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Paid to Get Excited

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

"Barry, there's a raccoon behind the dumpster again," said a female waitress to the bartender. "Can you take care of it please." she leaned on the bar counter and gave him a wink before walking around the bar to stand beside him.

"I'll see what I can do Sally," he said grabbing a flashlight and a bat from under the bar counter, before making his way to the back alley.

He flashed his light in random directions seeing if he could catch any sign or motion of the raccoon . Not hearing anything, he was about to head back inside but decide to go a little further down the alley to make sure the vermin was finally gone.

As Barry rounded the corner of the dumpster a body laid spread out on the ground unmoving. At first, due to the harsh lighting of the alleyway he thought it might have been one of the many bums who regularly pass out behind the club, but as he got closer to the body he noticed slight tremors shaking the small frame.

"Holy shit," he barley gasped out, before dropping his flash light and bat to pick up the women he was just recently serving drinks to at the bar.

After siting at the bar for fifteen minutes in total confusion, trying to contemplate what just happened, Tara got up off her seat and made her way to the stage where Spike was pacing back and forth with an unlit cigaret in his mouth.

"Hey... Ummm, Spike, have you seen Willow?" Tara asked the bleached blonde a little nervously not having talked to him properly in a while.

"Please, that FLAKY BITCH! I'll tell you what Tara. If you see her, tell her, her band mates are bloody pissed with her sodden ass." he snarled, his British accent coming out more so then ever before.

"Um... I'm s-sorry, I didn't mean..." before she could finish her sentence the door leading to the back alley bursted open with a man running through shouting.

The door bursted open with a hard kick. Splinters and fragments of wood went flying as people near the door started screaming. "Help, 911. Some one call 911." He bellowed as he cared the jerking body in his arms. He ran to the bar an swiftly knocked over what ever bottles or glasses where on top of the table top so he could place the body down.

As Barry continued shouting out orders the music playing from the speakers from the radio turned off and the house lights turned on. Those who were dancing stopped and made their way to the bar to see what was happening."Sally, 911 NOW!" he ordered to the waitress who stood in shock behind the bar.

The raven haired women quickly picked up the phone and dialed the number.

"911, please state your emergency," came an older collective voice from across the other line.

"Oh god, there's this women, she's shaking. Her eyes are rolled back but there open. Oh god," Sally hyperventilated.

"Okay, sweetie, sweetie. It sounds like she's having a seizure," said the women.

"A...a...seiz,..oh..oh," she panted.

"Oh right you got to breath other wise your no help to me, that women, or yourself," the other women said in a stern voice. "Now where are you?"

"Oh, um...the Saint's. It's a club on 900 King Street. Please hurry," Sally begged.

"Alright I just sent a dispatch group out, now I want you to stay on the line with me just in case anything else should happen."

"Like what?" asked Sally almost to afraid to voice her question.

"Just incase she goes into cardiac arrest before the paramedics arrive."

"O god....o god.....o god. I can't do this."

"Now do you notice anything else wrong with her?" asked the emergency telephone operator.

"O god ya," she gave out a small chuckle. "There's blood every where."

"Is it coming out of her nose, ears, eyes?" inquired the women becoming a little concerned.

"Nose maybe, other then that its just coming from cuts on her checks and chin."

"Um... I'm s-sorry, I didn't mean..."

The door bursted open with a hard kick. Splinters and fragments of wood went flying as people near the door started screaming.

"What the bloody hell is wrong with him. He isn't the bloody karat kid." Spike snipped. Still angry about Willow's disappearance.

"Help, 911. Some one call 911. Shouted out a short stocky man, with a shaved head.

"What's this poof going on about?" he asked Tara while taking out his lighter to light his dangling cigaret.

"...Willow..." she whispered, before merging in with the rest of the crowd around the bar.

"How much longer till the ambulance shows up?" asked Sally a bit worried since the redheads shaking started to increase a little.

"About another five minutes." said the women. "How's she doing."

"She's starting to shake more," said Sally wiggling back and forth. "Is that bad?"

Instead of answering the girl's question, the emergency operator asked another question instead.

"Did you happen to find a wallet on her, or did you notice any body with her tonight. I need to get some information on her," asked the women with a slight crackle through the phone.

"Um, yea I found her wallet her name is W-I-L-L-O-W R-O-S-E-N-B-E-R-G, she came with some band mates....but I don't see them now," Sally said looking around. "O I found some one she was talking to before maybe they now each other. Hold on," Sally said placing the phone down on the counter top so she can push her way through the mob of people to get to the blonde women.

"Hey, I'm Sally. There's a bit of a problem do you know a Willow Rosen.."

"Rosenberg," Tara cut off, grabbing the other girls shoulder. "Where is she?"

"Um..she's kinda...." Sally winched at the pain shooting up her arm from the grip on her shoulder.

"Take me to her," Tara demanded leaving no room for arguing.

"Okay," Sally said with a weak smile while trying to get out of the blondes death grip. She turned and lead the blond back behind the bar.

Once at the bar Tara took a staggering step backwards when her eyes landed on Willow. Her face was completely covered in a rich red covered blood. Her eyes were open and rolled backwards to the left. Blood rolled over her right eye and down to her open mouth which mixed with the blood from her nose. Several deep cuts graced her once angelic face now leaving open gashes that will have to be stitched closed. Her hands were clenched in tight fist of agony at her side while her back was arched upwards in sheer pain.

"O my god, Willow," Tara cried at seeing the mangled redhead. Tears slid down her cheek and landed on the redheads hand as the blonde gently clutched it. She looked up to say thank you to Barry who was holding Willow down so she wouldn't throw herself off the bar top with her jerking, but before she could he responded with, "you're welcome"

"Hey... um.... lady, I found somebody" Sally whispered, wishing she wasn't the one who had to do this.

"Good.'s Gertrude." said the women giving Sally something to call her besides women or lady even though it wasn't professional. "The ambulance should be arriving shortly."

"Thank you Gertrude."

"Move. Get the fuck out of my way," shouted Faith trying to run through the crowd.

"Move ye little bugger," Spike growled grabbing a guy by the back of his jacket and flinging him backwards into the crown of people behind them.

"Hey," said the guy grabbing Spike's shoulder and spinning him around. "What the fuck man. You got a problem."

Spike just laughed which distracted the man giving Spike the advantage he wanted. He let loose a right hook knocking the man to the ground. When he turned around there where two big burly football jocks with there arms crossed ready to defend their friend. "Get the fuck out of me way."

"I'd listen to the English guy. He's getting kinda pissed." Faith said pushing a women and man out of her way ,to make her way back to Spike, noticing that he got caught up in the crowd.

"Lady thiss don't conccern you," said one with a lisp.

She laughed at the fact that the man was 6'2, 190 pounds of pure muscle and yet he had a lisp.

"Whatsss sso funny?" he demanded.

"Your lisp," she giggled.

"That'sss it," he yelled diving at her.

Faith easily side stepped the large oaf and elbowed him in the back of the head causing him to slam to the ground with a groan, rendering him unconscious.

"Hey that's my brother!" shouted the second jock as he showed of his teeth in what was to be a intimidating manner, but since his top two front teeth were missing it only caused Spike and Faith to laugh harder then what they were already.

"O' I'm gonna take pleasure in gutting you boy," said the 6'3, 220 plus pound football player.

As he started to charge, Spike stood exactly where he was. When the monstrosity of a athlete came with in arm length of him, Spike dropped his left shoulder sideways and extended his right hand with the knuckles out. His knuckles contacted with meaty flesh of his opponents trachea rendering him breathless and dropping him to his knees in seconds.

As soon as Spike's knuckles had made contact with his throat the other man grabbed his neck for dear life, struggling for a breath. With the jock kneeling on the floor grabbing his neck in absolute horror, Spike grabbed the back of his shaved head and slammed his knee up into the football players face breaking his nose. Dropping the six foot three man onto the floor in a puddle of his own blood.

"Bloody fuckers don't listen."

"Anybody else wanna get their nose bashed in for not moving out of the way?" asked Faith heading towards the bar.

A murmur of no's could be heard from those who witnessed the fight and quickly moved out of the duos way.

"O fuck what happened, T?"asked Faith pushing Barry aside to take his place.

"I don't know. The ambulance is coming any minute though," she reassured the brunette.

"Mother fucker," Spike yelled slamming his hand down on the top of the bar repeatedly.

"Spike?" asked Faith and Tara simultaneously.

"She said she would be careful. She said nothing would happen to her," he said visibly shaking, as a tear slipping down his face.

"You now what happened?" asked Tara a bit confused.

"She....she's a..."

"excuse me, excuse me" came voices from behind Spike and Faith. Two men in their late forties cared a stretcher and a metical kit with them.

"Excuse me your gonna need to back up," said one of the paramedics to Spike. He was starting to go bold in the back if his head but he had kind light blue eyes. "We have to give her a shot so do any of you now if she is allergic to anything." asked the other paramedic who had a bunch of white hairs spread out around his head sporadically.

Faith and Spike just looked at each other not sure if there half sister was allergic to anything.

"Capers," Tara offered up. Remembering from a couple years ago when Willow told her about that little bit of information.

"Alright good she wont have a reaction to this medicine, said the second paramedic as he stuck a needle into the bend of her elbow. "Alright we got to get the IV drip into her so if one of you wants to ride in the ambulance you better come now said the first paramedic as they lifted Willow's body onto the stretcher.

"I'm going," said Tara following the two men.

"What," said Spike stepping in front of her. "Why do you think you should go."

"Because I am. And I think you should find Mr. Giles and tell him what happened," said Tara brushing pasted Spike.

"Hey Mike did you mess up on the IV drip?" asked the second paramedic when they were strapping the redhead in.

"No I haven't even got it started Rick. Why?" he asked his partner turning around with the IV bag and tub in hand.

"Because there's already a needle hole in her arm," he said looking from the arm then into Mike's eye.

"Shit," said Mike letting his arms go limp to his sides. "We gotta get her to the Hospital quick. I'll drive," he said hoping out the back of the ambulance.

Just as Mike was about to close the back doors, Tara came running up to the truck. "Wait," she shouted.

"Hurry up, get in," MIke shouted helping her in, before closing the door and making it to the drivers side to start the ambulance and start to the Hospital.

I have a female, Caucasian, twenty-one. Multiple laceration wounds to the face. I'm bringing her in," said Mike pulling out of the night club.

"Ma'am I'm gonna need you to remove her shirt and bra," said Rick as he pulled out stick pads to place on the redheads chest to monitor her heart.

"Is she gonna be okay," asked Tara doing what the man asked.

"Ma'am I'm not at liberty to say that," he said giving her a sad smile.

"Please," she begged. "Just to give me hope."

"She'll be alright. I'll do everything I can... for...her," he said. His words slowing and his eyebrows narrowing as he placed the pads underneath her choler bones.

"What's the matter?"

"Her ribs are broken," he said tracing the popped out discolored skin.

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