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Smut Bunnies

Author: Chris Cook
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Based on characters from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, created by Joss Whedon and his talented minionators, and all manner of things including the James Bond series by Ian Fleming/Eon Productions, and The Avengers by Brian Clemens. All original material (I'm sure there's some in there somewhere) is copyright 2005 Chris Cook.

New York, USA
Osbourne Industries Corporate Headquarters
1800 Hours (local time)

"Ready?" Tara asked. Willow looked up at the three-storey-tall 'OZ' logo dominating the front of Osbourne Industries' skyscraper headquarters, took a deep breath, and nodded.

Tara studied her face, then reached out and took her hand, squeezing it gently.

"I'm right with you," she said, leaning closer, "and if he says or does anything to hurt you, I promise I'll kick his arse and put down in my report that he did something supervillainous." Willow looked at her, surprised, then relaxed as she saw Tara's grin.

"I'll be okay," she said, "he's just an ex. Thanks, though... I'll be a lot more okay 'cause you're here."

"Then you've got nothing to worry about," Tara replied. She gave Willow's hand a parting caress, then stepped back, taking a moment to minutely adjust her coat, becoming the image of a cool professional businesswoman. Willow gave her a nod and headed into the building, with Tara following a step behind, adopting the role of a subordinate following her employer.

Willow handed her card silently to the receptionist inside the foyer, then nodded as the woman confirmed her appointment and indicated one of the half dozen elevators. With the lift on its way down Willow gave Tara a long glance out of the corner of her eye - unable to do more 'in character', with the building's security cameras watching. Tara's mouth moved just a fraction, enough for Willow to recognise the hint of one of her smiles, while an observer unfamiliar with her expressions wouldn't even notice.

'Come on Rosenberg, focus on the mission,' Willow chided herself. What with reviewing their files and assumed identities, and going over their interview strategy - or, as Tara called it, 'prod the bad guy into giving himself away' - they had had little time for pleasantries or personal discussion. With work to do, Willow hadn't yet had the opportunity to turn their conversation to more intimate matters. Nonetheless, with all her senses on alert, she had noticed a multitude of little signs, meaningful expressions, casual touches from Tara that could have meant more. Knowing what she knew, Willow had responded in kind, in a way she would have been embarrassed to do normally - holding Tara's gaze, openly studying her lips, her hands when they touched, giving little caresses whenever she could manage it and returning Tara's gestures. In the car outside, Tara had leaned over and given her a kiss on the cheek, "Just for luck," she had said in a sultry tone that surely meant a lot more, and Willow had let herself close her eyes, and give a little sigh as Tara's lips touched her skin. She now consoled herself that, when this was over with and they had time to talk, Tara would hardly be caught by surprise when Willow managed to voice her nascent feelings.

Her musings, and covert examination of Tara's face, were interrupted by the elevator chime. Willow blinked in surprise as the doors opened, and a familiar face broke into a wide and shamelessly artificial smile.


"Willow!" the blonde exclaimed, leaning forward to give her a society-style air-kiss on each cheek. "Good to see you, long time no see. How are you?"

"Well, I'm-"

"That's great," Harmony replied, her smile snapping into place after exactly two seconds of an expression she probably thought looked like patient attention. "And you must be Miss Maclay," she gave Tara exactly the same air-kisses she had given Willow, "I'm Harmony Kendall, I'm Mr Osbourne's personal assistant. If you'll follow me please." She retreated back into the elevator and waited for Willow and Tara to join her before pressing the top button and swiping a keycard through the console.

"Harmony and I shared a couple of classes in our freshman year," Willow explained to Tara, before turning back to Harmony. "I didn't know you worked for Daniel?"

"Oh yes," she nodded, more animated now that she was the topic of discussion, "he's a really good boss, and of course he's delighted to have me work with him. I'm in charge of a lot of important projects." Out of Harmony's line of sight, Tara gave Willow a disbelieving look; Willow just shrugged, then glanced briefly at the waist of Harmony's suit jacket. Tara followed her gaze to the keycard clipped there, and nodded slightly.

"So tell me all about yourself," Willow said, as Tara covertly noted the location of the lift's cameras and interposed herself between them and Harmony.

"Oh, well," Harmony launched into what was evidently her favourite subject, "after I transferred to NYU after freshman year I moved into this great sorority, the girls there were really supportive, considering what I had to go through..." she paused, seeing Willow's blankly enquiring look. "Having to re-establish my popularity at a new campus! Obviously it wasn't as difficult a time as some people might have gone through, but believe me, it was a stressful time. Then..."

Tara covertly double-checked the camera angles out of the corner of her eye, then reached into her pocket for a tiny device, disguised - for reasons known only to Anya Jenkins - as a spring-loaded clitoral clamp. Tara had learned over the past year and a half, since her promotion to the rank of Bunny, not to wonder why Anya did what she did.

" after I left there - and I mean, they say they fired me, but they would, wouldn't they, and it's no surprise their fashion line bombed at Paris two years ago without my help - I went to work for a law firm..."

Moving gently so that Harmony never noticed, Tara lifted the keycard on her coat hem and ran the clamp's ends on either side of its magnetic stripe. The clamp vibrated slightly in her fingers, signalling that it had recorded the card's signature.

"...and then he says 'what're those guys doing in your bed?', like it's my fault my emotional needs weren't being met, and..."

Tara caught Willow's eye and gave her a brief smile, causing a sigh of relief.

"And now you work for Daniel?" Willow said quickly, as Harmony paused for breath.

"With, honey," Harmony insisted, with what she no doubt considered an amusing scowl, "I work with him. Oh!" she exclaimed as the doors opened, "here we are. This way please!"

Osbourne Industries Corporate HQ
Daniel Osbourne's Office
1810 Hours

The room - 'chamber' seemed more appropriate - was built on an epic scale, taking up nearly the whole floorspace of the skyscraper, and two storeys. The back wall, including the liftwells, was solid black marble, from floor to ceiling. On either side huge tinted windows gave a stunning vista of New York City, just as the sun was starting to set and turn the clouds amber and lavender. Not quite as eye-catching, but certainly just as busy as the Big Apple, was the far wall, which was floor to ceiling flat-screens, each tuned to a different channel: business and finance, world news, remote conference rooms, building security cameras.

At the centre of the huge office a man sat at a broad chrome table, with his back to the elevators. His chair moved slightly, as he noticed the new arrivals, then he reached forward and pressed a touch-screen set into his table. A whole segment of the room's floor, ten metres across with the table and chairs in the centre of it, began a stately rotation, finally coming to face Willow, Tara and Harmony.

"Hi boss," she said with a little wave.

"Harmony," Daniel Osbourne replied stoically. "Willow. Miss Maclay." He gestured to the two empty seats across the table from himself, and the two agents sat. Harmony retreated back to the elevator and waited there.

"Daniel," Willow said, leaning forward with a polite smile, "it's good to see you. Again. It's been a while, huh?"

"Been a while," he agreed. Tara observed him covertly, pretending to busy herself pulling folders from her briefcase. His face seemed younger than the 26 years his file had given him; then again, his expressions somehow seemed older. She studied his voice and mannerisms, as he and Willow exchanged brief pleasantries - very brief, on his part - and went through the motions of catching up on each other's lives, he referring back to his rise to CEO of his father's company, and overseeing the old industrial manufacturing firm's profitable venture into leading-edge technology, Willow giving a mix of fact and fiction as she outlined her move from post-graduate studies and academic work to professional software design and her own boutique IT company. Everything about him seemed considered, deliberate - he never fidgeted or shifted in his chair, moved only when he meant to, never said an unnecessary word. Even his expression seemed to change as little as possible - a raised eyebrow or smile would operate alone on his face, while the rest of his features remained as they had been, amiable, professional and slightly distant.

"You've done well," Willow said, concluding their polite, distant getting-to-know-you session. She waved a hand around his huge office. "All this... very impressive, on top of the world."

"Can't complain," he shrugged slightly. "I looked up your company when I got the call. Good work you've done. Not surprising." He offered a quick smile.

"Thanks," Willow said, "well, I try, you know how it is - though sometimes it drives my people nuts, they'll be all 'deadline!' and I'll be still working on this one tiny bit of code to get it just right. Lucky I'm the boss," she grinned.

"It's good to be the boss," Daniel nodded. "And... personal life? Anyone?" Tara concealed a frown, and concentrated on appearing ambivalent as Willow shifted in her seat.

"It's, ah," she hesitated, "there's someone. Not a 'someone' someone, yet, but, a someone I'm hopeful will be a someone. When I get up the courage to, you know, say something, to her... it's a her, the someone..."

'Is she-' Tara thought, 'wait, she's not... she's not seeing someone already, is she? She flirted, and all the... the little looks and, the touches, especially today, she wouldn't be like that if she was thinking about someone else, would she- wait, what if... does she mean...?'

"Known her a while?" Daniel asked, with a glance at Tara, which Willow followed, and Tara's heart leapt as she saw the merest hint of a blush beneath her practised neutral expression. 'He's done his homework,' she thought meanwhile, her brain sectioning off into 'professional' and 'please please please please be talking about me', and the professional side getting on with the job of thinking, 'I've been with Willow's company for eight months, according to the files-'

"Actually no," Willow replied, quirking the corner of her lips just a bit, before turning her attention back to Daniel. "No, I met her just yesterday."

'Eep!' Tara thought incoherently. 'Unless she's talking about Anya... no way. She... the touches, and looks, it's real, oh god it's real!'

"Heart moves fast," Daniel said, his voice conveying little feeling.

"Yeah," Willow said with a shy grin. "Um, so, business? I don't want to take up too much of your time."

"No problem," Daniel said, but he turned his chair slightly, facing the table straight-on, and his shoulders squared a fraction - the air changed from vaguely casual to strictly business.

Tara suppressed the urge to gulp, and dedicated herself to her task, watching Daniel's responses to the questions and information Willow gave him. Having done it before, under various circumstances - from the confusion of meetings in a public place, with all manner of people bustling about, to having to suppress her feelings about a target she knew to be guilty already, and only needed to extract some vital piece of information from - it was... 'Well, okay,' she admitted to herself, 'it's so not easy to not leap on Willow and kiss her right now. But this'll never work if we can't get our jobs done at the same time as be in love, so focus.'

'Holy moley, 'in love'!'


The first exchange of questions and answers were just general information, Willow explaining how 'her company' was hoping to collaborate on some consumer electronics products and quizzing Daniel on Osbourne Industries' track record with similar ventures, Daniel in return probing for details, and sharing his thoughts on such a venture. It was nothing more than two normal businesspeople might discuss, nothing to do with threats to the world, and served only for Tara to get an idea of how Daniel answered questions - how long he would think before answering, how up-front his answers were, when he would give a little information to elicit more from Willow, and when he would ask directly.

Tara found it a frustrating task, though she showed nothing but polite attention. Daniel's expressions and mannerisms continued to be carefully controlled, their variations extremely minimal. 'He'd make a good poker player,' she mused, 'no 'tells' at all. Well, so be it, we'll just have to do this the hard way.'

Picking a suitable moment, she ventured an opinion on an aspect of marketing the product, a code-phrase to let Willow know she should begin posing more pointed questions. She gently steered the conversation to the intricacies of 'her' proposed software, which coincidentally shared key features with the insidious anti-smut chip. While watching Daniel like a hawk, Tara found herself greatly impressed at Willow's intellect - knowing what she did from reviewing the Ministry's files, it was clear to Tara that Willow had thoroughly digested and understood everything they knew about the chip in just 24 hours.

Daniel, however, continued to frustrate Tara's efforts to see through him. When Willow mentioned real-time image alteration - supposedly for some kind of interactive entertainment application - he leaned forward, but whether it was interest or suspicion that got his attention, Tara was unsure, and his answer gave away nothing. Willow posed her next question, about programming able to disseminate itself remotely, and Daniel's expression barely flickered.

'Barely,' Tara thought, 'was there something there? Just for a split second? Let's turn up the heat.'

"Obviously we'd be aggressively advertising the ground-breaking features," she slipped into the conversation. 'Push harder,' was the underlying message; Willow gave a nod.

"Obviously," she agreed, "especially the interactive features. I mean," she smiled disarmingly, "when you think what someone could achieve with this kind of programming, made compatible with, say, a digital TV system - a self-replicating network would have enormous potential."

"True," Daniel said curtly.

'He knows something,' Tara thought, 'he's not thinking about what she said, he's wondering what else she knows.'

"Interesting theories," Daniel continued. "It'll be rewarding pursuing them."

"I hope so," Willow agreed.

"Let's schedule another meeting. It's getting late." Daniel stood and walked around his gleaming desk, politely shaking both Willow and Tara's hands.

"If it's not too much trouble," Willow ventured, "I heard you have a manufacturing floor here? I'd like to take a look - of course I can come back another time, if you'd prefer..."

"Of course not," Daniel replied smoothly. "Harmony will show you around. Harmony? Give our guests the tour."

"Okay boss!" Harmony said brightly, coming to life after having spent the past several minutes engrossed in studying her nail polish. Daniel watched as the trio entered the lift, and the doors closed, then sat back at his desk, which once more rotated around to face the wall of video monitors.

"I hate to interrupt your Lex Luthoring," a female voice echoed around the office.

"Then don't," Daniel said calmly.

"Oh excuse me, I'm sorry. I just thought you might be interested to know that your two 'guests' were from the Ministry. No biggie." Daniel's eyes widened a fraction.

"You're sure?" he asked.

"Duh! Maclay is a Bunny, I know that for a fact. Your ex, I don't know, but maybe she's new, Tara was calling the shots."

"I'll... have Miss Maclay dealt with," Daniel said. "Willow needn't share her fate."

"You're going to leave it up to Harmony, aren't you?" the voice asked. "God, what is it with villains and incompetent lackeys?"

"I didn't hire you to criticise my methods," Daniel warned. "And seeing as you were Mayor Wilkins' only 'lackey', and the Ministry captured him, care to revise that opinion?"

"For your information," the voice said stridently, "Wilkins paid me to get him to the Pacific station, not to fight two Bunnies at once just because he was too inept to cover his own tracks - it wasn't me they followed there, you know. I don't work for people once they've proven they're beneath me."

"Well you work for me now," Daniel said flatly, "and I'm paying you a lot of money to do what I say. Right now, I'm saying leave Tara Maclay to me. If you're needed, you'll be called."

"Fine, your funeral." Daniel gave a weary sigh, and leaned forward to press a button on his desk.

Osbourne Industries Corporate HQ
Manufacturing Floor Observation Deck
1830 Hours

"And if you look down there," Harmony said, pointing down to one of the huge mechanised production lines laid out beneath the network of catwalks she, Willow and Tara were standing on, "you'll see conveyor number one, where those big robot arm thingies are putting together our latest in... what are those, anyway? Whatever. Now, over here-"

She was interrupted by her mobile phone's rendition of 'Genie in a Bottle'.

"Oh, excuse me just one second?" she said to Willow and Tara. "I just have a call, just... you know, enjoy the view, and stuff. Yes boss?"

"Take care of Miss Maclay," Daniel ordered.

"I am, boss," Harmony said with a puzzled frown.

"No, I mean... she's an enemy agent, Harmony. Take care of her."

"Oh, so... Oh! Right. Okay, gotcha. Sorry ladies," she turned back to the two agents.

Osbourne Industries Corporate HQ
Daniel Osbourne's Office
1831 Hours

"Okay, was I right or was I right?" the voice said. "You sure you don't want me there, just in case Miss Competent down there screws this up?"

"Stay in LA," Daniel ordered, "it's just pushing one button. Even Harmony can do that."

Osbourne Industries Corporate HQ
Manufacturing Floor Observation Deck
1832 Hours

"Okay, now if you'll just step this way," Harmony burbled on, "we'll just take this lift thingy here..." She stepped onto an elevator platform built into the catwalk and let Willow follow her, but just as Tara was about to step past her she hit the elevator's controls. Willow watched in shock as the catwalk beneath Tara swung down, dropping her towards the heavy mechanical assembly line below.

"Score one for me!" Harmony smiled. She turned to Willow, and her face fell. "Oh, wait-"

Willow knocked her out with a square punch to the jaw, then leaned over the safety railing on the elevator.

"Oh thank god!" she exclaimed, seeing Tara dangling from her wristwatch, which had attached itself to the underside of the remaining catwalk with a miniature grappling hook and cable.

"All in a day's work," Tara grumbled. Willow's eyes widened as she saw motion behind Tara.

"Look out!" she yelled, alerting Tara just in time for her to swing herself out of the way of one of the assembly line's huge robot arms.

"Well it seemed like a- yikes! Good idea at the time!" Tara protested, kicking herself away from the wall to avoid another arm taking a swipe at her.

"Wind in the cable!" Willow yelled. "I'll shut the arms down!" She stepped over the unconscious Harmony and hit the lift's down button, sending it towards the distant floor.

'Be careful baby!' she prayed.

"I'm going to talk to Anya about these things," Tara complained, as the tiny motor in her watch slowly wound in the cable, lifting her, "she'll probably turn it into a leather cuff or something, but it'll be worth it-" she paused to arch her back, narrowly missing a welding arm as it whirred past "-to get a faster motor in them. Argh!"

"Tara!" Willow cried. One of the arms had snagged her line, tearing the hook loose from its purchase on the catwalk. Tara fell five metres before the trailing hook lodged into the mechanical arm itself, sending her whipping back and forth at the end of the cable as the arm swung around trying to dislodge her. Her watch gave a tiny shower of sparks, and the winding motor shut down completely.

Willow jumped the last metre to the ground before the lift had finished descending, and raced to a control station, tearing open her suitcase the moment she reached the desk. Inside were various folders, a cellphone, a PDA, and - much to Willow's chagrin initially, though now she was supremely grateful - various sex toys.

"Willow!" Tara shrieked, seeing another robot arm swinging towards her as she trailed helplessly from her cable. Willow looked up, saw the danger at once, and in an instant had one of the chrome-finished 'classic' vibrators in her hands, aiming it. With a twist of its speed control the tip opened and a micro-missile shot out, blasting through the mechanical arm's base and sending it toppling to the floor barely a second before it would have hit Tara.

"Thank you!" Tara called out, trying to swing herself up so she could get a grip on the cable and haul herself up before something else tried to hit her. Willow quickly selected another toy, a corkscrew-shaped plug she had been reluctant to handle, let alone operate, earlier in the day, but now she grabbed it without hesitation, opened the battery compartment and shoved the protruding USB interface into the control station's port.

"Come on come on come on," she whispered frantically, watching commands flicker across the screen as the assembly line's controlling software suddenly came under attack from Anya's best code-breaker.

She glanced up to see Tara swinging her legs back and forth, building up momentum that finally succeeded in flipping her up on top of the arm she had been hanging from. She braced herself against the swiftly-moving surface, pulling the wrist cable tight to help her balance, and pulled a pen from her pocket. The next robot arm that swung towards her fell limp as she shot a tiny projectile through the power cable to its main motor.

"Gotcha!" Willow yelled triumphantly as an open command window appeared on the screen in front of her. She quickly tried to deactivate the assembly line, and the arms shuddered to a halt for a second, but then the command window disappeared and the line started up again. Willow kicked the server beneath the desk, and turned the speed control on the USB code-breaker plug up to full.

"I can only shut down one arm!" Willow called up to Tara. "We need to get out of here as soon as you're on the ground!"

"Okay," Tara shouted back, "I've got the car keys!"

Willow's puzzled frown didn't keep her from working. The moment the command window reappeared she was typing commands to lower the arm Tara was stuck on, then to disable it in every way she could think of - locking its motors, disconnecting it from the power source, scrambling its software, everything. To her relief the arm lowered down to near floor level, and remained still while Tara tugged her grappling hook free and jumped off it.

"Thanks," she said breathlessly, jogging to meet Willow. "We should get behind something."

"Wha...?" Willow asked, and Tara dragged her down behind the desk, briefly holding up their car keys in her other hand. The remote door lock control was flipped open, revealing a miniaturised control panel.

"Oh, okay-" Willow nodded, as on the other side of the desk the far wall exploded inwards. Shaking her head to get rid of the echoes of the blast, Willow scrambled to her feet and followed Tara to where a hole several metres wide had been blown through the side of the skyscraper. A heavy piton trailing a cable flew up through the hole, and Willow reached the edge to see their car in the front parking area, five storeys lower down, with its bonnet open to reveal various missile racks and cannons, and the cable launcher.

"Hang on," Tara said, gripping Willow tightly around the waist with one arm, while with her other hand she fixed her watch to the cable's motorised hook. Willow held on to Tara with both arms around her shoulders as she leapt off the side of the building, and the two of them flew down the cable, where the hook's motor slowed them to a safe speed. The two agents leapt the last little way to the ground and got into the car, where Tara quickly detached the flying-fox cable, closed the bonnet and gunned the engine.

Manhattan, New York City
Carlyle Hotel Garage
1855 Hours

"Well," Tara said, turning off the Aston Martin's engine, "I guess we can take that as a good indication that Daniel Osbourne is up to his neck in something pretty dirty." She let out a sigh, and turned to Willow.

"Willow?" she asked, seeing the tension in her, her shortness of breath. "Are you okay?"

"Fine," she said quietly, "I'm fine, I just... didn't want to disturb you, while... you were driving, you know? Distract you?"

"Willow, what is it?" Tara asked. "We're stopped now, you can tell me... if you want to..."

Willow turned to Tara, tears suddenly streaming down her face, and flung herself across the car's centre console, hugging her tightly and crying into her shoulder. Tara's arms automatically closed around her in a warm, protective hug, though her face still showed confusion and worry.

"Willow...?" she whispered.

"I'm sorry," Willow whispered in reply, quickly, "I'm sorry, I just- I was so afraid, everything was fine and then suddenly you were gone, and then hanging there, and those arms were flying around trying to, to- oh god I was so afraid!"

"You were great," Tara assured her, "Willow, listen to me, you didn't hesitate, not for a second."

"But you could've-"

"I didn't," Tara said firmly. "Willow, you've..." her voice trailed off as Willow hugged her tighter, and the feel of her body pressed so close suddenly became very apparent to Tara. Her eyes fluttered closed, and she found her hand moving of its own accord, stroking through Willow's hair.

"I'm alright," she said soothingly, "Willow, I'm fine... you've been on missions before, you know things like that can happen."

"I... I know," Willow nodded, sniffling.

"That's why we're trained," Tara went on, "that's why we're the best, so that when it gets dangerous we know what to do, and we get it done. Like you did just now, you were perfect."

"I-I was afraid," Willow confessed again.

"Why, sweetie?" Tara asked gently. Willow drew a deep breath, looked up at Tara, opened her mouth to speak... then all of a sudden lunged at her, pressed her lips to Tara's, kissing her deeply, fiercely, as if afraid she would never have another chance.

'Oh my god,' Tara thought in wonder as she felt her lips open, all on their own, with a gentle caress from Willow's tongue, 'oh... my... where did she learn to kiss like this? Oh... god...' She turned to liquid in Willow's embrace, only her arms retaining any strength, pulling Willow to her. Her mouth, her whole body, opened to Willow as the kiss they shared flowed between them.

All too soon, for Tara, Willow's lips moved from hers, stroking gently against her cheek. She opened her eyes as Willow drew back, and saw her cheeks blushing red, her eyes downcast.

"I-I was afraid I'd never get to do that," Willow murmured quietly.

'That was for me,' Tara realised with a start, 'oh god, all that was for me!' She raised a trembling hand and touched her fingertips to Willow's cheek. Willow's eyes followed her hand as it moved slowly across her skin, finally coming to her lips, and there her eyes closed, her mouth opened and she leaned against into Tara's embrace, sighing as Tara stroked her fingertips across her lower lip.

"D-don't be afraid," Tara whispered. "You don't have to be... not for me." Leaning forward herself she touched her lips to Willow's, gently and briefly, but sealing her words with a kiss. When her eyes opened, she saw Willow once more gazing at her.

"You mean...?" she breathed. "You want..."

"You," Tara said, "I want you. I need you, Willow, I- right now, here," she tightened her hold on Willow, "I feel more than I ever have in my whole life."

"Really?" Willow asked in a tiny voice.

"Really," Tara replied honestly, "I... I want you to kiss me again, so much-"

Willow wasted no time, moving to straddle Tara in her seat, kissing her deeply as Tara opened herself once more, her lips parting, inviting Willow's tongue into her. Then Willow, leaning over her, accidentally pressed her bottom against the steering wheel, and the car horn blared loudly in the mostly vacant garage.

"Eek!" Willow squeaked, jumping and almost hitting her head on the car's roof. She looked down at Tara, who was staring left and right in shock, gasping for breath.

"Um," she said, a grin tugging at the corner of her mouth, "maybe... we should go up to our room? There might be fewer car horns there?" Tara looked at her, wide-eyed, then her lips too quirked upwards, an amused snort escaped her, and in the space of a second both of them were howling with laughter as they hugged.

"Yes," Tara said, recovering herself slightly, "let's go... sweetie." She reached over and opened her door, allowing Willow to clamber out.

"Sweetie?" Willow asked, smiling, as Tara retrieved her briefcase. "I'm your sweetie?"

"If you want to be?" Tara said, grinning shyly as she got out of the car.

"I do," Willow said, "I'd love to be your sweetie."

"Come on then," Tara said, offering her hand to Willow, "sweetie."

They quickly found the lift, and the doors closed on them glancing sidelong at each other, their hands still clasped together.

When the doors opened again, a dozen floors higher up, a young businessman waiting for the lift was quite surprised to find it full of two women kissing passionately up against the wall. Willow noticed their audience first, and gave a sheepish look to Tara, who tried half-heartedly to hide her blush behind her hand, on the pretence of tucking her hair behind her ear. They scurried down the corridor to their double bedroom suite, and again dissolved into giggles as they tumbled inside, Willow closing the door behind them while Tara dropped their briefcases on the floor, next to where the staff had placed their luggage.

"I'm going to have to change my name to Shameless Bunny," Tara blushed, turning back to Willow. She grinned curiously at the intent, joyful stare Willow was directing at her. "What?"

"I..." Willow said haltingly, "I just... it's like I want to jump around, or dance, or... or I don't know what, you know?"

"I know," Tara said. Her smile turned impish, and she extended a hand regally to Willow. "Shall we then?"

"What?" Willow asked, taking her hand anyway.

"Dance," Tara replied simply, pulling Willow to her and guiding her hands to her shoulder and hip. She held Willow and began to sway back and forth, feeling Willow mirror her movements without thinking.

"There's no music," Willow said with an amused smile. Tara nodded, and drew her closer, resting her chin on Willow's shoulder.

"Sure there is," she murmured, "just listen..."

"Hmm?" Willow sighed, closing her eyes.

"Nooo-body does... it better..." Tara sang softly, eliciting a quiet giggle from Willow. "Makes me feel sad, for the rest... Nobody does it, half as good as you..." She leaned in a little closer, just enough to brush her lips against Willow's ear. "Baby, you're the best."

"I wasn't lookin'," Willow picked up the tune, moving with more confidence now, "but somehow you found me... I tried to- ooh! Baby," she missed a line, as Tara began to undo the buttons on her jacket with one hand, while the other stroked up and down her side.

"But like heaven above me," Tara went on, sliding the jacket down Willow's shoulders and letting it fall to the floor, "the spy who loved me..." She and Willow shared a giggle, as her hands went to Willow's waist, undoing her belt and pants while Willow began divesting Tara of her jacket in turn.

" keepin' all my secrets safe tonight," they sang together, Tara's coat falling free. Holding onto Tara for balance, Willow used each foot to slide the shoe and sock from the other, and her trousers quickly slid to the floor.

"And nobody does... it... better..." Willow sang breathlessly, as Tara made short work of the buttons on her blouse, and slid a hand inside to stroke her stomach. "Though sometimes I... wish... ahhh..." Tara reached one arm around Willow's waist, beneath her blouse, while her other hand explored upwards, stroking the side of her breast through her silky bra.

"Though sometimes you wish someone could?" Tara sang, grinning as she slid Willow's blouse down over her shoulders to her elbows, lightly pinning her arms behind her.

"Pfft, never," Willow sighed happily, leaning into Tara's hold. Tara let go of the blouse, letting Willow go free as it fell, and reached up to undo her hair from its businesslike twist.

"Nobody does it," she went on, arching her back as her hair spilled over her shoulders, and as Willow set about undoing her blouse, "quite the way you do... why'd you have to be so good?" She lowered her arms, but kept her head flung back as Willow pulled her top down from her shoulders, and nuzzled in the hollow of her neck, pressing tender kisses against her skin.

"The way that you hold me," she sang as Willow did indeed hold her tight, opening her blouse up so their bare stomachs could press together, and their breasts in only their flimsy bras, "whenever you hold me... ohhh... there's some kind of magic-"

"Deep," Willow breathed into Tara's ear, "inside... you..." Tara moaned out loud as Willow's bare leg nudged between hers for a moment, then withdrew as Willow undid her belt and began edging her pants down over her hips.

"That keeps me from runnin'," Willow murmured, feeling Tara's hands find her back.

"That just keeps me comin'," Tara smiled, lowering her head to stroke her lips across Willow's cheek, while her shoes, socks and pants joined the clothing scattered around them on the floor. "How'd you learn to do the things you do?"

"I've been having some dreams with lots of helpful ideas," Willow whispered quickly, before the next line started. Tara laughed quietly and deeply, and Willow thought she had never heard a more beautiful sound.

"And... nobody does it better," they sang together, almost whispering now, standing together with no space between them, wearing only their underwear as they danced slowly. "Makes me feel sad for the rest... nobody does it half as good as you... baby, baby..." Willow gasped as Tara's hand moved down her back and slid beneath the waist of her panties, stroking her ass.

"Darlin'," Tara whispered, her hand moving around Willow's hip.

"You're the best," Willow whispered in reply, her voice joining Tara's, while her hand reached down between them, mirroring Tara's as she delicately lifted the waist of her panties and slid her fingers beneath.

"Uhhhh baby," Tara moaned, as she felt Willow's questing fingers brush against her clit, "oh you're the best..."

"Baby you're the best," Willow sang again, softly, parting her legs a little, inviting Tara to enter her. She felt Tara's fingers at her threshold, and positioned her hand likewise, and with a mutual sigh that became a deep, throaty moan they slid into each other.

"Oh sweetie," Tara moaned, rolling her hips, "you're heaven..." Willow could only groan in reply, pressing her body against Tara's as she bent her knees, taking Tara's forefinger as deep within herself as she could. The two women danced together, slowly lifting their hips as one, then sliding back down, renewing the connection as their fingers became coated with arousal. Tara was the first to tentatively probe the tip of a second finger between Willow's lips, and found Willow eagerly welcoming her, and replying in kind. Their palms flattened against each other's mounds, rubbing their clits, gathering moist nectar.

Tara's legs felt weak as Willow's fingers just barely brushed her g-spot, but Willow sensed it, and together they gently lowered their bodies to the couch, still moving against one another. No words left their lips, only moans and deep breathing to mark time as they danced.

"Uhhhh," Tara moaned, wanting to tell Willow what was stirring inside her, to convey to her the intensity of her feelings, a satisfaction that went far beyond the physical.

"Mmmm," Willow replied, rising slightly to more firmly grind her hips down onto Tara's fingers, opening herself deeply to her. She kissed Tara's shoulder, again and again, then her neck, parting her lips wide with each touch, licking her glistening skin. Tara tossed her head back and cried out, making no effort to contain herself.

"Uhhhh... uhhh, uhhh, uh, uh- yes, yesyesyes, YES! GOD!" Willow lost the control to form kisses, and merely pressed her open lips to Tara's skin as the chorus of her climax rang in her ears. Tara's sex clutched at her, her muscles clamping tightly, while within Willow herself Tara's fingers jerked and thrust, sending her too over the edge.

"AH!" she exclaimed, then as her body shook her voice mirrored the gushing shuddering within her, "oh god yes baby yes in me so good oh yes so good so deep good yes, yes, yes... oh baby... oh... baby..."

"Baby," Tara whispered in reply, her eyes still closed. Willow moaned, then her lips closed into a grin.

"Ba-by," she sang softly, and felt Tara shake gently beneath her in a silent laugh.

"You're the best," they sang together, and chuckled. Tara opened her eyes and looked at Willow, who eased her body down and rested her head on Tara's shoulder.

"Do you..." she began tentatively.

"Wanna stay right here," Willow sighed, tensing her muscles to give Tara's embedded fingers a squeeze. Tara laughed her silken laugh again, and gave Willow an answering squeeze herself.

"Hmmm," Willow murmured happily. "I... I am, you know."

"What?" Tara asked softly.

"The spy who loves you," Willow replied.

"So do I, sweetie," Tara smiled, "I love you too."

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