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Sometimes you just can't help it

Author: Amazonaa
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Willow was screaming Tara's name within 30 seconds since the blond disappeared under the water. Tara's fingers took over as she came up for air.

She looked at Willow who had her head thrown back and her hands gripping the sides of the tub.

Tara slipped another finger in adding it up to three. Willow was bucking her hips and moving all over the place as Tara set her hand on Willow's stomach trying to get her to calm down a little.

Tara kissed along Willow's jaw bone and down her neck. She felt Willow's walls squeeze around her fingers as she pumped faster, then she latched onto Willow's neck sucking and biting on her pressure point.

Willow screamed Tara's name again and grabbed on to Tara's head riding out the orgasm as Tara sucked on her neck harder.

Willow's grip loosened and her hands fell down on Tara's back. Tara slipped out from inside Willow and stroked her lovers cheek.

Tara was surprised at how fast Willow had gotten to her climax. 'I guess all that pent up sexual frustration of having to do it yourself wasn't enough.' Tara thought to herself smirking.

At the party Jenn was talking to Trisha as she kept in eye on Kay and Nicki. Who both were throwing back shots like there was no tomorrow and jumping around trying to dance.

Nicki had seen Alisha and Mical as soon as they walked through the brush and Alisha had seen Nicki. So Alisha grabbed Mical's face shoving her tongue down his throat. Nicki claimed that she was okay and gave Jenn a cheesy smile before she headed off to find the alcohol.

And now Alisha was heading over to talk to Trisha dragging Mical along with her.

Jenn hated Alisha for everything she had put Nicki through. And now Alisha was throwing it back in her face.

"Hey Trish? I'm gonna go check on Kay. I'll be back." Jenn said walking away as she gave Alisha a death look.

Alisha had been talking to Trisha for a few minutes when Nicki came running up to them almost forgetting to stop before she tackled all of them to the ground.

"Hey Trisha." Nicki said breathing heavily. "There's some guy over there asking for you. Jake? No. Justin? No." Nicki stands there for a moment a pensive look on her face as she tried to remember the guys name.

"Robby?" Trisha said trying to help.

"Yes, thats it. He's over there standing next to Cecily and Kay. And I think I saw him staring at your ass." Nicki added. Looking at Trisha intently.

"Thanks Nicki. Okay, I'll be over in a second." Nicki nods.

"Okay. Hey Lisha." Nicki said noticing Alisha. Then she walked away leaving Alisha very confused.

A little while later.

"Yo! Cali, where's the rest of the alcohol?" Some guy yelled. "How the hell am I supposed to know? Go ask Jimmy." The girl yelled back.

Then she heard people screaming and cheering outside by the lake. She opened the door and saw some girl up in a tree about ready to jump off into the lake. She ran out the door and got as close as she could to try and see who it was.

"Not some girl." Cali said to herself smiling and shaking her head. "Nicki."

Cali turned around when she heard someone calling Nicki's name it was Jenn and Kay who looked like she was about ready to pass out and being held up by Jenn.

"She's up there." Cali said to Jenn. Jenn sighed loudly.

"Well can't we just get her to jump or something?" Jenn asked.

"Could, but probably wouldn't be the best idea."

"Why not?" Jenn asked looking at the girl puzzled

"Well first off 'ow' and second 'snakes'." Cali said.

"Okay that idea is out. Well what can we do?"

"Talk to her see if she'll come down." Cali said.

Jenn nodded and shifted Kay to her other arm.

"Nicki? Nicki come on, come down. Lets go home." Jenn said.

"Jenn? That you? I don't wanna come home. I'm waiting to see my mystery girl." Nicki said squealing like a child.

Cali put her head down and laughed."I'm here Nicki. Your mystery girl. I'm right here." Cali said. Jenn looked at her and mouthed 'really'? Cali nodded and smiled.

Nicki stopped laughing and looked down. She squinted her eyes and almost fell trying to see.

"I can't see you... I'm coming down." Nicki said.

"Be careful." Jenn said.

Once Nicki was down she collapsed onto the floor and couldn't get up. Cali reached down and picked her up as Jenn did the same to Kay.

When they reached the car Jenn put Kay in the backseat as Cali followed. "I don't feel so good." Nicki said as she leaned against the cool leather of the seat.

"Well after all that alcohol you wouldn't now would you?" Jenn said opening the passenger door for Cali. "Come on." Jenn said. "Get in. I'm gonna need your help getting these two into the house without waking anyone up."

Cali just looked at the door then back at Nicki who had fallen asleep.

"What about the party?" Cali said.

"Are you really having that much fun?" Jenn asked. Cali smiled then got in the car.

Tara was whimpering as Willow breathed against her moist clit making it feel like it was on fire.

"Willow... god please!" Tara whimpered. Willow smiled evilly as she sat up.

"I think we need something." She said getting off the bed.

Tara's eyes went wide as she sat up. "What?!?!" She practically yelled.

Willow had to use all her might not to laugh at her flushed, horny, wants some now, girlfriend.

Willow turned. "Ya." Then she walked out of the room and down the hall.

"Willow!!" Tara threw herself down on the bed, then got up and threw her robe on, grabbing Willow's as she followed her girlfriend down to the kitchen.

She found Willow's cute little ass sticking out of the refrigerator as she fumbled around with the stuff in the fridge.

"You know your in trouble right?" Tara said sitting on the counter her arms crossed over her chest. Willow turned around her hands behind her back.

"Whatever do you mean darling?" Willow said innocently, as she walked towards Tara.

"Uh un. Stop right there. What's behind your back?" Tara said.

Willow smiled. "Something that could get me outta trouble." Willow stepped closer to Tara pulling out the chocolate syrup and cherries.

Tara's eyes filled with lust as she saw the two products Willow held in her hands.

"What do you think? Forgive me?" Willow asked.

"Definitely getting there." Tara said as Willow walked in between her legs opening the syrup.

"Open." Willow demanded. Tara did as she was told and opened her mouth. Willow poured a little syrup into her mouth. Tara licked her lips as it slid down her throat.

"Mmmm, yummy. Does Willow want some?" Tara asked picking up the bottle. Willow nodded her head as she opened her mouth.

Tara shook her head and poured some more chocolate in her mouth. Willow stuck out her lower lip in a pout.

Tara rolled her eyes and grabbed Willow's head bringing her mouth to Willow's. As they kissed the chocolate syrup rolled down the side of Willow's mouth dripping onto the floor along with Tara's robe.

Jenn pulled into the driveway off Nicki's house, turning off the car and rubbing her eyes.

They got out each getting a girl out of the backseat and walking to the front door. Jenn pulled out her key and slowly opened the door.

Tossing her jacket on to the couch they headed for the kitchen. Jenn's eyes went wide then she shut them, nearly dropping Kay to the floor. "Oh my god!!" She said getting Tara and Willow's attention.

They fell to the floor hiding themselves behind the counter. "Hey guys. When did you get home?" Willow said blushing.

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