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What's Your Tale, Nightingale?

Author: Alcy
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The characters of Willow and Tara, Buffy and Giles all belong to TPTB, I'm just playing for a while.

Willow Rosenberg purred contently as she felt the thrill of feeling nothing but a sheet covering her naked body... and even then the sheet was only draped over her lower legs. She turned her head slightly to see Tara's face only inches away from hers, a small smile on her face as she lay on her stomach. Willow's eyes roamed over her naked back appreciatively.

Winter sunlight drifted through a gap in the curtains and fell across her stomach. Willow gasped in delight when Tara's hand chased the sunbeam, tickling her teasingly. Willow giggled and tried to squirm away, but she didn't try very hard at all. Tara's musical laugh joined her own as she tried to pull the sheet up over herself. It was quickly tugged it off and thrown aside by a mischievous blonde. Tara leaned over Willow and placed one hand on either side of her, soft strands of blonde hair tumbling down to tickle the rd head's chest. Willow smiled up at Tara, reaching up to cup the back of her head tenderly.

Tara felt so comfortable in Willow's gaze, the green eyes alone speaking volumes of love before she even opened her mouth.

"I love you Tara Maclay," Willow said softly.

"I am the luckiest woman in the world to get to hear those words from you... I love you my Willow," Tara smiled her gorgeous lopsided smile, before she added in a soft, slightly nervous whisper, "R-ready for round two?"

"I thought you'd never ask. C'mere gorgeous," Willow drew Tara down to her, their lips met gently.

Tara lowered herself on top of Willow, their naked bodies pressing together... her hand moved up to cup one of Willow's breasts, teasing the nipple with her thumb. Willow was moaning softly through the kiss.

"Y'know," Tara whispered in the scant moments when their lips weren't pressed together, "It's... supposed... to be even... better the... second time."

Tara drew back and nuzzled Willow's nose. Willow nipped Tara's playfully, "What about the third... and the fourth?"

Tara shrugged, bending down to nibble Willow's earlobe, "I should imagine it keeps getting better and better."

Willow laughed as Tara's tongue flicked over her ear, "I'd like to test that theory!"

"You get one taste and already you're an hungry as a ravenous wolf!" Tara quipped with a raised eyebrow.

Willow blinked, blushing furiously, "Tara, I-I hope you don't think that from now on all I want from you is sex..."

"You mean you don't want sex all the time?" Tara asked incredulously.

"No... I-I..."

Tara rolled off Willow and scooted to the edge of the bed to see if she could locate her clothes. Willow sat up with an intense frown on her face,


Tara swung her legs back up onto the bed and rolled over. She reached up smoothed back her hair tenderly and kissed the worry lines furrowing Willow's pale brow, "Sorry... a very poorly judged attempt at teasing you. Willow... that's the last thing I would think... making love with you... being with you like this, is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced and I don't think I'll ever be able to get enough of it but amazing as it is, we both know that there's more to our relationship."

Willow nuzzled Tara's neck, "Much more!" she announced confidently, "Though it is very nice..."

"Nice?" Tara arched an indignant eyebrow.

Willow giggled even as Tara began to tickle her mercilessly. She fell onto her back and squirmed in mock terror. Tara returned to her previous position atop Willow, holding most of her weight on her arms as she looked down at the still-giggling red head.

"So what's this about sex getting better and better the more you do it?" Willow asked innocently.

"I-I don't know from experience or anything... but I'd like to..."

"Me too," Willow replied quietly.

"Then lets hurry up and see if we can make it to at least the third before lunch," Tara stroked Willow's cheek tenderly before running her head down over her throat, her collarbone and to her small breast.

Willow choked back a gasp as Tara resumed paying attention to her hard, pink nipple.

"Lunch? Why do we have to stop for lunch? Who can be hungry at a time like this?" Willow watched intently as Tara's thumb moved over her nipple.

"I'm famished!" Tara stopped her ministrations and Willow pouted, "Besides, we're meeting the girls for lunch at Patsy's remember?"

"Oh gosh darn it! Can we be late?" Willow asked plaintively.

"Well..." Tara paused for effect and looked down at Willow's breasts, "I suppose a Willow-snack will keep me happy."

Willow and Tara were indeed almost a half an hour late to Patsy's. Faith, Abby and Anya had already well and truly staked a claim on their favourite booth in the corner. The three of them had obviously been a little antsy waiting for the girls to arrive as Anya jumped up excitedly when she saw them.

"It's about time! Faith has been wanting to order without you for the last fifteen minutes but I kept saying you'd be here... just as well you came otherwise I would've had to eat my words!" the blonde ushered them into the booth.

Willow and Tara slid around the circular booth and Anya shoved a menu under their noses. Tara nestled against Willow, pressing their thighs together beneath the table.

"So how was Christmas Day?" Abby asked, at the same time looking up to see where the waitress was.

Willow fought to keep the heat she felt coursing through her body from rising up into her cheeks, The best day of my life after the day I met Tara, wonderful... special "It was fine," Willow replied, pretending to be seriously interested in the menu.

"It was really... n-nice," Tara added, browsing her own menu even as her cheeks went red.

Faith lowered her own menu, her eyes narrowing with suspicion at the two girls.

"Fine? Nice?" Anya said in exasperation, slamming the palm of her hand down on the table, "Didn't you two give each other decent presents?"

"Oh yes," Willow smiled awkwardly, "Tara gave me a signed first edition of Gone with the Wind."

Faith and Anya rolled their eyes.

"Willow gave me the cutest beret, among other things..." Tara stopped and bit her lip, casting Willow a sideways glance as she knew they were both thinking exactly the same thing.

Willow grinned and ducked her head as her cheeks flamed.

"Oh my god!" Faith's eyes widened as she jumped up and clapped her hands excitedly.

She would have leapt up on the seat if Abby had not reached out and grabbed the sleeve of her cardigan, dragging her back down.

"You're making a scene Faith," Abby asked, looking around the diner to see more than a few heads turned their way, "What's your problem?"

"Those two!" she almost yelled, stabbing her finger at Willow and Tara.

"Shush Faith!" Abby clamped her hand over Faith's mouth, "Those two what? Yes, that red headed doll is Willow... and the gorgeous blonde is Tara..."

"Ohhh," Anya started clapping as well.

Abby looked incredibly perplexed as she looked back and forth between Willow and Tara and Faith and Anya, who were still clapping excitedly. Tara was roughly the same shade as beetroot and Willow was holding her menu up in front of her face so Abby couldn't even see her. She reached out and yanked the menu down to see Willow's face matching her hair. Her eyes widened...

"You two..." she began.

"Had sex!" Faith interrupted loudly.

Willow wanted to sink down into her seat as her eyes darted around to see people staring to see who was making such a commotion, she whispered fiercely at her friends, Faith especially, "I am beginning to think that the three of you are on a mission to embarrass us wherever we go!"

"But we're right aren't we?" Faith asked in an insistent voice, leaning across the table until she was almost right in their faces. She grabbed the ketchup bottle from the centre of the table and pointed it at each of them in turn, "Speak or say goodbye to those squeaky clean sweaters!"

Abby snatched the bottle from Faith and set it back down, swatting the dark-haired girl over the head. Beneath the table Tara reached out and took Willow's hand in her own, stroking the soft skin gently with her thumb.

"You're r-r-right," the blonde replied quietly. Willow shot Tara a quick look and the blonde grimaced apologetically even as Faith and Anya turned to each other and squealed loudly. Tara whispered to Willow over the din, "They would have found out anyway. You okay?"

Willow flashed Tara a dazzling smile, "More than okay baby," she then turned to the two over-excited girls and asked pleadingly, "Can you just keep it down a bit?"

"Definitely," Abby nodded and glared at Faith and Anya, "We're sorry but since none of us have boyfriends and therefore are seriously deprived of sex, well except Faith who is never without a boyfriend, we have to get it vicariously through you two," Abby said with a grin, staring intently at the pair of them.

"Hey, fine... I didn't mean to badger you but it's just so obvious!" Faith said, suitably chastised.

Abby nodded in agreement, "You can notice it! Honestly, Willow, Tara, you two are positively glowing! It must've been good then?"

"Ooh, yes, please tell us what the sex was like," Anya leaned forward over the table, waiting expectantly.

"Um... girls, we are going to go now..." Tara began, her hand tightening on Willow's.

"Oh come on!" Faith reached out and grabbed Tara's shoulder, dragging her back down against the seat, "If you're doing it then you can talk about it!"

"Like I said... it was fine," Willow replied awkwardly.

"Hello? Fine is not an appropriate adjective to describe losing your virginity," Anya pouted.

"There were stars," Willow mumbled.

"What?" Abby prodded with an evil grin, "I didn't catch that Will?"

"There were stars alright, is that enough info?" Willow almost snapped.

Abby, Faith and Anya all erupted in a chorus of giggles. Willow met Tara's gaze to see that the blonde was smiling, the colour in her face had almost completely disappeared save for two pink spots on her cheeks. The red head was instantly reassured and smiled back, leaning across to place a quick kiss on Tara's cheek.

The waitress came to wait expectantly by their table, an indulgent smile on her face as she waited for the giggles to subside.

"Burgers with everything all round!" Faith finally managed to get out.

"Except no beetroot for Tara," Willow added with a small smile at the blonde.

"Fries as well?" the waitress asked.

"Most definitely," Abby piped up, "And cokes too please... and apple pie and ice cream for dessert."

"You girls sure are hungry," the waitress said taking their menus.

"We're celebrating," Faith grinned.

"Oh really, what are you celebrating?"

Willow and Tara brushed bright red and looked down at the table.

"Santa was extra good to some of us this year," Faith winked at the two lovers discreetly.

The waitress smiled and moved to off to take their orders to the kitchen.

"Santa had nothing to do with it!" Anya added firmly.

Tara drummed her fingers impatiently on the desk as she watched the sole remaining customers browse the shelves. She finally realised how rude she was being and stopped, clenching her fists and forcing herself to sit politely. It lasted all of a few seconds before her foot began to tap on the floor. The man and woman were obvious a couple, his hand guiding her elbow gently as they perused the shelves. Tara let out a quiet sigh as she willed them to leave so she could go and be with her lover.

Lover, Tara suddenly found a silly little smile even as she merely thought the word.

Finally, they left and Tara leapt to her feet. She practically ran the short distance to the door to turn the sign over to read 'closed.'

Tara moved quickly to lock up, the cash went in the safe out the back. She had already swept and dusted hours ago in order to leave as early as possible. Glancing at her watch Tara saw she had an hour to get home and ready herself for a night out of dancing and fun with her four favourite girls. This of course meant Willow would be dressed up in her best outfit with her cute dancing shoes... a sight Tara always appreciated. She stopped at the coat rack by the door to grab her hat and mittens. Finally, she pulled on her coat and stepped out into the chilly dusk. Snow had began to fall softly. It was a beautiful night and she couldn't wait to be with Willow.

However, just as she slipped the key into the lock behind her, a vice-like grip tightened around her wrist. She gasped and spun around to find herself staring into an all too familiar face.

"I wouldn't lock up if I were you... we're going to need somewhere to talk."

With a shaky breath Tara withdrew the key from the lock. She couldn't quite bring herself to turn the handle though, her hand was shaking so. For a few moments she contemplating shouting out... or even running but she knew it was pointless before she even tried. He brushed past her and opened the door, pushing her inside so roughly she almost fell to her hands and knees.

Tara heard the quiet click of the door closing shut behind them and felt herself trembling uncontrollably even as she turned around and forced herself to meet his gaze.


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