Oahu Boarding School - Scooby Style

Author: hot_monkey_love_66
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Spoilers: None except the characters, but that's not a spoiler... so none...
Angst: None except regular teen angst, poor kids.
Summary: Buffy and Willow have been best friends since forever growing up in Hawaii, and their junior years in high school, their parents think they get in too much trouble in private school. Enter - Oahu Boarding School - Scooby Style.
Disclaimer: The characters have been created by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and its affiliates. I do not own them in any way, although I'd like to... This story does belong to me, but if you'd like to put it in a different archive, ask, and ye shall receive... This story is solely for entertainment purposes, and I expect no money or anything else from them... I think that covers it. And it happens to be about a f/f relationship, if you don't like that, well... leave quickly now!
Feedback: monkeyluv662003@yahoo.com. I would love feedback, seeing as this is my second fic, yes. I know! Aah! I'm still working on my first The Best Part of Ballet So, if you would, feedback on how to further the story/make it better/or stop now and run away, that'd be great! Thanks!
Author's Notes: Willow's appearance starts out as it does in the beginning of season 4, she's already gay and everyone knows it. Buffy is happy, no "oh, I had to kill my Boyfriend! Or I have a cardboard boyfriend! Waah!" She's happy and has no boyfriend. Faith is season 3 Faith, but w/o the evil factor. Tara is basically season 6 Tara, confident, nice clothes, happy. In my story, Tara had a good childhood and nice family so she might act differently than she did on the show.

"Welcome to Oahu boarding school for girls! This is probably your either your third year or your 11th year here depending if you started in first or ninth grade. for most of you, it is your third year but we do have 50 new students this year so welcome! Welcome! We're looking forward to a great year for everyone so with both our cooperation and yours, we can make this year better than yesteryear!" As the dean of admissions finished her speech, Faith stretched her back showing off all her chest she had to offer to all the people openly staring at her chest through her blue polo of her uniform shirt. "Back to school. eleven years and counting eh Blondie?" Faith asked her best friend since she was five. "I guess," came the reply. "What's got you so down?" Faith asked her. "I'm just pissed cause we didn't get to room together this year, we both got put with new girls. I don't know, I shouldn't be mad, it was inevitable and we were lucky to have gotten to dorm it up together for eleven years, but what if she doesn't like me taking midnight walks? Or if she tells on me if we decide to sneak out, Cuz you know we will!" The girl said. "Yeah, I know Tare, but we did have special help from your dad all the other years to keep us together, and this year they were already done with the dorm assignments before the summer started. Maybe they'll be cool with us sneaking out, hey, maybe they'll be hot and they can come with us?" Faith said with a wink. "I guess Faith, but I don't know." Tara, her best and only really good friend since forever replied. "C'mon blondie, you haven't dated anyone since ninth grade and you broke up after only three months, maybe it'll be fun, and they will be hot!" Faith added. "Yeah, I guess, I got Willow Rosenberg." Tara said, "Cool name, huh." "Yeah I guess, I got some girl with a weird name, Bunny or something, I don't know, I left the paper in the room." Faith told Tara. "The 2003 school year starts in one hour with... AP English Honors 3 with Martinez in F103." Tara read off her schedule for the first term of her junior year at Oahu Boarding School for Girls.

"C'mon Buffy! We need to find our rooms, class starts in 30 minutes!" a frantic redhead told a struggling Blonde. "Geez, alright Will, hold your horses," the blonde replied. "Don't even go there Buffy!" Willow had been known of her horse fear ever since she had a bad birthday party. She had been terrified to learn that Oahu Boarding School for Girls had a special riding field and stables for arm-biting horses. "Alright, sorry Will. But, why do you have to be so early anyways?" Buffy asked as they arrived outside Willows new room. Willow opened the door to find that her roommate was not there; she had left her things and gone, not unpacked yet. "Just come with me Buff, take me to class so I can get there early and see what's up for AP English 3 Honors with Mrs. Martinez this term," she told her best friend as she placed a picture of Xander, she, and Buffy on her nightstand indicating that she liked that bed best, before heading out the door with Buffy. "Sure Will, no problem," Buffy replied with a sigh, walking arm in arm with her best friend to brave the Halls of Oahu Boarding School for girls on their first day of boarding school.

Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg had grown up on Hawaii, best friends since they were three along with Alexander "Xander" Harris. He now went to Oahu Boarding School for Boys. The three "musketeers" as they called themselves, were always the best of friends and most everyone liked them at their public school, but the principal told their parents that trouble and his pals found them way too often. The three friends now went to boarding school and the only one who was happy about that was Willow, because of the education choices.

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