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Smut Bunnies

Author: Chris Cook
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Based on characters from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, created by Joss Whedon and his talented minionators, and all manner of things including the James Bond series by Ian Fleming/Eon Productions, and The Avengers by Brian Clemens. All original material (I'm sure there's some in there somewhere) is copyright 2005 Chris Cook.

Somewhere over the English Channel, heading west
British Airways 747-800, First Class Section
0100 Hours (GMT)

"So," Tara said, once the seatbelt light had gone out, "we should review what we've got in the files. What little it is." She folded one leg beneath herself and sat side-on in her luxuriously expansive chair, flipping the armrest between them up out of the way.

"I think I've got first class shock," Willow said, still staring around wide-eyed, "I mean, look at this! It's amazing!"

"One of the perks of being a Bunny," Tara said, grinning at Willow's enthusiasm. With the Ministry picking up the bill they had been given the airline's most expensive seating, right up in the nose of the plane. There were four seats in total in the luxury compartment, two on either side of the aisle, then a divider separating their little cabin from the rest of the first class section. What was better, both of the remaining seats were vacant, essentially giving the two agents a private room on the plane. Willow had marvelled at it; Tara had explained that the Ministry had booked the empty seats, so they could converse without the risk of being overheard.

Willow was already rummaging in her suitcase for the dossiers they had picked up from the Ministry's agent at the airport, so Tara busied herself confirming that there were no bugs or other listening devices in the cabin. To her considerable chagrin, it seemed Anya had taken it upon herself to redesign the standard-issue bug snooper.

'I know I should be grateful that it's smaller and more efficient,' she thought, 'but does it have to look like a leather paddle? Surely the studs aren't necessary.'

"All clear," she reported, quickly stuffing the device out of sight in her bag. Willow spread the dossiers out on the flip-down coffee table mounted on the bulkhead in front of them, and selected one.

"Our best lead first," she said, "Daniel Osbourne. This being the reason I'm along, I'm guessing."

"You know him?" Tara asked. Willow sighed.

"We dated," she said, "for a while... three years actually."

"Three years sounds serious," Tara noted carefully. 'She's straight? But I'm sure she checked out my butt! Ohhhh, please please please tell me I'm not completely wrong about her, I really don't want to have to get over this girl...'

"It was... kind of," Willow shrugged noncommittally, "but it was more like... see, we'd gotten together in the last year of school, and there hadn't really been anyone before him - nothing serious. And it got sort of, comfortable, being with him. I didn't really think in terms of 'am I being fulfilled', or 'would I be better off with someone else', that was just," she made vague hand motions, "that part of my life was properly set up, put in a box and stored on a shelf all shiny and as it should be."

"Weren't you fulfilled?" Tara asked gently.

"There were... problems," Willow admitted, "at first I actually thought it was kind of sweet, the way he was, gentlemanly in a way - high school boys being sort of fixated on getting laid like it was going out of fashion, you know how it can be..."

"Actually," Tara said shyly, as Willow paused to snigger at the memory, "in my case, the high school boys didn't bother me much... it wasn't a secret I preferred female company." She gave Willow a quick, hesitant grin.

"Oh," Willow said, brightening, "oh, yeah, that'd keep the hounds at bay all right." She paused, wondering what to say next.

"Daniel wasn't like them?" Tara prompted. 'Don't push too fast,' she told herself, 'okay, no adverse reaction to the subtle coming-out there - not that you'd expect one from a Bunny - but give her time, don't just blurt out "Kiss me!" the very next thing...'

"No, he was different," Willow explained. "He'd always make sure I knew he didn't expect anything of me that I wasn't ready for. Only..."

"You don't have to tell me," Tara said kindly.

"No!" Willow insisted, looking surprised at the vehemence of her reaction. "No, I want to, I... I mean, not that I want you to sit her and listen to my life's story, but you're the profiler, and Daniel's a potential suspect, you should know what I can tell you, at least. A-and I don't not want to tell you... I don't mind sharing, you know? Not with you."

"Thank you," Tara smiled. Internally she did a tentative dance of joy. 'She definitely likes me, one way or another.'

"The thing was," Willow went on, "he stayed that way, even... well, when I was ready. He'd still be 'no, don't be someone you're not, just be yourself, I love you for who you are not what anyone else expects you to be.' And I know that sounds fine in theory, but eventually I started thinking, well, maybe who he thought I was, and who I actually was, weren't the same person? Who he was actually in love with was a, a sort of snap-shot of me, as I'd been when we met... which was... well, back then they'd have called me 'Shy Bunny' too. If I'd been a Bunny. But I was growing up and he... he didn't want the person I was turning into."

'Fred did say we were dealing with a madman,' Tara mused silently, 'if this Daniel guy doesn't want the girl sitting next to me, he definitely qualifies.'

"Did he have some kind of aversion t-to sex?" Tara asked, keeping her blush to a minimum. 'We're professionals discussing professional matters, nothing to get flustered about, just because I'm raising the topic of sex with a woman I badly want to strip naked and worship in all sorts of yummy lickable ways...'

"I did eventually start to wonder that," Willow said thoughtfully, "but in the end, it turned out no, he didn't... or if he did, it was just with me. The reason we broke up was that I came back early from a trip to the coast to meet a professor, and found him in bed with another girl."

"Oh Willow, I'm sorry," Tara said, her arousal shifting instantly onto the backburner as she saw an echo of the old hurt cross Willow's face.

"It's okay," Willow assured her. "Of course, when I say 'we broke up,' substitute 'I threw him out of my apartment at 2am.' Kind of a cathartic experience."

"You've got some butch in you," Tara joked, hoping to lighten the mood. Willow chuckled.

"Yeah," she admitted, "not large with the butch, but given the right situation - like discovering a so-called-boyfriend getting exceedingly down and dirty with a, well, let's say 'lady of questionable reputation'... though, I'll give her that she handled me walking in with a fair amount of grace under fire. Of course, it probably wasn't the first time she'd been in that situation. He was all with the excuses - and let me tell you, a guy caught in his girlfriend's bed with another girl and half a pair of edible boxer shorts can come up with some very flimsy excuses." She smiled at the memory.

"Half a pair of edible boxer shorts?" Tara repeated.

"Yup," Willow nodded, stifling a giggle. "Don't get me wrong, I was all kinds of mad-as-hell at the time, but when it wore off I could take it philosophically. We hadn't really been happy for a while, us being together was more like roommates than partners, and really I'd just stayed with him because I was so used to being with him. So I figured, well, here's my chance to see what else is out there. And as it turned out, what was out there were a) guys who're interested in who I am, not their immaculate fantasy image of me," Tara's internal tentative dancer of joy slipped and fell flat on her butt, then Willow went on: "and b) more importantly for me, as it turned out, women who're interested in who I am." Tara's internal dancer of joy got right back up and started dancing again, this time joined by a whole Broadway chorus line, jugglers on unicycles, and a trained elephant balancing on a podium at the back of the stage.

"S-so," she said, trying not to get up and leap around while her brain sang 'She's a lesbian!' repeatedly, to the tune of the Hallelujah chorus, "do you think he'll be antagonistic over how you two parted?"

"I don't know," Willow said, "I don't think so... he did try to keep seeing me, not stalker-like, but approaching me and striking up a conversation... he seemed genuine about accepting he was the one who messed up, even after he realised that him taking the blame wasn't going to get me to give him another chance. Last time we talked it was... well, cordial, if not friendly as such. And it was all years ago, we didn't stay in contact after he transferred to another college, and after that he took over his father's business, and that's pretty much all I know, besides what you read in the Financial Review about Osbourne Industries."

"He'll accept your cover?" Tara asked. "I mean, he won't suspect that you aren't who you're going to be pretending to be?"

"I doubt it," Willow said, leafing through another dossier full of faked documents and IDs in her name, "top-flight programmer is pretty much where I was thinking of heading back when we knew each other - it was really just a couple of chance meetings, after he left, that led me into security systems, and then the Ministry came recruiting out of the blue. Well, I guess that's the point of being a secret service... but aside from that, it's quite plausible I would've ended up as," she glanced at the front page of the identity file, "Willow Danielle Rosenberg, chairperson of Emerald Software."

"And Tara Maclay, marketing consultant," Tara finished. "Darn it, I have to be in marketing, there's no creativity in marketing these days." She exchanged an amused grin with Willow.

"So," Willow said, "what's the plan, senior Bunny? We've got a meeting with Daniel scheduled, then...?"

"You're interested in branching out from pure software into software/hardware combination products," Tara explained.

"Like the X-Box?" Willow moaned. "Aw geez, I thought I'd be smarter than that when I ran my own company."

"What's wrong with the X-Box?" Tara asked blankly.

"You're looking at a born-and-bred Playstation girl," Willow said firmly. "Okay, so I'm looking to enter the hardware market, and hopefully not make a fool of myself like everyone else. I'm going to Osbourne Industries to license the technology side?"

"That's the plan," Tara nodded. "I'm assigned to the project, but I'm really just at the meeting so I know what was discussed - I won't be taking much part in it, which will leave me free to observe Mr Osbourne's reactions to specific questions relating to programming, hardware options, and Osbourne Industries' level of experience in various fields. How good a liar would you say he is?"

"Well," Willow shrugged, "he did cheat on me, but I wasn't exactly bugging his cell phone and giving him the third degree whenever he'd be out late... I'd put my money on you rather than him."

"I'll try to make sure you win that bet," Tara winked. "After the interview you'll see if you can get him to offer us a tour of the facilities, that'll let us see how things are laid out. If we think it's worth pursuing, we'll come back after dark and do our own investigations, without a corporate tour guide looking over out shoulders."

"So a big day and night planned," Willow summed up.

"Yup," Tara agreed. "I was thinking it would be good if we could catch some sleep before we land - make sure we're still nice and fresh in the evening. I don't really think espionage is supposed to be combined with jet lag."

"Well, we would be very careful to avoid loud noises," Willow pointed out with a chuckle.

"So we would," Tara laughed. She looked down at the armrest on the aisle-side of her seat, and started poking at buttons. "I assume these seats tilt down someHOW!" she finished with a yelp, as both her and Willow's seat backs reclined smoothly down to horizontal, the footrests rising up to complete the effect of a full-length, if not overly large, double bed.

"That was fun," Willow commented.

"The excitement never ends when you're a Bunny," Tara agreed dryly. "Sorry."

"No problem," Willow dismissed it lightly, "soft landing anyway... god first class is good. So, I'll take the other seats...?" She gestured vaguely to the opposite side of the cabin, and the pair of vacant seats.

"Oh, um," Tara hesitated, "if you want to..."

"Well..." Willow went on, 'She doesn't want me over there, so does she want me over here? As in...' "...of course I could stay here, too..."

"We could talk," Tara said quickly, covering her shyness, "if you wanted... I mean, neither of us are particularly tired right now, we'll get a good five or six hours without rushing off to sleep right away... I'd be lying awake a while anyway... so I thought, you know... getting-to-know-you time? Seeing as we're working together, and all - a healthy friendship leads to a healthy relationship... working relationship, professionally."

"I'd love to get to know you," Willow smiled.

"G-good," Tara returned her smile, "I'd... I'd love to get to know you too."

"Yay," Willow beamed. "Okay then... what's your stance on pillows?"

"Pillows?" Tara echoed. "Well... I like pillows... pillows are good. I'm pro-pillow, generally..."

"Sorry," Willow chuckled, "non sequitur, I know... just, I have this thing about pillows, I kind of like having a whole bunch of them when I sleep, my roommate used to call it my 'nest'... I was just wondering, would that bother you? It's no big deal if it would, it's not like I need them to sleep, because hello, first time in first class, and it's not like I can spread out and accumulate pillows in business class, and I did have to sleep on plane trips before now... they only give you one each, you know? And it's this little tiny thing, by my standards it's like, 'Good, that's one-twentieth of my pillowy needs seen to, now where's the rest?'"

"Nest away, Babble Bunny," Tara said, sitting up and reaching under the seat, "you get only the best when you pay what the Ministry paid for our tickets." She pulled out a pair of large, soft pillows and tossed them lightly at Willow, who caught them on her chest.

"Thanks," Willow grinned.

"There's two more under your seat," Tara went on, getting up, "I'll get the ones from the others. I only need two. I have this strange habit with pillows, I have a sleep-pillow and a cuddle-pillow. One I sleep on, like a normal pillow, and the other..."

"You cuddle?" Willow asked with an amused smile. 'Can I be that pillow?' she thought hopefully.

"Hence the name," Tara nodded, blushing slightly as she retrieved the four extra pillows from beneath the unoccupied seats. "That still leaves six that are all yours."

"Plenty," Willow lay back on the first few, satisfied.

Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, still heading west
British Airways 747-800, First Class Section
0500 Hours (GMT)

The jetliner sped on towards New York, prolonging the day as it raced the sun towards the western horizon. Inside the luxury first class cabin, though, with the blinds drawn over the windows and the cabin lights down, it was comfortably dark, with only two thin strips of blue light shining from the floor, marking the aisle.

Willow and Tara, having taken turns in the bathroom to change into appropriate sleepwear, lay side by side on the fully-reclined seats, still facing each other from the conversation that had continued quietly and comfortably for some time, before both women murmured goodnights and closed their eyes. Willow lay among her cocoon of pillows, none of which lay between her and Tara - naturally enough, as they'd been talking - while Tara's 'cuddle pillow' lay by her side, unregarded as Tara shifted in her sleep, towards Willow.

Tara Maclay's dream
747-400 First Class Main Cabin
0501 Hours (GMT)

Tara looked around from her seat, up and down the aisle, and thought it was odd that she was the only passenger, but with the laissez-faire acceptance of a dream state, she gave it little thought. She wondered whether she might look out the window, or rummage in her bag for something to read, when the curtain leading to the crew galley was drawn aside, and a stewardess appeared, looking very cute in a stylishly-cut dark blue jacket with gold buttons and gold stripes on the cuffs and shoulders, with a matching skirt that clung attractively to her stocking-clad thighs. She even had the little cap with the pair of wings on it. Best of all, she was Willow.

"I'm sorry Miss," she said, leaning over as she reached Tara's seat, her eyes glittering playfully, "it appears we're having a minor technical problem with our in-flight movie. Perhaps I could offer you some... alternative entertainment?"

"I-I'd like that," Tara smiled, wondering what she had in mind. She began to get an inkling when Willow stepped in front of her seat - where there was suddenly a great deal of room, considering there had been another row of seats there a moment ago - and began to undo the buttons on her jacket.

"I'd like that very much," Tara whispered, as her dream supplied the sound of a viola playing a sultry melody in time with Willow's motions.

"I'm glad," Willow said, raising an eyebrow and smiling suggestively. Her hands moved from one button to the next, with a little flourish as each was undone.

"I'd like you very much," Tara murmured, with a confidence that came easily in her dreams.

"Lucky you, then," Willow replied, peeling back one shoulder of her jacket to reveal the white blouse beneath. "Here I am." She uncovered her other shoulder. "And here." Her back arched as she slid the jacket down her arms behind her, and Tara's breath caught as the thin material over Willow's breasts grew taut, so that she could see the outline of the bra underneath.

"And here," Willow repeated, letting her jacket fall off her arms, catching it in one hand and tossing it over the seat behind her. She raised a hand to her neck, undid the top three buttons on her blouse, and toyed with the decorative silk scarf around her neck, peeking out above her collar. Her hips swayed hypnotically, back and forth, as she drew the scarf out, sliding it free of herself, and leaned forward.

"Safety first," she breathed in Tara's ear, while her blouse hung open, revealing the top of a red silk bra beneath it. Her hands went to Tara's hips, touching her naked skin - now she wore what she had gone to sleep in, boxer shorts and a tank top - dragging the scarf around behind her back, reaching around her other side, sliding her palms over Tara's waist all the while. She finally gripped both ends of the scarf, and drew it taut around Tara, urging her forward. Tara eagerly leant into Willow, resting her head on the woman's shoulder, her eyes half-closed as red hair brushed across her face.

"Passengers are asked to observe the seatbelt sign," Willow whispered, turning the mundane words into a tremor that ran down Tara's spine. She tied a knot in the scarf and pulled it closed around Tara's waist. "There... done up. Isn't that nice?"

"Uh-huh," Tara exhaled as Willow pulled back, glancing down to admire her work.

"Yessss," Willow drawled, "yes, nice... would you like me to go get some more scarves? It's no trouble," she switched into the persona of a stewardess again, "I'm here to make your flight as enjoyable as possible." She lowered her head, and looked up at Tara through slanting eyelashes, seductive again.

"In any way at all," she breathed, her shoulders taking up the gentle swaying of her hips, her body moving like a slow, mesmerising wave. "If you'd like to be tied up some more...? Or maybe...?"

Tara opened her mouth, caught in indecision. Willow leaving, even for a second, was far from what she wanted... yet the promise of what might happen when she returned... she couldn't decide.

"Maybe later," Willow smiled. "One thing at a time..."

She stretched her leg forward, running her stocking-clad foot up Tara's calf, onto the top of her thigh, her toes pushing Tara's shorts up high, stopping just short of her hips. Tara had a glimpse of red silk beneath Willow's skirt, riding up high on her parted thighs, then her view was blocked by Willow's hands as they reached beneath her skirt. One on top of her thigh, one underneath, she undid the tiny clasps fixing the top of her stocking to her garter straps, and then she began to slide the stocking down her leg, very slowly, taking Tara's gaze with her every inch of the way. At the same time, with perfect balance, she lifted her foot off Tara's thigh and raised it to rest against the headrest of her seat, just next to her head.

Tara couldn't resist turning and brushing her lips over Willow's ankle, experiencing the divine silkiness of the taut fabric, and the warmth of the skin beneath. Willow's hands reached her, pushing the rolled-up stocking before them, and as it slid free of her foot her fingers strayed to Tara's lips, caressing top then bottom, and Tara gave no resistance as Willow delicately opened her mouth and brushed a fingertip just a little further over her lower lip, tasting the wetness within.

"Soon, sweetie," Willow whispered, "this won't just be your wetness... hmm?"

Tara could only nod dumbly, hopefully, as Willow withdrew her hand, and lowered her bare leg back to the floor. She raised her other foot just as she had the first, nudging Tara's boxer shorts up, baring her thigh, then hesitated just as her hands touched her skirt.

"Perhaps..." she said with a coy smile, "'d like to help me with this one?"

The Real World
747-400 First Class Main Cabin
0510 Hours (GMT)

"Mmmffph," Willow said as something drew her from sleep to wakefulness. She frowned for a moment, wondering when the alarm clock was going to go off, then realised where she was, and grinned in a moment of guilty triumph at the memory of the accursed clock shattering against her bedroom wall. She lay with her eyes closed, enjoying the warmth, the softness of her bed, the cosy closeness of her little nest of pillows, the gentle in-and-out breathing of Tara as she lay nestled up to Willow's side, her chest moving slightly against her arm...

'Now... that's a new one.'

She lingered on that thought for a moment, processing it.

'Okay,' she thought, 'check one - am I still dreaming?'

She opened her eyes, finding still the darkness of the private cabin. She took a calm breath and repeated the motion, willing her eyelids open even though they already were. Invariably, if she were dreaming, realised it, and wanted to wake herself, this would accomplish it - her eyes would open for real, and jolt her brain into waking.

Her eyes remained steadily open, without opening a second time.

'Okay, not dreaming. Good, just as well - if I were, I didn't want to wake up yet anyway. So, the Tara cuddled up to me is the real Tara. Don't panic.'

'Do I realise what this means?'

'I'm that pillow! Yay!'

Back in Tara Maclay's dream
747-400 First Class Main Cabin
0511 Hours (GMT)

Her throat suddenly dry - that moisture evidently having decided to seek pinker pastures between her legs - Tara reached out with a trembling hand, and lay it against the inside of Willow's right thigh. She took a deep breath, just experiencing the sensation for a moment before she moved again - softness, warmth, silk-smoothness, best of all acceptance, Willow not moving away even a fraction from the intimate touch.

"Good, sweetie," Willow murmured happily, "now... just a little higher..."

Breathing shakily, Tara slid her hand up the inside of Willow's stocking-clad thigh, beneath her skirt. She felt a tiny clasp under her fingers, and the taut strap leading up to the silk garter belt around Willow's waist. Of its own volition her hand kept going, her fingertips moving across bare skin now, warm and smooth and soft.

"Sweetie," Willow grinned, "you missed your spot."

"You said 'higher'," Tara replied, her voice almost managing a sultry whisper, just trembling a little.

"So I did," Willow smiled, closing her eyes and tilting her head back, "so... I... did..."

Tara too closed her eyes, finding her way by touch alone. Willow's inner thigh... the gentle curve at its top... a silken edge, a double-stitched hem and then... then Tara let out a long sigh as her hand turned over, her questing fingers gently cupping upward, feeling the yielding softness beneath the thin, moist silk.

"God," Tara whispered, holding her hand perfectly still, half in awe, half terrified that any sudden motion would scare away this wondrous piece of heaven. It was Willow who moved first, her hips slowly resuming their earlier motions, gently from side to side, forward and backward, little circles against Tara's fingers between her thighs.

"That's it," Willow purred, "thaaaat's... yessss... don't be shy... touch me there... touch me all you want..."

Biting her lip in exhilarated tension, Tara moved her fingers forward, her little finger curling against the side of Willow's thigh as the other three cupped her sex, and gently tested the softness of the silk-clad wetness pressed against them. Willow slowly bent her knees, lowering her hips, parting her thighs, and Tara felt her core beckon, slick and hot, directly beneath the tip of her middle finger. She pressed lightly, feeling Willow's panties stretch slightly beneath her touch, the material bowing inwards as the tip of her finger sought entrance.

"You're beautiful," she whispered, "you're so beautiful... god, I want to love you so much..."

"You know how," Willow breathed in reply.

While Tara gently massaged her folds and her opening, Willow moved her foot, reaching up to the waist of Tara's boxers and curling her toes over, catching the hem. She slowly dragged the loose shorts down, sliding inch by inch over Tara's hips, stretching out at the front in a v-shape, just starting to reveal the shadowy pleasures hidden inside. Willow pointed her toes like a dancer, and slid her foot down behind the lowered waistband, sliding her toes, then the top of her foot, against Tara's naked core.

Back to Reality
747-400 First Class Main Cabin
0517 Hours (GMT)

"Mmm... mmm!" Tara murmured in her sleep, pressing herself against Willow, her hand clutching gently at her waist. Willow sighed silently, breathing in the scent of Tara's hair, enjoying to the full the sensation of her warm body, so close, moving...

'...kind of rhythmically,' she noticed. Taking a moment out of pure hedonistic joy, she concentrated on exactly how Tara was lying against her, how she was moving. Her eyes widened as she realised Tara's right leg, which had been on top of hers, had now slid between her legs, leaving Willow's thigh pressed very intimately between Tara's.

'Oh my god!' Willow mouthed silently.

"Mmmmm..." Tara moaned quietly, the gentle thrusting of her hips becoming slightly more pronounced. Willow, having chosen panties rather than boxers to sleep in, could now feel the heat and wetness of Tara quite plainly, with only the single layer of Tara's shorts between her sex and Willow's thigh. What was even more plain was that, whatever Tara was dreaming about, it was a dream she was enjoying in the best possible way.

'Oh my god!' Willow thought again, as Tara continued to gently grind herself against her thigh, 'I'm... I'm being made out with! In my sleep... kind of... what do I do? Tara Maclay is doing naughty things to me!'



Back in the dream again
747-400 First Class Main Cabin
0513 Hours (GMT)

"Oh god..." Tara chanted, as she thrust her hips against Willow's stockinged foot, "oh god... oh god yes..." Her thumb searched Willow's mound, here the smoothness of silk-on-skin, here the slight springiness of short hairs beneath the fabric... then she found what she was looking for, her thumb pressing firmly at the apex of Willow's sex, rubbing her clit through the silk.

"Fuck!" Willow screamed, bucking her hips against Tara's hand, "oh yes! Yes! Love, god, yes do it!" Her hands flew to Tara's back, urging her forward, pressing Tara's body against her lower leg, flexing her foot against Tara's sopping core. Tara's free arm wrapped around Willow's leg, clutching it to herself. Willow looked down at her, her green eyes burning with passion straining to be spent.

Real World

'Oh god bless you baby,' Willow thought, as Tara continued to grind her hips against her, 'I hope whoever's in your dream is making you feel as good as you're making me feel... okay, wait, lemme think... what if she wakes up? That could be totally embarrassing... unless she just wants to keep going... no, can't assume that... okay, I'll pretend to be asleep. If she wants to just pretend it never happened, then... then, okay, that'd be best. Can't wake her up and ask her to stop, anyway, that'd only be more embarrassing for her... I so don't want her to stop... plus, I already know what it's like to get woken up in the middle of one of these dreams... mmm, Tara-dreams...' Tara's leg, between Willow's, was causing no little distraction as it gently moved against her sex - not touching as firmly as Willow's was against Tara, but nonetheless...

'Oh god baby, I hope you want me, 'cause I want you baby, I want you so much, I...'

"Willow..." Tara whispered in her sleep.

'Oh... ohhhh... mmmyyy... ggggooooddddd...' Willow gasped a lungful of air as her core clenched, and her hips shook.

Tara's Dream

"Do it, sweetie," Willow said in a husky voice, "do it... it's what you want, isn't it? It's what I want... I want to feel you touch me, really touch me... come on," she growled, thrusting her hips forward, her skirt riding up, revealing all, "come on, take me, lover... take me!"

"Oh god yes!" Tara whispered fiercely, reaching forward. Willow slid her leg out of the way so Tara could lean forward, her foot still pressed between Tara's thighs, thrusting back and forth as Tara's juices coated her stocking. Tara gripped the waist of Willow's panties firmly and pulled, lunging her mouth forward as the silk tore, revealing first her russet curls, then her lips, swollen with desire and dripping with nectar. Her thumb made way for her lips as she took Willow's clit into her mouth, sucking voraciously, while as the shreds of silk fell away Tara's three fingers plunged into Willow's waiting sex, penetrating into the dark, wet tightness, curling to reach for Willow's g-spot, as her free hand wrapped around Willow's waist, drawing her tightly in, her mouth opened wide as if to engulf her sex completely, her own core gave up its bounty of pleasure, clenching and spilling over the top of Willow's foot-


"Mmmmmyyyeeeaaaaahhhhhh..." Tara breathed in a long, joyful sigh as her hips shuddered, her body tightening and releasing.

Willow lay in stunned silence, while Tara relaxed, falling back into deep sleep without missing a beat. She shifted slightly, her limbs moving a little, her hand retracting from Willow's waist, her right leg drawing back from between Willow's, their heated embrace reverting slowly back to a fairly chaste cuddle. Still Willow lay awake, eyes open, taking shallow breaths.

'She said 'Willow'!'

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