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Paid to Get Excited

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

"I probably should tell somebody that you're awake," said Tara as she combed her fingers through the redheads matted hair.

"No, don't leave just yet," whispered Willow as she turned her head to gaze at the blonde, "stay with me until I fall asleep."

"Alright sweetie," Tara whispered back as she placed a soft kiss on the side of Willow's cheek.

Once the guitarist was fast asleep Tara stood up softly so as not to disturb the redhead and made her way to door. Creaking the door open gently and then walking to the nurses station, Tara explain to them what happened.

"Alright Miss. I'm going to go get Doctor Squire," said a rather plump male nurse from behind the desk.

"Is there anything I can do?" Tara asked a bit anxiously.

"You could inform her family that she has woken up," said the male nurse as he walked around his work station.

"Dammit!," Tara swore as she took off in the opposite direction.

"Ma'am this is a Hospital, no swearing!" the bulky man yelled after her.

"What the bloody hell's taking her so long," grumbled Spike as he sunk himself further into his seat. "She's been in there for half an hour."

"Giles!" yelled the blonde, sliding to a stop on the waxed tiled floor. "She woke up!"

"What!" everyone said in union.

"Come on, come on," Tara said waving them on as she took off back down the hall way towards Willow's room again.

Giles was the first on to make it to the door, then Spike then Faith. They carefully pilled into the small room to see Tara standing near the window and Doctor Squire checking the redheads pulse, and eyes for dilation.

"Doc, how is she," asked Faith, pushing Spike aside so she could get closer to Willow.

"She'll be alright." said the Doctor putting his eye flashlight back in his pocket, "for now."

"What the bloody hell does that mean?" Giles asked with venom in his voice.

"Well when she wakes up we will be forced to call a rehab center and she will be despatched immediately."

"And if I don't let you," said Spike coming to stand in front of the doctor.

"Listen it's either rehab or I call the police where she will be arrested for the possession and usage of illegal drugs. You decide," Doctor Squire threatened, staring Spike down.

Pulling off his glass and cleaning them with the handkerchief in his jacket pocket, "she'll go to rehab, where she'll stay until she is better."

"Good choice," said the doctor, "hate to send someone so young to jail."

"When will she be leaving?" asked Tara from her position by the window.

"Probably tomorrow night," the doctor totally forgot the young girl was back their and was startled when she spoke, "we wanna keep her another night, make sure nothing is wrong."

"What could go wrong?" asked Faith crossing her arms and giving the doctor a pissed off look.

"Well the next twenty-four hours are crucial, she could re-lapse back into her coma."

"How often has that happened?" Giles asked, putting his handkerchief away.

"A few times sir," the Doctor said returning his attention back to the older gentlemen, "that's why it is crucial we keep her for another day and that she seeks help."

"What happens if the rehab doesn't work?" Spike asked in a serious tone, "what happens if she continues using?"

"She could over dose, go into shock and shut her body down. Fri her brain, have another seizure," Doctor Squire ticked off some possible things that could happen. "She could get into heavier drugs, and then there's the possibility she could share needles and get HIV, which we can't treat."

"What rehab center will she be going to?" Tara asked.

"The one on Main Street," Doctor Squire said as he looked at the blonde who was obviously devastated. "They are the best in California." Just as Doctor Squire finished his sentence his pager went off indicating he had some business to attend. "When she wakes up please let me know," said the man before exiting the room.

They sat in the room for hours just watching tv or playing cards, waiting for the redhead to stir. When she finally did it was half past nine and everybody quickly gathered around her bed.

"Willow," Giles softly called out. "Willow wake up."

"Uggh go away." she moaned.

"Yo Will, somebody stole your guitar!" Spike yelled out.

"What!" the redhead shouted, popping up in the bed only to scream again and fall back down as the IV needle ripped at her flesh.

"Chill red he's just joking." Faith said, tapping her sister on the leg.

"Ahh you fucking asshole, that hurt," she groaned, clutching her arm.

"You did it to yourself," he grinned.

"Spike go sit down," Giles said growing angry with the immature man.

"Ballocks," he grumbled as he pulled up a chair at the foot of the bed.

"So what is this a family meeting?" Willow asked as she looked at everybody's face, "wait, you're not family," she said when her gaze landed on Tara's, "hi." she smiled.

"Hi Willow," the blonde gave her a smile back and grabbed the hand closest to her.

"Hey Will?" said Faith trying to grab the redheads attention away from the blonde, "we have something we need to tell you."

"Yea and we want to tell you, not that poofy ass Doctor." said Spike.

"He reminds me a lot like Angel," said Faith with a weird look.

"Yeah with that nancy boy hair gel," Spike added to the two way conversation.

"Enough!" Giles bellowed, "Willow.... because of your drug abuse..." he took his glasses off again and gave them another polish.

"Willow, Doctor Squire is sending you to rehab center," said Tara, giving the redhead's hand a squeeze for comfort.

"I... uh...umm...I ...okay," Willow said as she removed her hand from Tara's.

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