Another Ordinary High School Day

Author: Amazonaa
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: None of them are mine except for maybe a couple.
Summary: Just an ordinary day for a high school vampire with a soul.

The sun shone threw the window as Tara Maclay layed in bed. She turned over her face glowing in the sunlight, until....her skin started to sizzle and smoke.

Tara twitched and opened her eyes. Her eyes went wide with relization as she screamed and turned over rolling off the bed onto the floor tangled in the blankets.

She sat up and leaned aginst the door.Looking at her arm and touching her face. Burn marks starting to show.

"Well thats just great!" She said while slamming her fists through the wall beside her. "Even better." Tara pulled her hand out of the wall.

She jumped as someone knocked on her door.

"Tara honey? You okay? I heard a bang." The voice said through the door. "Ya mom. Just... fell outta bed." Tara answered. "Well hurry up. Breakfast is ready."

Tara got up tripping on the blankets, then throwing them onto the bed. She turned on her stereo, Halo Friendlies' song Me Vs. The World blaring out of the speakers.

She went to her closet picking out a pair of black jeans with a red belt and a black ACDC spaghetti strapped shirt.

She brushed her hair and put on three bracelets, one black, one blue, and one silver. She also put on a ring then went to the window.

Lifting the blinds up.

This time there was no burning skin or smoke. She fell back onto her bed rolling across it. She turned off her stereo and light and headed downstairs.

She came into the kitchen as her mom set down a plate of waffles and a drink. Half OJ, half blood.

"What happened to your face?" Rachel Maclay asked her daughter. "Nothing." Tara said as her mom grabbed her face and moved her hair. "You burned yourself again. Tara. You have to be more careful until we can get you some more black curtains."

"I know mom. I didn't mean to." Tara said grabbing her back pack and downing the juice mixture.

"I know. Now go before your late."

Tara kissed her mom goodbye. 'Just another day.' Tara thought as she headed to the Sunnydale High School.

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