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Author: AmberAlysonLover
Rating: R, coz of horror, blood and a little loving!
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters of Buffy, or 28 Days Later. Also Alex Garland is brilliant!

Willow and Tara left through the front door. Willow was now dressed in a red shirt, white vest and black jeans. She also had a baseball bat and a backpack full of drinks and food. They walked fast but never said a word about what just happened. Willow got bored and wanted to talk about it.

Willow - "How did you know?"

Tara didnt say a word. She just kept on walking. Then Tara touched Willow's face.

Tara - "You've got red on you."
Willow - "How did you know she was infected?"
Tara - "The blood."
Willow - "Oh come on! The blood was everywhere. On me and you..."
Tara - "I didn't know she was infected, ok? I had no bloody idea! Yet she knew it. I could it see it in her eyes. Listen Willow, if someone gets infected, you've got about 10 to 20 seconds to kill them. They might be your brother, sister or a old friend. It doesnt matter. If it happens to you, I will kill you in a heartbeat."

Willow smiles at her.

Willow - "Have you been friends with Anya long?"
Tara - "Since I was 12, but it dont matter now. She's gone."
Willow - "You are so kind, Tara."
Tara - "She had plans. They didnt work much. Do you have plans, Will? Do u wanna find a cure and save the word? Or fall in love and fuck?" Willow (grins) - "Oh can we do both!"
Tara - "Dream on Willow. You'll never get me."
Willow - "Oh what a shame!"

They carry on walking for ages. They dont really talk to about anything. Willow knew Tara had something nasty on her mind, she wished Tara would open up.

Willow - "Have you always been this cold?"
Tara - "Nope. I used to be a happy go lucky girl. Not anymore."
Willow - "Tell me what happened, then?"
Tara - "Why should I do that?"
Willow - "I wanna be your friend. I want you to open up to me."
Tara - "I'm Irish..."
Willow - "I guessed that hehe."
Tara - "I left home when I was 20, my father would beat me and my mother a lot. Just last week, she called and was in tears. My dad had become infected and was attacking her and my brother. I got a flight home but it was too late. I had to kill them all. I never felt so lonely and so cold, it was all over. I had lost everyone."
Willow - "I am so sorry, Tara. I have lost my family and my friends. I know how you feel, I really do. I wish Buffy was here, she would be great right now."
Tara - "What kind of name is Buffy?"
Willow - "It's short for Elizabeth. She is so strong and brave, I hope she didnt suffer. Her and Dawn."
Tara - "I'm sure she died in peace."

Then Willow stopped walking, like something had taken over her mind. She shook her head and then began to run, to a towerblock. Both girls looked up and on the 16th floor, outside, was a row of fairylights, blinking to them slowly. Tara saw Willow smile and then she turned to look at the blond.

Willow - "Buffy's home!"

They head into the towerblock, its very dark inside but they start to climb the stairs. They reach the 10th floor and Willow cant take anymore, she is about to faint. Soon Tara turns to face Willow, who is almost crying.

Willow - "Fuck that! I can't do this, I wanna rest!"
Tara - "What's wrong?"
Willow - "I've got a headache."
Tara - "Is it bad?"
Willow - "Really fucking bad."
Tara - "Why didn't you tell me?"
Willow - "I thought you didn't give a shit about me."

Tara did look upset by Willow's words.

Tara - "You've got no fat on you. You have been living off sugar, so you are crashing. So take painkillers and have some coke."
Willow - "Oh thanks, thats gonna help."
Tara - "Oh stop being a fucking pain!"

Soon they heared two infected running from a few floors down. Willow and Tara began to run and head for the floor with the fairylights. Soon they arrived at floor 16 and came face to face with Buffy. Then Willow and Buffy just looked at each other.

Willow - "Buffy?"
Buffy - "Willow?"
Tara - "No time for hugs. Infected are about to arrive!"
Buffy - "Dawn is waiting, flat 517. Go and we will be right there, Will!"

Dawn let Willow in as they heared Tara and Buffy fighting off the infected. Soon they arrived at the flat and everyone was inside the living room. Willow and Buffy fell into a hug and didnt let go, til Buffy pulled away and looked into Willow's eyes.

Buffy - "You're alive!"

Then Dawn jumped into Tara's arms. They shared a huge, warm hug before Buffy made dinner and Willow and Tara had a shower. Later in the night, Willow and Buffy had a chat while Tara and Dawn were giggling while playing cards.

Buffy - "I can't believe you are here!"
Willow - "I know! It's crazy, how have you been?"
Buffy - "I've been going mad, but I am better now."
Willow - "How's Dawn been?"
Buffy - "She lost it when mam and dad got infected, but she's better now. Tara's nice, ain't she?"
Willow - "Yeah, she's lovely. Dawn likes her a lot, when did your parents die?"
Buffy - "They brought it into the world. They went to help the infected and got bitten, they came home and attacked us. I killed them both in front of Dawn. It broke her real bad but now, well, we are coping."
Willow - "I am very sorry, Buffy. I really am."
Buffy - "Listen it's late now. The spare room is ready, for you and Tara."
Willow - "We ain't together, that way anyway."
Buffy - "Yeah right, I believe you, millions wouldnt!"

Willow left Buffy and went down to the living room. Tara was on the sofa, reading an old newspaper. When Willow walked in, a smile lit up her face. Willow joined her on the sofa.

Willow - "Hey, how are you?"
Tara - "I'm fine. Dawn is such a sweetie. How's Buffy?"
Willow - "She's good, a little freaked, but good."
Tara - "Did you date her?"

Willow giggles and shakes her head

Willow - "No. She used to date a girl called Faith."
Tara - "Oh right, cool. So what's gonna happen now?"

Willow looks at Tara, then at the spare room and grins to herself.

Willow - "We are gonna go into the spare room, undress each other and have hot, sweaty and mad sex all night long."

Tara's eyes lit up and she shook her head.

Tara - "Dream on."
Willow - "I do, Tara, I really do."

Tara walks down to the spare room and then turns back to Willow

Willow - "What?"
Tara - "I am happy we found your friends."
Willow - "Tara, you think I don't get it. But I do get it. And I know I'd be dead now if you hadn't had helped me."
Tara - "Sure."
Willow - "No, I really do mean that."
Tara - "And I mean sure."

Willow shakes her head and watches Tara open the spare room door.

Willow - "You are unbelivable Tara McClay!"

Willow can hear Tara giggle

Tara - "And never forget it, Willow Rosenberg!"

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