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Well, Kittens, another year has gone by. It seems like just yesterday we were finishing up Elemental and getting ready for Once More With Fruitcake. My goodness, how time flies.

Now the time has come for another Holiday series - and I say that as if I just know you have all been waiting by your computers, holding your breath, for this next offering. Perhaps some of you have been; but most likely, you’ve been going about your lives without giving a series of holiday stories a second thought. Either way, our little group is back with more holiday spirit.

Here are some of the things this particular series is not:

1. A challenge.
2. A grocery list.
3. Spike/Xander fanfic (ugh)
4. Songfics (despite the title)
5. A guide to enriching uranium
6. An update for Coming Back
7. Hellebore II
8. A guide to unenriching uranium
9. Naked!Scoobies 2007 calendar
10. Naked!RKT 2007 calendar

We kept it very simple this year - basically only two "requirements". First, the titles and themes of the stories had to relate specifically to a holiday song. Secondly, each story had to mention snow somewhere in the fic. That’s it. Nothing fancy. No picking things from virtual hats, no requirements for rating. Just "pick a holiday song and use that as your theme (however you see fit) and mention snow."

So, when can you expect to see these jolly stories? Excellent question. Our beloved (and slightly anal) watty has thrown together a happy little spreadsheet/graphic that highlights the posting schedule for this particular series. This is what she does in between work, dealing with me being a goober, organizing group chats and tasks, writing her NaNo story, and being an all around swell person. Take a look:

So there you go, Kittens…we hope you will check in on the dates shown above to read and enjoy what these great authors have put together for you. They've worked hard, that's for sure. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated and highly encouraged.

Grab some egg nog, hang your stockings by the fire, put on a little Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas"...and enjoy Sing a Song of Christmas...brought to you humbly by

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