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Pick My Partner

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: PG-13 for language
Disclaimer: Based on the T.V. show Parental Control on MTV. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.


"Hey babe," smiled Willow as she plopped onto Kennedy's lap and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

"Oh don't hey babe me," Kennedy snapped as she pushed Willow off her lap and right onto the floor.

"Hey that's my daughter!" snapped Ira, face flushing red with anger.

"Then you hold her," grouched Kennedy.

"Come on Ken, it's just a stupid date!" whinned Willow as she tried to sit back on her girlfriends lap.

"If it's so stupid then why are you going on it," complained the Latino.

"Just to prove them wrong," said Willow as she moved to sit on the couch, " but since your being such a BITCH you're kinda proving them right."

"Ha take that Kennedy," laughed Sheila with a delighted little grin.

"Oh go eat a bagel Sheila," growled Kennedy as she turned her attention back to Willow. "Can I at least get a kiss before you go on a date with some tramp your mom set you up with?"

"Oh Willow don't fall for that shit," Ira grouched but to no avail as the two young women set to kissing in the corner of the couch.

Shortly after the kiss started it was interrupted by the sound of the door bell.

"O thank the lord my pick is her," said Ira as he rose from his chair and marched towards the door.

"Watch it just be the bagel man," snickered Kennedy so only her and Willow could hear.

From the foyer a light conversation could be heard before footsteps reverberated across the hard oak wood floors into the living room.

"Buffy you remeber my wife Sheila, and this precious little thing is my daughter Willow...."

"Nice to meet you Willow," smiled Buffy.

".... and that," the man gestured to the women curled up against the redhead "... that's the rat that got let out of her cage."

"Ooh nice one Ira... now why don't you try growing a beard like a real married Jew."

Buffy just looked around in shock before addressing the redhead formally, "uhh wanna get out of here?"

"Yeah sure," replied Willow, quickly untangling herself from Kennedy's grip.

"Hey shrimp," Kennedy called out to the blonde as she stood up from the couch, "touch her and I'll kick your ass up and down these here streets."

"Alright sit down China!" Ira practically laughed as he pushed the small Latin girl back onto the couch.

"Hands off grabby," Kennedy snapped, pushing the man's hands away.

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