Sometimes Snooping Pays Off

Author: Tiffany (dazed_and_confused83)
Rating: NC-17
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Content Warning: SMUT!!!! Lots of fun girl-on-girl action. This fic isn't for the kiddies, thus the NC-17 rating.
Disclaimer: I don't own Willow or Tara...that honor belongs (so unfairly) to Joss Whedon and his folks. I swear I'm just borrowing them to have a little fun... Plus I'm just a poor college student, so if you sue you won't get much more than my Buffy DVD collection and my stack of old textbooks I didn't want to sell back to the bookstore.
Summary: Tara decides to snoop on Willow's computer one day... and let's just say that much fun ensues.
Notes: Thoughts are in <...>

And now, onto the show!

Having just gotten out of her calculus class, Tara figured she'd head back to her room before her next class, which was in an hour and a half. <It really is evil> she thought, <having calc classes start at 8 am. No one should have to be up that early, let alone be up and understanding calculus.> Luckily she had her very own Willow to teach her the 50-75% of the material that flew over her head as she fought to stay awake every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.

Today was one of the days when Tara wouldn't see Willow again until later in the afternoon; Willow had a couple back-to back classes starting right after Tara's calc class ended, so Willow was always gone by the time Tara got back from class.

It was for this reason that Tara was so surprised to see her girlfriend huddled over her computer in Tara's room when she walked in. "Hey Sweetie... Did Professor Burke cancel class today?"

Willow jumped, nearly falling out of her chair. "Aaah! You scare the bejeezus out of me... oh no... I'm going to be late for class! I've gotta go... Bye Tara!!" She slammed the top to her laptop down and grabbed her books, then rushed out of the room, only pausing to give Tara a kiss on the cheek.

Tara just stood there, slightly stunned for a moment as she processed Hurricane Willow. <Willow's never late to class!> Tara told herself. <What on earth was she so caught up in??> At that point, a mini-angel Tara and a mini-devil Tara appeared on her right and left shoulders, respectively.

Devil-Tara grinned wickedly, "C'mon Tara baby. You know you want to flip up the top to Will's computer and see what she was doing..."

Angel-Tara frowned, "Now Tara...that would be wrong, and you know it. What if it is something private, or a surprise for you, perhaps?"

The horned and pitch-forked Tara rolled its eyes. "Oh Please... chances are it's just another rone of Red's computer programs or something."

"But that's not the point! It's the principle of the matter. The laptop is Willow's personal property...Tara shouldn't go wandering around in it."

"She's not going to wander around! She's just going to open the top and see what's on the screen..."

The two mini-Taras really began arguing when the life-sized Tara just shook her head, making them both vanish. <It's not going to hurt anything...I'm just curious! This is the first time I remember Willow being late for class.>

Tara tiptoed over to the laptop in question as if expecting the police to barge in any moment. She gingerly reached out and slowly opened the top after releasing the latch. She had to touch the mouse-pad to turn off the screensaver, which was composed of pictures of Tara or of Tara and Willow together. When the screen cleared, what he saw made her jaw drop.

<Willow was looking at SEX TOYS?!?!?>

Dildos, to be specific... strap-on dildos.

Tara maneuvered the pointer and hit the back button a few times, seeing that Willow had been looking at quite a few different types, then she hit the forward button so that it would go back to the page Willow had left it on.

<Dildos?!> Tara's mind was still processing it.

Their relationship was still relatively new; they'd been dating about six months. They'd been having sex for about the last four of those six months, but they'd never used any sex toys.

<Willow wants a dildo??>

Suddenly a memory of one of their recent love-making sessions came back to Tara.

Tara knelt with her knees on either side of her girlfriend's oh-so-deliciously-naked body. Leaning down, she ran her tongue up Willow's neck and then suckled on her ear, all while fondling the redhead's nipples.

As Tara slid her hands all over Willow's thin body, Willow started to really squirm and pant. "Tara...I need..." she stopped for a moment to gasp as the blond bit down on her nipple.

"What do you need baby? Tell me.." Tara grinned, knowing that in this state Willow was beyond embarrassment over dirty-talk.

"I want..I need you in me... Goddess, please Tara..."

Tara slipped her hand down to Willow's dripping wet pussy and slid a finger into the wetness, sliding all along the edges but not touching her where she really wanted to be touched. Prodding gently, Tara brought one finger to the entrance to Willow's vagina and entered only slightly.

Willow was grasping at the bedsheets and thrusting her hips in an attempt to make Tara's finger penetrate her more deeply.

"Is this what you want Willow?" Tara bend her head down and swirled her tongue around the redheads chest. "It's not? Is it baby? You want it in all the way, don't you? Filling you."

"Please...Tara..." Willow managed to get the words out between gasps. Having Tara's finger just sitting there, barely in, was driving her crazy.

Suddenly, Tara gathered moisture on her pointer and middle fingers and thrust them all the way into Willow. Willow's hips jerked violently with Tara's rhythm as the blonde continued to thrust in and out.

Tara grinned; Willow was so fucking hot like this, legs spread, lying naked on the bed with this completely wonton look to her as she threw her head back and moaned.

"Oh...Tara...Goddess..." Willows eyes were clenched shut. "More...I need more..."

Tara's eyebrows shot up. <My-My...My sexy little vixen really wants to be fucked good today.> At that, she slid a third and then a fourth finger into Willow's tight pussy. Tara twisted her arm slightly and made sure she was stroking the extra-sensitive spongy spot inside Willow.

"Oh, FUCK!" Willow practically shot off the bed. "!"

A few more thrusts and Tara knew Willow was about to go over the endge. She bend down and flicked Willow's clit with the tip of her tongue.

"Taaaaraaaa!!!" Willow's walls clenched tightly to Tara's fingers as her release shot through her body.

It was several minutes before Willow could speak again. Reaching for her lover, she grinned. "I love you're amazing. I love what you do to me."

Tara wrapped her arms around her girlfriend and gave her that lop-sided smile only Tara could give. "I love you too Sweetie."

Closing Willow's laptop, Tara shook her head clear of the memory and smiled as an idea came to her. Willow had always liked penetration a bit more than Tara...and now it was time to take it up a notch. <This is going to be fun!>

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