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Sometimes you just can't help it

Author: Amazonaa
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Jenn, Kay, and Nicki were on there way to the lake to get there party on. 'This will be the perfect time to get my mind off of Alisha and find someone *mystery girl* to hook up with.' Nicki thought as she sat in the back seat.

They pulled into the grassy area just beyond the clearing where the party was supposed to be at.They got out and walked through the brush.

Strobe lights and music was blaring from every direction. They had a townie bad up on stage, who weren't all that bad. They stood there for a moment before Jenn spoke.

"Do you smell that?" She asked.

"Smell what?" Nicki asked.

"Opportunities for you to get over Alisha and possibly find the other girl." Jenn said.

Nicki rolled her eyes as they started for the drink stand. 'Something strong.' Nicki thought.

The entire living room and bedroom was covered in candles and soft music was playing throughout the entire house. Tara opened the door. The smell of vanilla and jasmine hitting her full force.

Tara heard a splash and then Willow came down the stairs wearing jeans and a white shirt. Which was now see through and sticking to her. Willow was soaking wet.

Tara stifled a laugh. "Honey. What happened?" Tara asked.

"I was trying to get the bath ready for you, then I heard you open the door and I tried to hurry and get down here and I fell in." Willow said clearly not happy.

"Aww. Come here." Tara gave Willow a hug. "Lets go see this bath you made for me."

They walked up the stairs and into the bathroom.

Tara turned to Willow and kissed her. "Why don't we take a bath together." Tara said kissing down Willow's neck.

"But now I have to remake it because the bubbles are all messed up." Willow said. "I wanted you to have a nice bath with bubbles and those little pink beads that you like to soak in." Willow said her eyes all big and puppy like.

"I would much rather be soaking in you." Tara said with a sexy grin.

Willow smiled and kissed her as Tara slipped her wet shirt over her head.

"No bra." Tara said.

"Easy access." Willow said smiling. Tara pulled Willow's jeans down as Willow began to undress her.

After an eternity of getting the clothes off Tara attacked Willow as they slid into the hot bath. Willow leaning her head up against the wall while Tara got situated. One leg between Willow's.

They kissed as Tara pressed against her more. Willow moaned her hips bucking up with excitement.

"Take me Tara." Willow said huskily. Tara smiled as her face disappeared under the water.

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