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Author: AmberAlysonLover
Rating: R, coz of horror, blood and a little loving!
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters of Buffy, or 28 Days Later. Also Alex Garland is brilliant!

Early next morning, Willow was fast asleep in an armchair. In her lap was a glass photo of her with all her friends and on the floor sat a can of Fanta. Her hand was placed over the photo and she seemed so relaxed. Slowly the living room door opened and Buffy walked in. She saw Willow and give a smile. She walked over and gently touched her face. When she touches Willow's cheek, Willow jumped up.

Buffy - "Morning, Willow."
Willow - "Hey, morning."
Buffy - "Listen, I wanna show you something."
Willow - "Is Tara still in bed?"
Buffy - "Yes, but just come with me."

So then Willow and Buffy headed to the roof. The view of London is breath taking. The sky is bright blue and its at peace, it took Willow's breath away. In petrol fire is still burning high yet what is more noticeable is the whole area on the roof is covered with baths, pans and buckets.

Buffy - "We lost water pressure 3 weeks ago. For a while, we lived off the other water from the other flats. But it went so fast, you wouldnt believe it. You drink it, it evaporates and turns stagnant."
Willow (looks into the pans) - "They are all empty?"
Buffy - "It hasnt rained over a week."

Buffy shakes her head and sits on the cold ground

Buffy - "I set up a plastic sheet to catch dew, I saw it on tv weeks ago. It doesnt bloody work. Will, do you know how to do it?"

Willow shakes her head and gives a weak smile

Buffy - "You'd never think it, we need rain so much. Not in fucking England. Willow we dont have enough water for you and Tara."

Willow gives her a worried look. She was waiting for this to happen.

Willow - "Oh right, that's cool."
Buffy - "No! I didnt mean you have to leave! I have to tell you something else."

The girls head back down the flat. Willow goes into check on Tara, who was fast asleep with Dawn in her arms. Willow could tell Dawn had been crying and left them to sleep for longer.

Buffy - "Where is Tara?"
Willow - "Still fast asleep, so whats going on?"
Buffy - "Faith joined the Army weeks ago, she wanted to do something worthwhile. So off she went to Ireland and I stayed home, well I had too. Then when the infection happened, she called me and told me to take care. She was in Scotland the last time we talked and well I got something off the radio two days ago, you need to hear it. Infact, wake up Tara and Dawn."

So Willow went into the bedroom and looked at Tara. She looked so cute when she was asleep and Dawn looked at peace. So Willow bent down, touched Tara's cheek and she jumped up. Once she saw Willow, she give her a big smile. They all went into the living room and sat around the table. Buffy is holding a radio and we can hear static.

Tara - "Buffy, there hasn't been any boardcasts for weeks now."
Buffy - "Just listen."

They listen and through the static, the sound of a male voice starts to sift through

The answer to infection is here... if you can hear this, you're not alone... there are others survivors... we are soldiers, we are armed and we can protect you.

The voice fades into the static

Tara (amazed) - "Oh my god, soldiers."
Buffy - "There is more."

Our location is the 42 blockade the M602, 27 Miles north east of Manchester... you must find us.

Buffy - "Then it just repeats."
Willow - "So it's just a recording?"

Buffy nods as she pulls out a map of the UK

Buffy - "This is were we have to go."

She points at the map

Willow - "The North."
Buffy - "The way things are, we might need 2 or 3 days to there."
Tara - "We?"
Buffy - "We need you a lot more then you need us. Don't you think?"
Tara - "Maybe but we can't go out there."
Buffy - "Why not?"
Tara - "They could be dead for all we know, Buffy."
Buffy - "Yes they could but we have to try."
Tara - "No we don't. I want to stay here for good, don't you Willow?"

Willow looks at Tara and then to Buffy

Willow - "We need to find them, Tara."
Dawn - "Because we could all die here."

Dawn hasn't spoken much so her interjection seems to take everyone by shock, as well as herself. She looks flustered but carries on talking.

Dawn - "And anyway, it isn't true when Buffy said. You need us like we need you, so let's do this as a team. Staying here would be insane and the soldiers can keep us safe."

She takes a deep breath

Dawn - "So we have to get there."
Willow (raises her hand) - "Get there how?"

Soon we see Buffy's jeep drive off the carpark of the towerblock. Tara and Dawn are in the back and Willow is up front with Buffy. Now Buffy isnt the world's greatest driver but still they need to get out of London. The streets are lined with dead bodies and bodies of the infected, who try to run after the car. They are too weak and they cant keep up. Soon they arrive at a tunnel which runs under the River Thames.

Buffy - "What do you think?"
Tara - "It's the most direct route to the other side of the river."
Willow - "Then we should take the indirect route. The one in board daylight. That isn't underground."
Buffy - "Let's just get this done."

Buffy floors the accelerator and they head into the tunnel. Buffy drives through the tunnel, and there is broken down cars and broken glass all over the floor. Buffy weaves through them, while everyone esle rocks and rolls with the car.

Willow - "I knew this was a shit idea. You know why? Because it was really obviously a shit idea! Driving into a dark tunnel, full of smashed cars and broken glass is really fucking obviously a shit idea!!!!!!"

As her voice speaks out, a huge pile of broken cars comes ahead. There is no way out of this mess and the only way is up. So Buffy slams down her foot.

Willow - "Buff, dont think of doing anything..."

Soon they were driving off over the broken cars

Willow - "STUPID!!!!!!!"
Buffy - "HOLD ON EVERYONE!!!!!!!!"

Yet the wheel hits a huge part of broken glass and the wheel blows up. Soon Buffy pulls over the car and gets out. Willow shoots her a worried look.

Willow - "The worst place to get a flat."
Buffy - "Agreed. Let's do this fast."

Dawn and Tara come out while Dawn takes off the broken wheel. Buffy helps her sister as Willow and Tara are keeping an eye out on the tunnel. There is a rush of noise at the start of the tunnel and Willow gives Tara a look.

Willow - "Tara, did you hear that?"
Tara - "What?"

Willow was about to answer. Then she looks down and her eyes widen......

Willow - "Holy shit!"

A tide of rats are rushing under their feet

Buffy - "Where did these come from?"
Tara - "They are running from the infected!!!!!"

Then as if in answer, the howls of the infected echo down the tunnel. Dawn is now yelling for someone to get the rats off her face, while Willow, Buffy and Tara run to the car.

Tara - "Dawn, get out! Pull her out now! Buffy, lift the car up!"

So Willow, Tara and Buffy lift the car up and Dawn pulls off the wheel. With great speed, Dawn fits the new wheel on and doesnt break a sweat as she fits the new one on.

Tara (straining with the weight) - "Dawn, sweetie, hurry up!" Dawn - "Almost there!"

As Dawn puts on the new wheel and once its on, all of them jump into the car just when the first infected hits the side window.

Tara - "GO GO!"

Once they drived off, Willow leans out of the window and yells

Willow - "The walking buffet is gone, you tossers!"

Another 3 hours of driving, they end up outside a shopping centre. They pull up, take a look inside and Tara turns to the others.

Tara - "Let's shop."
Willow - "Is it safe?"
Tara - "Yes, very safe. We need food and drink, so let's go!"

Once inside, Tara and Dawn go off one way while Buffy and Willow go off together. All you can hear is Dawn gigging with Tara. The girl go right to the chocolate line.

Tara - "OH CHOCOLATE! Let's take everything here!"
Dawn - "Yes! Oh look, Dairymilk!"
Tara - "Take it all Dawn!"
Dawn - "Right on sister!"

Meanwhile Buffy and Willow are looking at beer and Whiskey

Buffy - "Nope, Will, take the good stuff!"
Willow - "Guinness is the good stuff!"
Buffy - "So is Whiskey! Ok, let's take everything!!"
Willow - "I can soooooo live with that!"

Once they had filled up 4 trolleys full of food and drink, they headed to the checkouts. Buffy giggled as she left her credit card on the till. They drove off laughing as a small group of infected missed them by a few minutes. Then drove till 3pm, Buffy saw her petrol was low. They needed to get more or they wouldnt make it. Soon they found a small road side cafe and there was a petrol truck too.

Buffy - "Okay, we either do this now or we're walking!"

So Tara, Buffy and Willow all get out of the car and Dawn takes the drives seat.

Buffy - "If anything goes wrong, you just drive. You put your foot down. And go as fast as you can."

Dawn doesnt say anything

Buffy - "Do you hear me, Dawn?"
Dawn - "Yes, I will go!"

So then the girls head over to the truck. There is no one around

Tara - "Stay close, Will."
Willow - "Pardon me?"
Tara - "You heard me."

As they wait to get the petrol, Willow tosses her bat in the air, giving it a single flip, then catching it as the handle comes back round... she looked a bit flash. Tara can see this and doesn't seem impressed. So Willow shakes her head and heads over to the cafe.

Tara - "Where are you doing?"

Willow points at the cafe with her bat.

Tara - "We have enough food."
Willow - "I am dying for a Cheeseburger."

Inside the cafe, there are a number of dead bodies. Willow can see a dead baby with her mother and a whole dead family, side by side.Willow shakes her head and then hears a noise coming from behind her. She turns fast and her bat hits a small child, who flies backwards. Willow looks at the small child, he is about 8 years old. Willow is appalled by her actions but the child is still alive. She knows it's her life or his. So she has to end it now. Once the child is dead, Willow heads back outside. Tara looks over and can tell something is wrong.

Tara - "Find anything, Will?"

Willow dosnt say anything. She looks dead herself

Tara - "Find anything Willow?"
Willow - "NO!"

Tara lets it pass and the moment is broken as Buffy calls out to Dawn.

Buffy - "Ok, drive over Dawn!"

Dawn then drives at them at top speed. The girl has no idea who close she is to knocking Tara over. Soon she stops, opens the window and gives them all a smile.

Dawn - "Come on, who's the man?"
Buffy - "You are. A very short, annoying man."

Willow giggles at the sisters. They are so cute together. Soon they are in back in the car and driving off to find Manchester.

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