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Over It

Author: Juliejames
Disclaimer: Tara and Willow and the other characters from BtVS are not mine, they belong to Joss W. and ME, I'm just borrowing them. I'm not getting anything for this story other then the fact that I'm writing it and it takes my boredness away.
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Rating: There's some angst, but right now I guess its about a PG-13 it might get a bit heavier later on but I'll let you know.

"I can't believe she's finally here," Willow chuckled softly as she sat at the edge of her and Tara's bed to take off her shoes. It had been a long day, long long day, Faith went into labor early yesterday morning and finally gave birth nearly 23 hours later. They had spent the day at the hospital with Faith, Buffy, and Keagan, a beautiful teenie tiny girl 6lbs exactly and 17 inches long, dark brown hair and strangely bright green eyes so bright they shone already. Her name was Keagan Anne Summers-Lehane, a beautiful baby. And Tara and Willow were both so happy to be new aunts.

"I know, she's so beautiful," Tara smiled as she sat beside the redhead.

"She is, I'm so proud!" Willow grinned up to Tara, as she undid the other shoe kicking it off and into the corner. Tara was already undressed and ready for bed.

"Let me finish up here and I'll be out in a few moments to climb into that nice snuggly bed with you." Willow wiggled her eyebrows and ran towards the bathroom, trying to hurry to get some good snuggles in before Tara fell asleep.

After a few moments Willow bounded into the bedroom, bouncing and landed softly beside her lover, who had perfect timing and pulled the covers back just as Willow launched herself in the air, pulling them up less then a few seconds after Willow had gracefully landed beside her.

"Now I will even admit that was smooth," Tara laughed as she curled up beside her lover with a smile.

"It was wasn't it?" Willow chuckled and wiggled around to get more comfy.

"It was, considering you're not generally that smooth," Tara teased with a pinch to Willow's ass.

"EEPS!" Willow screeched and jumped slightly. "Hey now, don't be mean to me!" And she pouted her bottom lip sticking out as far as it could possibly go, which only cause Tara to smile and lean in to suck the offending lip into her mouth, nibbling slightly making Willow moan softly into her mouth.

"Not fair," the redhead grinned when Tara pulled away.

"Is too," Tara smiled back and pulled her lover closer so Willow's head was rested on her chest.

"Comfy," Willow yawned, she wanted more then anything to make love to her beautiful girlfriend tonight but she was so tired she wasn't sure if she would be able to stay away through it, and that would just be bad.

The redheads eyes found Tara's and Tara smiled. "It's okay love, tomorrow we can make love all morning, tonight we will sleep," she replied even before Willow could say anything.

"Otay," Willow grinned then stifled another yawn, which caused Tara to laugh once again.

After a few moments Tara had thought Willow had fallen asleep and she softly spoke: "We're gonna have a baby together one day," she spoke ever so softly, and unless you were really listening you wouldn't have been able to hear her.

"Yes we are," Willow replied and Tara jumped slightly, a blush settling into her cheeks.

"I thought you were sleeping," Tara whispered and kissed the redhead on the forehead.

"Not yet, was just enjoying the moment," Willow smiled and sat up slightly.

"Sorry about that, if I woke you babes," Tara smiled a half smile and it melted Willow's heart.

"I meant it Tara, soon we'll have a baby, soon - I'm serious, if you are," Willow stated firmly looking into her lovers eyes.

"I want," Tara nodded sitting up as well, her face nothing but a serious look.

"Well then, tomorrow or the next day we'll sit down and talk about this," Willow grinned, she was more then willing to have a baby with Tara.

"Umm Will?" Tara asked softly, when the redhead looked up and smiled with a nod Tara finished: "Shouldn't we get married first?" she asked with a grin.

"Might be an idea," Willow smiled, then kissed the blonde.

"Willow Rosenberg, will you marry me?" Tara asked with a smile. "I don't have a ring right now but I can get one," she finished, knowing full well that Willow would say yes.

"Yes of course I will Tara," Willow grinned and rolled over to kiss her lover, soon to be wife, firmly on the mouth. Suddenly she wasn't so tired anymore, and with a quick motion she flipped Tara on her back and made love to her till the sun rose the next morning.

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