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Paid to Get Excited

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Blood dripped in a steady pattern onto the dirt leaving thick crimson red circles in the redheads wake. The trail of blood splatter could have been followed for miles in the grassless plains or the dessert as the guitarist referred to it. The sun illuminated brightly on Willow's head causing sweat to perspire off her face and down her bare arms, mixing with her scabs.

Hours in the blistering hot sun was leading to a zig zag motion back and forth which was causing twice the amount of effort to keep walking forward. Another few minutes and the redhead was willing to give up. Looking down at the blood crusted key in her hand she started to giggle.

"You're probably not even real," she said to the key as she held it out in front of her, " I probably went crazy hours ago. This is just an a hallucinogen I created."

Starting to giggle all over again she brought her arm back and hurled the key in front of her, watching it land with a thunk. "Bye bye key," she waved as she lowered herself to the grown and sat Indian style. Bringing her hands up to her face to clean the corners of her eye's, she noticed something shinny inside one of the cuts on her right hand.

"What the...?" said the guitarist as she dug two fingers into her infected wound. "Ahhh," she screamed in agony as the key she threw away only moments before reemerged out of her skin.

Eye's bugging out of her head and panting frantically, the redhead jumped up from where she was sitting and ran to where she believed she threw the key. She slid to the ground causing sand and dirt to fly every where. Digging frantically in the sand for the original blood crusted key she came up empty handed.

Once again throwing the key as hard and far as she could away from herself, the redhead almost had a hearth attack when the key showed up at her feet.

"Holy shit, what the fuck's going on?" she yelled out loud wishing some one would hear her. Picking the key up in shaking hands she started to run forward, "gotta find the door, gotta find the door," she mumbled to herself.

Tara had been sleeping for a little over two hours when the hearth monitor woke her up. The increase beeping was getting louder and louder, loud enough to rise Spike from his slumber.

"What the hell's going on," he barked as he kicked off his blankets.

"I don't know," she said as she made her way to Willow's side. "Her heart monitor was going crazy,"

"Should I go get a nurse," asked Spike concurred for his sister.

"No, its alright," she said. "It went back to normal."

"Hey Tara?" Spike sounded strange while calling her name.

"What's the matter?"

"Do you ever remember seeing these?" he asked holding up her right hand that was covered in open wounds and slightly bleeding.

"You can go get that nurse now," said Tara never taking her eyes off the cuts.

Willow ran for what felt like an hour. Never stopping until a dark blurry image about one fourth of a mile away came into view.

"What the hell is that," she panted as she came to a stop. Both hands came to rest on her knees as she bent over at the waist to gasp for air. With only one way to find out, the redhead continued her run to the mysteries image.

"I don't fucking believe it," she laughed as she saw the image, "I don't .... FUCKING...BELIEVE IT!!!" she yelled in anger once the image of the outhouse finally sunk in. "I hope there's a gun in there so I can shoot myself!" she yelled as she kicked the wood siding of the old fashion porter potty.

Taking the key out of her pant pocket, she put it into the slot and removed the lock. Fuming with anger, she threw the lock at the door before turning the knob to open it. Taking a deep breath, Willow took a step inside the outhouse before suddenly everything became grey.

"Tara, baby where are you?" asked Willow standing center stage holding her vintage guitar. A blonde girl came running up to the front of the stage and jumped up and down overly hyper. Crouching down to be level with her girlfriend, Willow leaned forward and gave the blonde a fiery kiss, pushing her tongue into Tara's mouth as she did so. After the kiss was broken Willow stood back up and spoke into her microphone. "Tara, sweetie this ones especially for you."

Willow signaled Faith to start playing. The drums started off banging on every half beat for a few frets before Spike came in playing the main guitar as Willow just stood there waiting to sing.

Grabbing the mic in both hands and bringing it to her mouth, she closed her eyes and began to sing.

I can't believe I hung around with you all this time
You drove me crazy with your OCD girl you're out of your mind

The hand with the guitar chip was brought to her head and grasped her hair tightly.

"Ahh," Willow quitly moaned as she looked around her surroundings. 'The Bronze? I'm at The Bronze!' Tara! O god no this song, she can't be this places Stacey!' she thought to herself as Spike and Faith gave her weird looks.

Letting go of her hair, she dropped her hands to her side and just stared at the blonde in dront of her. "Stop," she uttered.

"Willow what the fuck are you doing," Spike yelled at her as he continued to play the three same chords over and over again waiting for Willow to pick up where she left off.

"Stop," Willow said again. Looking down at her clothing, yes this was definitely the same night she broke up with Stacey.

Telling Faith to stop playing, Spike walked over to Willow and hissed angerly in her ear, "Willow what the fuck are you doing? I thought you wanted to dump her sorry ass!"

"No," she shook her head trying to hold back tears, "I love her," she said looking from Tara to Spike then back to Tara again. "I wanna do a different song."

"I don't get you some times Red," said Spike taking his spot back on stage.

"No actually Spike I need a piano," Willow looked at him with big round eyes.

"O bloody hell," Spike muttered as he walked off stage with Faith.

"We'll be right with ya folks," smiled Willow. Bending down to be eye level with Tara again she smiled even brighter at the blonde, "hi!"

"Hey, what's going on?" Tara questioned.

"I decided to do a different song for you, its better." Willow said "pretty and everything," she tried to reassure the blonde. Looking over her shoulder she noticed her band mates wheel out a wooden piano to the front of the stage. Straightening back up to make her way to Spike, Willow was rather surprise when she was grabbed by the bottom of her shirt and dragged back down.

"You didn't give me a kiss goodbye," said Tara in a smoldering voice as she firmly plantered her fuller lips on the thinner ones of the redheads.

'Holy shit I'm kissing Tara!' she shouted in her mined. 'Dame her lips feel good. Ooh probably should kiss back' returning the kiss Willow open her mouth to welcome the blondes tongue. After the kiss ended Willow stood back up a tad bit confused with a stupid grin on her face.

Walking to the piano, the redhead sat down on the bench and ajusted the microphone to where she wanted it. Giving the blonde a wink she started to play.

WILLOW: piano
I'm losing my heart to you
and I've grown attached to you
there's something I've got to say
and I know you're going away
but if you ask me to I'll spend tonight with you

I'm losing my heart to you
and I've grown attached to you
there's something I've got to say
and I no you're going away
but if you ask me to I'll fall in love with you

WILLOW & SPIKE: piano/guitar
and please say that we can still dance
and I'll be able to breathe again
and please say that this will not be our last chance
and I will be able to breathe again

now crying myself to sleep hurts nothing like seeing you leave
its time that I told the truthI cannot go on without you

and please say that we can still dance
and I'll be able to breathe again
and please say that this will not be our last chance
and I will be able to breathe again
and I will be able to breathe again

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