everywhere, kissing touching, loving, and giving Willow just enough of what she needed, but not all of it. She felt Tara shift slightly behind her, and wiry curls connected ever so lightly with her lower back as Tara sought an outlet for her own growing need. That was enough to send volts of pleasure to the heart of her desire and she pushed against her girlfriend a little harder, wanting to feel Tara's center against her and wanting Tara to go deeper.

The blonde didn't disappoint as she withdrew to the hilt of her girlfriend, then thrust harder, she knew it would only take a few strokes to bring Willow over the edge and curled her fingers aiming for the sweet core of her desire purposefully grazing it on each passing.

Willow's body began to shudder, her eyes closed tightly as she simply allowed herself to feel. Her head tilted backwards and neck exposed. Tara wrapped her mouth around the exposed flesh just above her girlfriend's shoulder and sucked hard, aiding in Willow's orgasm, adding to it then feeling it pass, leaving a heavily breathing redhead in it's wake.

They laid silent for a moment as Willow caught her breath, her body humming and limp, she felt relaxed and satiated in Tara's arms, the blonde softly kissing her over heated skin.

"I love you Tara." She whispered, then watched as Tara climbed over her and rested beside her.

"I love you back, Will." Tara smiled gently, taking in the soft glow of the redhead's skin, her breath caught suddenly as Willow's hand slipped mischievously between her legs.

"My turn." Willow declared, intent on giving back what she had thoroughly enjoyed receiving.

Tara padded heavily up the wooden steps of her apartment building, the cold from outside still stinging her hands and face. The building seemed different somehow, once upon a time she would walk this same route everyday, but lately she had barely walked it twice a week. She missed it somehow. The familiarity was warming compared to all the sudden and drastic changes her life had gone through over the last few months. She wouldn't undo the changes, but she had gone from a solitary writer and someone who barely left her apartment, to a girlfriend that was never home. It took some getting used to.

Tara made her way down the wide hallway towards Mrs. Brown's apartment. Knocking on the door she waited patiently for the old lady to answer. Of course. Mrs. Brown was delighted to see her.

"Tara my dear girl, come in, sit down. Let me make you some hot chocolate." The older woman fussed. "Take your coat off and let the heat reach your skin girl. You look frozen."

Tara did as she was instructed. Mrs. Brown was a woman that rarely heard the word 'no' so objecting was often futile.

"Tell me how you've been sweetheart, I haven't seen you around these parts for a while, mind you I have been at my son's house for the holidays, just got back this morning, I should have known you'd be straight over. Always the caring girl." The old woman stopped to take a breath.

"I've been at Willow's." Tara jumped in before Mrs. Brown had the chance to say anything else. "She's doing fine, better than fine actually, she's great and healing very quickly."

"Oh I am glad." The older woman said enthusiastically. "That's the kind of news you want to hear, now tell me. What have you been up to?"

Tara smiled and shook her head, she wasn't going to be leaving any time soon. She gave in and told the older woman everything.

Willow sat patiently, or at least she thought it had been patiently until her mother told her to stop tapping her nails on an empty glass in front of her. Tara was an hour late and late was bad. Late meant waiting for longer than necessary and Willow didn't do waiting for long OR short periods of time, but she would never admit that of course. Looking at the clock she let out a hefty sigh, Tara had left the house at eleven and was supposed to be back by two so they could go shopping for Mrs. Brown and get the extra things Willow needed for the new years get together at her house.

She stared at the clock again, the hands didn't seem to be moving, but she knew they were. They were taunting her, but Willow taunted back when she heard the front door open and close, it was Tara... it HAD to be Tara.

"Hey sweetie." The blonde smiled apologetically, kissing Willow lightly on the lips then giving her a one armed hug. She then turned to Mrs. Rosenberg and handed her a tub.

"What's that?" Willow asked nodding towards the tub, her annoyance at Tara's lateness put to one side as her interest was piqued by the Tupperware box.

"It's the reason I'm late." Tara explained. "Mrs. Brown was so happy to see me and to hear that you're doing ok that, well... she didn't let me leave until she had baked you a pie."

By the time Tara had finished explaining what it was, Mrs. Rosenberg had opened the box and sampled the pie. Her 'mmmm' of appreciation forced Willow to take the spoon from her mother's hand and try some for herself. She agreed that the 'mmmm' was not without merit.

The store wasn't busy, Tara was grateful for that as her insistence that Willow go in her wheelchair fell on deaf ears. Her girlfriend was so stubborn sometimes, but Tara had to admit, the cuteness of Willow's 'resolve face' was worth seeing.

She pushed the shopping cart slowly around the store, making sure every few minutes that Willow wasn't too tired, but the last few times Tara had asked a pout began to form on Willow's lips and continued to get larger.

"Pickles." She said and Willow immediately let go of her right crutch to pick up the jar, her nose scrunched as she wondered what an old lady would want with pickles.

"Shouldn't she want oodles of tea and biscuits? Scones maybe, but pickles? And vodka... what does she want with a bottle of vodka?" Willow shook her head.

"Scones?" Tara asked back, "She's old sweetie, not British."

"Right." Willow had to laugh at that. "Not British.... check, but the... the vodka?"

"I have no idea it's never been on her list before, maybe it's a gift? Peanut butter."

"What? Oh!" Willow smiled, momentarily thinking Tara was having food-name-outbursts. She passed the peanut butter to her girlfriend who in turn put it in the cart.

They strolled along in silence for a few moments, enjoying the presence of each other, they had never really done anything together outside of Willow's house, her injuries giving boundaries to their activities. But as Willow walked beside the blonde, her soft features more clear in the florescent lighting of the store, she felt a pang of guilt at not having the 'normal' beginning to their relationship. Tara deserved to be taken out to dinner and taken to see old movies about romance and never ending love, sharing popcorn and stealing kisses, talking about everything and nothing that mattered. They still talked about everything and nothing despite the peculiar circumstances at the beginning of their relationship and Willow smiled to herself knowing that it would have taken her longer to realise her attraction to Tara if it hadn't been for that car.

Willow stared a little harder at the subtle slope of Tara's nose, the softness of her bottom lip as teeth nipped at it gently in concentration whilst she read the label on the back of a jam jar. Tara knew her more than anyone and for once, accident or no accident she knew she had been in the right place at the right time.

She watched as Tara put the jar of jam back then picked up the one behind it. It was an odd thing to do, but adorable. Tara made everything adorable.

"What are you thinking, Willow?" The blonde asked as she deposited the jam into the cart and resumed walking. Silence in the presence of her girlfriend often meant deep-thinky-thoughts.

"Movies, they're fun right?" Willow began. "With the large screen and the popcorn, dark room, not having to walk too far. Who doesn't like the movies?"


"That's what I thought, so, maybe we should go, sometime, me and you, whatcha think?"

Tara had to admit she was a little taken back, they had barely left the house since Willow's accident, but the surprise disappeared and was replaced by affection for this incredible woman standing next to her, staring at her with big green eyes full of hope and a little nervousness, how could she ever refuse and why would she want to? "I'd love to go on a date with you Will." Tara answered honestly with a warm smile and was rewarded with a beaming grin from her girlfriend.

"Great!" Willow wriggled excitedly. "Of course it was easier to ask you out with you already being my girlfriend, you were practically obliged to say yes." She joked and bathed in the music of a Tara-giggle.

"I would have said yes even if I'd never met you before sweetie, I'm a sucker for redheads." Tara winked. "Especially one that goes by the name of Willow, I don't know if you've met her."

"I think I've seen her around, I catch a glimpse of her in the mirror every now and then, she's pretty."

"Very pretty, beautiful in fact." Tara agreed and stole a light kiss from Willow's mischievous mouth. "Carrots." She instructed and watched as Willow placed them in the cart.

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