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Over It

Author: Juliejames
Disclaimer: Tara and Willow and the other characters from BtVS are not mine, they belong to Joss W. and ME, I'm just borrowing them. I'm not getting anything for this story other then the fact that I'm writing it and it takes my boredness away.
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Rating: There's some angst, but right now I guess its about a PG-13 it might get a bit heavier later on but I'll let you know.

(1 year later)

"Tara we're here!" Faith announced as her and Buffy walked through the front door of the blonde's and Willow's house; Willow was still at work.

"In here Faith!" Tara yelled back with a smile, she was cutting roses in the back room of their house.

"Comin', comin'," Buffy grinned as they dropped their things and headed back into the room Tara was in. She looked up from what she was doing and waved as the girls walked in, Faith had already stopped at the fridge to grab a beer for Buffy and water for herself.

"Hey ladies!" Tara smiled and wiped her hands on her apron, walking over and giving both girls a warm hug.

"So, ya ready?" Faith wiggled her eyebrows up and down, smirking.

"The question should be, are you ready?" Tara smirked. Faith and Buffy had a huge announcement to make, everyone was coming - Joyce and Giles, Anya and Xander and Dawn and Julie, even Spike and Angel were on their way, some good old friends of theirs.

"ZOEY!?" Buffy called from where they were standing wondering where the dog was, she always brought a treat and Zoey always was right there to steal it from the blonde.

"She's at a sitters," Tara smiled sadly. She hated sending the pup away for the night but there were going to be a whole bunch of people in the house tonight and she didn't want to risk Zoey getting out, or someone getting her drunk or something.

"Oh," Buffy sighed, she was saddened by this fact but she totally understood.

Tara looked confused for a few moments, wondering why Buffy was drinking and Faith wasn't. "So are you going to tell me what this big announcement is?" she asked, looking to Buffy, who looked to her feet, then to Faith who just grinned as always. They wanted to tell everyone at the same time, but asked for Tara's help in planning the BBQ, but wouldn't tell her what they had to say.

"Nope," Faith shook her head with a smile.

"Honey, I'm home!" Willow called as she walked through the front door, smiling when she saw Faith and Buffy's shoes and things. "I see you brought home stragglers once again," she laughed as she walked into the back room where Tara had gone back to snipping roses.

"Yes, yes I did," Tara laughed and put the roses down walking over and giving Willow a firm, heated kiss. "I missed you," she whispered as she pulled away.

"I missed you too," Willow smiled and dropped her bag finally. "So we ready for tonight?" she asked, looking to Faith and Buffy. "You gonna tell me what's up?" she asked with a grin. "And are you going to tell me why you aren't drinking beer?" she asked Faith, her face covered in confusion.

"Nope, and because I don't want a drink yet?" Faith said it with a smirk, her tone questioning.

"Humm," Willow hummed, with a raised eyebrow, wondering what was up.

"You'll find out soon enough," Buffy smiled, and took a swig of her beer.

"Oh come on, we're helping you out here and everything, you think you could let us know before everyone else gets here" Tara whined, slightly pouting.

Faith rolled her eyes and looked to Buffy. "That cute-ass puppy dog look is killer there blondie," Faith sighed and kept looking at her partner.

Buffy nodded and Faith smiled, knowing she could let them know what was up before anyone got there. "I'm havin' a baby!" Faith said with a grin, Willow and Tara both didn't hear her right.

Or so they thought. "You're what now?" Tara asked, her eyebrows almost reaching her hairline.

"And what a hunn a huh?" Willow looked from Buffy to Faith so quickly all three of them laughed outright.

"I'm having a baby," Faith smiled and took Buffy's hand in hers.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD?!" Willow screeched, jumping up and down and then lowered herself to her knees to press her ear to her best friend's tummy, thinking some how she would be able to hear the baby say "Ya, I'm in here auntie!" Faith rolled her eyes but couldn't wipe the smile from her face.

"Oh wow," Tara breathed, and reached over to hug Buffy. "Congrats daddy," she smirked slightly, she always thought if one of them would have the baby it would be Buffy.

"Thanks," Buffy laughed and took another drink of her beer.

Then Tara hugged Faith whispering in her ear "Congrats Faith, this is awesome for you, you'll make a wonderful mom," then she gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Faith grinned and had tears in her eyes. "Thanks Tare." She hugged her back tightly for a second before letting go and taking Willow into her arms "CONGRATS!" Willow grinned and hugged her friend to her, almost like she didn't want to let her go. "I'm gonna be an auntie!" she bounced once she let go of the dark haired girl.

All three of them laughed and finally, after a few moments of questioning, they started to get everything ready for the day ahead.

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