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Sometimes Snooping Pays Off

Author: Tiffany (dazed_and_confused83)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own Willow or Tara...that honor belongs (so unfairly) to Joss Whedon and his folks. I swear I'm just borrowing them to have a little fun... Plus I'm just a poor college student, so if you sue you won't get much more than my Buffy DVD collection and my stack of old textbooks I didn't want to sell back to the bookstore.

Two weeks later Willow and Tara were arriving home from their dinner-date; every Wednesday night they took time to do something date-like together. Tonight Tara had taken Willow to a very nice Japanese restaurant downtown, and introduced her to the wonderful world of sushi and sashimi. Willow had been reluctant at first, but then after trying some and finding it to be quite tasty, she dove in enthusiastically.

Willow had been getting an odd vibe from Tara all night and couldn't quite place a finger on it. They got back to the dorm and after going to brush her teeth and use the restroom Tara turned to Willow. "Baby, I have a surprise for you tonight, but I need a second to get ready, okay?"

Willow grinned at Tara, running her hand up Tara's side. "Am I gonna like the surprise?"

Giving Willow the sexiest smile she could, Tara nodded, "Oh yes...I think you'll love it...but you gotta step out of the room for a minute."

"I'll just...go freshen up in the restroom," Willow gulped, already feeling her body burning with desire.

As soon as Willow left the room, Tara pulled out a package she had hidden under the bed. Several minutes later, Tara heard a knock on the door, just as she was finishing up. <Good thing I made sure I knew how to put this on before tonight!> "Just a second Will!" She called out.

After throwing a new silky robe over her nude body, Tara cracked open the door. "Sweetie, you can come in, but I want you to close your eyes."

"Ooooh...We getting kinky tonight, Tare?" Willow joked as she was lead to the bed.

"Okay Will, sit down." Willow followed direction, and then Tara told her she could open her eyes.

Willow's mouth watered as she saw Tara standing there in a gorgeous midnight-blue silk robe, obviously naked underneath as her nipples stood at attention. In her fixation on Tara's breasts, Willow missed seeing the unusual bulge in the lower part of the blonde's robe. "You look positively yummy baby...can I unwrap you?"

Tara nodded, feeling incredibly nervous. What if Willow didn't like the surprise? How is she going to react?

"Turn around," Willow stood up and motioned for Tara to turn away from her. When she did, Willow pressed herself against the blonde's backside and trailed her hands from Tara's shoulders to her breasts and finally to her waist where she undid the belt holding the robe closed.

Nibbling on Tara's neck, Willow opened the robe and after caressing Tara's breasts one more time, slid her hands down lower. Suddenly Willow's hands encountered something unexpected...something hard.

"T-T-Tara....?" Willow spun Tara around and gasped like a fish out of water at the sight of her girlfriend standing there in a very sophisticated-looking black harness that was holding a rather large pink dildo.

Tara just looked Willow in the eyes, took the girl's hand and placed in on the silicone cock. Leaning forward until her lips touched her girlfriend's ear, she whispered, "Surprise."

Willow gulped, "Oh Goddess...Tara...How did you..."

Tara decided they'd been standing there long enough. She set to work stripping Willow of her clothes. When she was finished, she pulled Willow in for their first kiss since arriving home. Their lips touched and soon tongues were clashing and hands were roaming over bodies.

At the feel of Tara's strap-on bumping into her belly, Willow couldn't help but moan. Just the thought of Tara with that, in her... she was already leaking juices down her leg. Tara pushed Willow until they bumped into the bed, and then she guided Willow down onto the bed. Staring at Tara standing there, a sheen of sweat covering her body, breasts heaving and the strap-on jutting out from her was just so...arousing. "Tara..."

Tara knew that tone of voice. "What baby? You ready for this? Ready for my cock? Ready for me to fill you up?" Willow nodded and her heart sped up at the sound of such dirty-talk coming from her girlfriend.

Tara crawled on the bed and gave Willow a heart-stopping kiss. Then she guided the dildo into position at Willow's opening. Glancing up, asking with her eyes if Willow was sure, she received a resounding "Now, Tara... Please!"

Not one to hold back from her lover, Tara slowly pushed in until she could go no further. Both women gasped at the feeling. Deciding after a minute that it was probably okay to move, Tara's hips started rocking. "Oh Tara..." Willow's head snapped back. Her hips seemed to have a mind of their own, quickly finding and matching Tara's rhythm. The only sounds in the room were those of kisses, of heavy breathing, periodic gasps, and the bed as it rocked in time with its occupants.

Slowly but surely the women sped up, and Tara could feel the sweat dripping down her back. Willow had wrapped her legs around Tara's hips and was grasping her shoulders fiercely in an attempt to hold onto the slick skin.

At one point, Willow pulled Tara's head down and after sucking on her neck, gasped into her ear, "My turn to be on top..." They rolled over, Willow bouncing on top of Tara. Seeing Willow's perky breasts taunting her, Tara bent her head down and captured a nipple in her mouth. Willow jerked at the feeling that shot right to her core when Tara's teeth softly pressed into her nipple.

Tara could tell that Willow was was she, with the base of the strap-on coming into contact with her clit with every thrust. Deciding to make things more interesting, Tara slipped a hand down to where their bodies were connected. Gather some stray moisture on her fingertips, she began massaging Willow's clit.

Willow sucked in a huge breath and thrust even harder. "T-T-Tara... You're...gonna come..."

With her other hand, Tara slipped it behind Willow's neck and pulled her down so that their lips were touching. She slipped her tongue in her girlfriend's mouth, mimicking their thrusting lower bodies.

All the stimulation was too much for Willow and she screamed, feeling the orgasm rip through her body. She could feel Tara falling over the edge with her, as Tara's grip on Willow's shoulder suddenly tightened and she called out Willow's name.

As Willow came down from her Tara-induced high, she collapsed on her girlfriend's chest. "Wow...!" Tara rolled, so that she was on top again, then slowly slid out of the redhead, causing her to let out another faint moan. Willow watched her girlfriend pull the harness off and smiled at her when she turned back to Willow and pulled her into an embrace.

"So..." Tara hesitantly spoke, "That was okay?"

Willow pulled back for a second, "Hello?? Were you listening to my out-of-control panting, moaning, and at times, screaming?" With a more serious look, she brought her hand up to cup Tara's face. "Yes, baby, it was more than okay. It was amazing, fantastic, earth-shattering. But you know what the best part was?"

"What?" Tara laid her head on Willow's shoulder.

"That I was making love with you... I love you Tara."

Tara twisted around to kiss her girlfriend. Staring into her amazingly green eyes, she felt pure love staring back at her. "I love you too Willow, you're my always."

One thing was bothering Willow. "Hey Tare, how'd you know that know...wanted one of those?"

Tara grinned and winked, "If I told you that, I'd have to kill you."


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