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Pick My Partner

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: PG-13 for language
Disclaimer: Based on the T.V. show Parental Control on MTV. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.


Ira: I can't stand Kennedy. She's been mooching off of us and our daughter long enough!

Sheila: I feel that Willow deserves someone better. Someone that won't yell at her for the childish of things.

Ira: You ready to do this?

Sheila: Send in the first potential girlfriend!

The door swung open and a dark skinned women walked in an took a set on the leather chair.

"Hi what's your name?" asked Sheila as she looked over the files in her hands.

"I am Kendra Adams," replied the dark skinned women.

"Well Kendra my daughter's former girlfriend doesn't do anything, what do you do for a living? Asked Ira as he looked intently at the younger women.

"I's am a bartender at a night club," Kendra replied as she crossed her arms.

"Are you in college? Asked Mr. Rosenberg.

"No sir," the Jamaican women replied also with a shake of her head, "never went sir."

"Our daughter sort of has a need to be pleased as she calls it," said Mrs Rosenberg "she likes going out and having a good time... what would you do to give her a 'respectable' time?

"I don't know about respectable but I would take her to a couple of my well known dance clubs and show her some of my Jamaican moves," responded Kendra as she got up and showed of some of her dance skills.

"Thank you I think we got enough," Mr Rosenberg said as he pointed to the door. "Send in somebody else."

The two married couple just looked at each other with a look of shock then back at their papers as the door reopened.

"Hello, I'm Jenny," said a beautiful women with dark brown tresses as she made her way over to Mr. And Mrs. Rosenberg's table to shake their hands.

"Um ...hi, how old are you? Asked Mrs Rosenberg as she cast a weary eye on the women before her.

"I'm twenty-seven," said Jenny as she took a seat in the only available chair in the room.

"Don't you think that's a little old?" inquired Sheila. "Our daughters only nineteen years old! Don't you think your kinda robbing the cradle?"

"Ma'am your daughter's hot! And I know I can get her away from the skank she's with even if its only for one night," said Jenny with a smirk. "Besides all I wanna do is tap that...."

"Out now!" bellowed Ira Rosenberg as he stood up from his chair.

Settling back down in his chair Ira turned to his wife with a gentle smile, "can't wait to see who's next."

"Hey what's up fokes? Smiled another brunette as she entered the room and plopped down in the cushiony leather chair.

"And who might you be? Asked Sheila giving the brunette a once over.

"Wo wo, easy there mama, and I thought your daughter was the les," smirked the girl. "The name's Lehane. Faith Lehane, and it's nice to meet you."

"Well Miss. Lehane, my wife and I are tired of having our daughters girlfriend use us as her own personal piggy bank? Said Ira as he cracked he's knuckles. "What kind of job do you have?"

"We'll at night I am a bouncer for the club Snakeroot, but at day I'm training to become an officer."

"God, when do you sleep," Sheila asked with a hint o concern.

"I find time," was Faith's reply.

"The infamous girlfriend 'Kennedy' has a tongue ring which makes her impossible to understand. Do you have any body piercing's?

"No, I'm more of a tattoo girl," grinned Faith as she removed her leather jacket to show of her barbed-wire tattoo.

"Alright thanks for your time," smiled Ira as he extended his arm out for a hand shake with the young women.

"I hope you find somebody nice for your daughter," said Faith as she shock the Rosenberg's hands, "she sounds to dame nice to be stuck with somebody like that." and with that the brunette walked out of the room.

Over an hour had passed and so far only four candidates seemed worthy of dating there daughter, which wasn't a lot since they had looked at close to a hundred people already.

"I think there's only about another fifty or so left," stated Sheila as she leafed through some of the paper work on the desk.

As the next girl walked into the room they asked for her name and age an wrote it down on a piece of paper.

"So Miss, .... Maclay, are you in college?" asked Sheila with a tiny smile.

"Oh y-yes ma'am, my s-sec-cond y-year." replied the shy blonde.

"What are you majoring in dear?" asked Ira in a soft voice so he wouldn't intimidate the scared looking blonde.

"I'm an English major sir, Plato, Aristotle, things like that fascinate me," she responded not once stuttering.

"Our daughter's majoring in computer engineering and business enhancement. Do you believe there's anything wrong with that?" asked Mrs. Rosenberg as Mr. Rosenberg wrote some notes down.

"No n-not at a-all. I for o-one d-don't unders-stand computers b-but by all m-means I find it very i-i-intriguing." smiled Tara after her sentenced was finished with.

"Are you the type that goes out and parties every night or stays home? Asked Ira.

"I say I d-do b-both. I-I'm out g-going. I I go to p-parties but not a-all the t-time," answered the blonde.

"Alright Tara thank you for coming today," smiled Sheila as she extended her hand to the blonde for a warm hand shake.

"T-thank you both," smiled Tara as she shock both there hands and cleared out of the room.

"She was very nice," smiled Ira.

"Do you think Willow will like that stutter?" questioned Sheila.

"Mr. Rosenberg just shrugged his shoulders and prepared himself for the next women.

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