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Pick My Partner

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: PG-13 for language
Disclaimer: Based on the T.V. show Parental Control on MTV. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Authors Note: Sorry I havent posted anything in a while. Here's a little update to get your juices flowing. Just to clear up some things in the chapter the little ** are the bleeps you would normally hear on the television, and if your television dosen't bleep out swears that is fucking awesome. Next little tid bit is the phrase in German at the bottom, it means "I will strike the shit out of you" in case any body wants to know.... and please if you're German or know German and the phrase is wrong tell me cuz im not good with other languages. Thank you.


"Let's see what our girls up to," said Sheila as she clicked the T. V. on then made her way next to her husband who sat patiently on the couch.

"She's probably bawling her eyes out cause you picked a lame date," snickered Kennedy.

"She's more exciting then you," squabbled back Mrs Rosenberg.

"Please, that dumb blonde probably thinks a good time is getting a fake tan and having her nails done," drawled out Kennedy as she picked dirt out from underneath her finger nails.

"That doesn't stop you from doing it three times a week," said Ira in a grumpy tone. "And with our money."

"Well it's always better with somebody else's money," smirked the Latino as she fingered a ring on her pinky.

"You better wipe that smirk off your face before I take it off for you," snapped Ira leaning across his wife to get a better view of his daughter's girlfriend.

"Ooh talk dirty to me big boy," she smiled wider at the irritated man then sunk further into the plump cushions of the couch as she diverted her eyes to the big screen T.V. where her girlfriend and a random blonde girl were walking around.

"Oh she does shut up," quipped Sheila before turning her attention to the T.V. as well.

"So where are you taking me," asked Willow as she walked side by side with the shorter blonde.

"We are going tooo...... the beach," smiled Buffy as she looked up into Willow's eye's.

"The beach?" questioned Willow. "It's California, we can go to the beach when ever we want."

"Yes I know," replied Buffy with a smile still on her face, "but I heard you use to surf....well that is until you started dating what's her face. So I'm taking you surfing."

Willow stopped walking and just stared at the small women with a look of devotion plastered across her face. "Whaa?"

"Come on," said Buffy grabbing the redheads hand, "I know this great little place about a half hour from here. The waves are phenomenal this time of year." with a little yank the blonde lead her date to the MTV car.

"We are going tooo...... the beach,"

"What a Fu**ing loser," laughed Kennedy "we're going to da beach" she mocked the blonde.

"Look she's gonna take her to surf," replied Sheila "how sweet."

"O my god, no wonder your daughter's such a dumb fu**"

"Hey!"bellowed Ira. "You say something about her again and I'll kick you out of this house."he pointed a wavering finger at the young girl in a strick warning.

"Yea your right Ira," said Kennedy in a sincere voice, "my bad. Your daughters not a dumb fu**.... she's a pretty good fu** if you know what I mean." she licked her lips and gave a quick glance to Sheila.

"Wow, where are we?" asked Willow as she glance out at the ocean and spotted the fifteen foot waves.

" Quaker," said Buffy "come on let's get you a board." the two girls ran to the surf shop and weighed themselves for the right board.

Once the two girls where set they ran out to the water an dove in. After catching a few waves and missing more then that Buffy decided to ask Willow about her life.

"Wow, you're a good surfer," remarked Buffy in amassment "were did you learn?"

"Oh my dad taught me," Willow gasped as she pulled herself into a sitting position on her board. "Been doing it since I was like five."

"Damn." laughed the blonde "I've only been doing it for a couple of years. You know, school didn't provide cheerleading and I needed to stay in shape and what better way then surfing." she smiled.

"Yea gotta agree with you."

"So you and Kennedy... how long has that been going on? If you don't mind me asking," the blonde splashed her legs in the water so her surf board got closer to the redheads.

"Over a year now," grinned the redhead shyly.

"So why do your parents hate her so much? Asked Buffy "besides the obvious facts."

"Ahh," half laughed Willow splashing water at the blonde. "Well she treats me like sh** most of the time and I have to buy her everything never the other way around. Also she cheated on me a few times."

"Oh crap, do they know about that?" Buffy asked her eye's nearly popping out of her head.

"They do now," Willow said as she pointed at several video cameras that surrounded them in the water.

" long has that been going on? If you don't mind me asking,"

"Too long," snorted Sheila

"Over a year now," grinned the redhead shyly.

"So why do your parents hate her so much? Asked Buffy "besides the obvious facts."

"Hahaha," laughed Ira "see that's why we picked her. She's funny."

"...other way around. Also she cheated on me a few times."

"You cheated on her," growled Mrs Rosenberg, pushing herself of the couch.

"Oh please it was a one night stand," Kennedy waved off "like you never had one of those."

"Not when I was dating someone," Sheila continued to growl out, growing increasingly angry with the dense girl. "How could you do that to her?"

"O please she fine," yelled Kennedy "if she was so upset then why is she going on a date with two chicks."

"Just wait till this is over... I swear to god Ich werde die Scheiße aus Ihnen schlagen" Sheila muttered in German.

"Did you just curse me?!"

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