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Paid to Get Excited

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.
Author's Note: the Kessler Rehabilitation Center is a real rehab clinic. I have no clue where it is but it does exists just a little heads up, I have no clue what goes on inside a rehab center. I have never done drugs before I only have friends who do it so if the story isn't accurate please let me know.

"Miss Rosenberg the Kessler rehabilitation center was just informed of your stay here and that you will be joining them shortly," said Doctor Squire as he removed the IV from the redheads arm. "A couple of their workers will be by momentarily to pick you up."

Hissing in pain from the tube being removed from under her skin, "when are they showing up?"

"Soon. So I'd advise you to get dress because as soon as they arrive I'm showing them to you."

"Well you know I think I'm gonna need some help. After all I do have three broken ribs and I can barley see out of my right eye," Willow said as she held her mid section as she tried to pull herself up into a sitting position.

"I'll call a nurse in to help you change," said Doctor Squire as he placed a pen into the chest pocket of his jacket.

"Oh, make sure they're hot!" Willow requested with a grin then a cringe as she pulled a muscle in her abdominal.

Doctor Squire just smiled and walked out of the room leaving the injured redhead to find away to get comfortable.

"Hey! I said no," Willow yelled drawing the attention of the blonde who was halfway down the hallway.

"I'm doing my job, move your hands," said a tall blonde haired man who had to be in his early twenties.

"Get off me!" Willow yelled again, trying to removed the mans hands from her legs.

"Come on baby I'm just trying to help," smiled the nurse as he pulled up Willow's hospital gown a little further.

The blonde haired nurse had his hands gripping the redheads lower hips trying to pull up her black satin underwear. Tears were streaming down the guitarist face as she tried to push him off her but couldn't do to all her injuries. With every attempt more pain shot up her spin and left her rendering to the mans touch.

The newspaper that was in Tara's hand slipped out of her grasp at the sight before her. Rushing forward the blonde pushed the man off the bed hard enough that the impact with the floor would leave him breathless for a little while.

"Willow, where is the nurse call button," Tara asked with risen panic in her voice as she patted down the whole bed looking for it.

The redhead weakly pointed to the side table where the male nurse must have put it so Willow couldn't use it.

Tara leaned over Willow's torso and stretched her arms out to grab the red alarm button. Clicking it repeatedly, Tara, threw it back on the side table and turned her gaze to the dead quite redhead.

"Willow, I'm gonna pull up your underwear," Tara said in a quit tone so she would startle the redhead.

"I got it," Willow whispered out as she lowered her hospital gown, "just get rid of him."

"Yea sure thing." Tara walked around the other side of the bed where the nurse was finally regaining his breath. "I hate men who always want to be in control," growled out Tara as she kicked him in the stomach. Just as she was about to kick him again two nurses came running through the door.

"What's the matter?" the first nurse asked.

"This," Tara said, grabbing the green and blue hospital scrubs and dragging the man out from behind the bed. "Get him out of here."

The two nurses grabbed the man by an arm each and hauled him out of the room.

"Will, let me help you with that," Tara reached for the blue and green checkered hospital gown and gently reached around the redhead to untie the offending material.

Ever so carefully she started to pull the garment forward, easing Willow's left then right arm out of the sleeves slowly so she wouldn't hurt her. As soon as the piece of fabric was off Tara spun around and reached for the redheads bra. Not wanting to ogle the naked women before her, she shoved her arm backwards and aimlessly searched for Willow's hand.

After a minute of two a strained voice caught the blondes ears. "Hey Tara, I'm gonna need your help now," said Willow as she leaned against the closed door to her hospital room with one of her bra straps hanging limp on her shoulder and the hooks unclasped.

"Yea, no problem," the blonde chocked out as she soaked in the sight of the bruised covered body. The bruises ranged from dark purple to blue with a splotchy white center. Stepping closer Tara reached out a shaky hand and snapped the redheads satin bra together. When she heard a hiss coming from the smaller women she gently turned her around so she could look at her, eye to eye.

Blue eyes teared up with pain and sadness as more bruises and cuts were clearly shown under the guitarist cleavage.

"Willow," Tara said in a hushed voice as she gently ran her finger tips over the protruding bumps and bruises on her mid section. Her hand slowly started moving upwards, up the redheads collar bone, neck, over her jaw line, and then to her multi colored check bone.

"I don't even wanna know what I look like," smiled Willow as she leaned her head further into the blondes touch.

"You look gorgeous," Tara said as she tried to hold back tears.

"I bet you say that to all the girls," goofed Willow.

"No. Just the special ones," Tara replied with all honesty

Willow just stared at her in perplex. She was about to say something when a knock came at the door.

"Hurry up or I'm calling security," said one of the nurses who worked night shifts.

"Okay, well you know pants might be good. You know, what with going out in public and all," said Willow pointing to her pants behind Tara.

"Oh right," Tara exclaimed as she turned around and reached for the pair of black jeans off a wooden fold out chair. Turning back around to Willow with the jeans clenched in her hands, "do you need help putting these on?"

"I think I can get them on but would you just help me stand up while I do it?" Willow asked with a look of self pity on her face.

"Of course I will," Tara replied as she scooted behind the injured women. Standing behind the redhead with one hands on the other women's hips, Tara traced the tattoo on Willow's back with her other hand. "Hey Willow, when did you get this done?"

"A while ago," Willow whispered out as she tried to holed in a moan from the blondes touch.

"Why's it dead?" Tara asked with puzzlement.

"Because it's a Willow tree and I'm not really living am I?" Willow asked as she looked over her shoulder at the blonde.

Tara just looked down not knowing what to say. "Um, come on lets get you dressed," she turned the redhead around and zipped up her jeans.

"Aren't you going to ask me what my other tattoos mean?" Willow asked snidely.

"Well I think I can guess why you have 'chaos' written on your stomach seeing as how it follows you everywhere," smiled Tara as she buttoned the jeans and reached behind her for Willow's white button down shirt.

"Haha your funny," Willow laughed but quickly grabbed her side in pain.

"Come on I think you've had enough pain for one day, sit down," Tara lead the guitarist to the bed and forced her to sit down. "Give me your arm?" she demanded as she softly tugged on the small male business shirt.

"Why are you being nice to me?" Willow asked with self hatred in her eyes. "I've been nothing but an asshole to you."

"Yeah true," smiled the blonde as she buttoned up the shirt, "but I forgive you.... after all I did give you an excuse to hate me."

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