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Paid to Get Excited

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Author: tell me if you really want me to keep writing this story. I'm not sure if anybody's even reading it, so if you are speak up otherwise I'm gonna stop for now and continue with my other story.

And please say that we can still dance
and I'll be able to breathe again

Willow never took her eyes off the blonde as she sang the song to her. In reality she new this song was really for her Tara, the one that left her years ago. But for some reason she couldn't bring herself to not play it for this Tara, to get it out there and show to the blonde that she actually loved her at one time and that some part of her still does.

and please say that this will not be our last chance
and I will be able to breathe again
and I will be able to breathe again....

As the song came to an end Willow stood up quickly and darted towards the edge of the stage. The crowed moved back making a gap for the redhead to jump into. As she descended down to the floor, the guitarist made a quick pivot and grabbed the blonde by her waist pulling her gently to herself.

"Care to dance," Smiled Willow looking up at the blonde with smoldering Emerald eye's.

"Yes," Tara breathed out as Willow started shoving their way through the crowd.

"What the hell is it?" Tara demanded an answer when all the nurse did was click her tongue and write down a few notes. The nurse just shook her head and continued to examine Willows body.

"I believe the lil' lady asked you a question," Spike snapped as he grabbed the nurse by the shoulder and turned her around forcefully.

"Gahh," the brown haired nurse whimpered at the amount of pain coursing through her shoulder.

"O god I'm sorry," Spike started shaking his head back and forth, "I'm sorry, I... I didn't mean to be bad," Spike whispered as he crawled into the corner of the room and started rocking.

"Spike! What's your deal?" Tara shouted at him before turning back to the nurse who was still holding her shoulder. "What's wrong with her? Where did those cuts come from?"

"I...I don't know," said the nurse trying to not upset the blonde women "they could be cuts we just over looked. You know what with her having a seizure and all and umm.... there could also be the possibility that she's doing this to herself in her coma."

"What?" Tara just looked at her like she was retarded.

"We have seen it before. Coma patients trapped in nightmares that they create and they hurt themselves."

"Then why don't you do something then just standing around here clicking your tongue."

"Miss. Macley I assure you we have already and still are trying to do everything we can for Miss Rosenberg," said the nurse before briskly leaving the room.

"What a bitch," Tara grumbled "right Spike,"

", William bad," he continued to rock himself back and forth.

"Spike what are you talking about?" Tara asked as she walked over to him. "Spike?" she asked as she gently placed her hand on one of his knees.

"The names William....and he's a bad boy." Spike stared at her, his back and forth motion stopping.

"Where do you wanna dance? On the balcony or down here?" asked Willow as she stopped tugging Tara.

"Umm up stairs," grinned the blonde.

"Oh definitely," replied Willow as she quickly kissed Tara's lips. "Mhhh, lets go."

The two quickly made their way up the steel staircase to the top floor where there was only a hand full of people. There was a amplifier in each corner so the band could be heard perfectly from up there but it wasn't to loud.

"This way my lady," Willow joked as she led the blonde to a secluded spot in one of the corners.

The two began to gently sway to the music not touching one another until Tara decided to take charge and rapped her arms around the redheads neck. Wanting to feel closer to the blonde, Willow rapped her arms around the shapely women's hips.

The sensations coursing through her body was like something she had never felt before and it was all due to this wonderful blonde headed women. Pressing even closer to the blonde, Willow felt like every part of her body was on fire.

The two women began to grind slowly into one another working up a sweat as the song playing turned to a faster pace. As the song continued on the two started to forcefully grind into each others legs and hips. Lips met and separated. Trails of saliva crossed down each others necks. Ear lobs where nibbled on. Finally Willow had semi.

"Tara I need you," Willow panted as she removed herself off of the Blondes leg.

"O god Willow you don't know how much I need you," Tara also panted as she dragged Willow back to her.

"No, not here, somewhere private," Willow whispered into the Blondes ear.

"I know just the place," smiled the blonde "follow me."

"I'll follow you anywhere," said Willow as she stared at Tara's ass.

A dusty brown haired man laid spread out over a ripped teal couch. One arm laid dangling off the couch with a used needle hanging between two semi conscious fingers. The other arm was draped over the back of the couch, a rubber tub tied tight above the crook of the elbow. The rise and fall of the middle age mans chest was uneven, as if there was a tremor going on with his hearth.

A boy no more then ten years of age entered the room, his arms behind his back. With his head down turned the bruises on his face were almost invisible.

"Dad," he called out "dad," he tried again but to no avail.

Walking closer to the couch but not to close where the older man could get hold of him, the boy slightly tapped the unconscious mans leg. There was barely a flinch as the man continued to lay there. Again the bruised cover boy tapped his fathers leg this time a little higher up. He wanted to make sure his father wasn't faking being asleep like he's done many times before.

Satisfied that the man was unconscious, the dusty haired boy grabbed a chair and dragged it over to the head of the couch. Whistling a tune his mother sang to him when he was a baby, the boy waited until his father began to stir from his drug induce sleep.

As the hours passed the boy continued to sit still, never taking his eye's off his abusive father. As the fourth hour past the mans eye's began to flutter. Still being week from the heroin that was running through his veins it was hard for the large man to move.

Slowly rising from his seat, the young boy gently slapped his fathers cheek to fully awaken him.

"William you little piece of shit what are you doing?" yelled the man " get the fuck away from me!"

Denying his father's wishes, William continued to stare at his father for a good thirty seconds.

"I hope you rot in hell," spat out William in a cool collective tone as he pulled out a medal spike from the back of his waist band and slammed it down into his father's left eye.

Blood seeped out and over the medal object lodged in the mans eye socket. His hands came up to try and pull the spike out but he wasn't fast enough or coordinated due to the drugs.

If it wasn't for the heroin in his blood stream he wood have died instantly but that wasn't how William wanted it.

Wiping the blood on his hand off on his shirt, William left his house and walked down the road to Giles.

"Through here," Tara said pointing to the door that lead down to the cellar at The Bronze.

"Okay," smiled Willow as she grabbed Tara by the back of the head and brought her in for a kiss.

"Mhhh... we better stop or were gonna be going at it with a pretty big audience," said Tara as she looked around at all the dancing couples before gazing into Willow's eyes. Giving Willow one last quick kiss she opened the cellar door and walked in.

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