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What's Your Tale, Nightingale?

Author: Alcy
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The characters of Willow and Tara, Buffy and Giles all belong to TPTB, I'm just playing for a while.

"How can your family not celebrate Christmas?" Anya asked Willow with a frown as she unfolded the party hat from her cracker and placed it on her head.

"Willow's family is Jewish," Abby replied promptly.

"Oh, I know all that," Anya waved her hand, "It's just that it's so much fun... and it seems a shame for anyone to miss out on fun."

"I'm not missing out on anything," Willow took another sip of eggnog, "I'm here with good friends... and there's much fun to be had!"

She and Faith pulled another cracker, Faith pulling so energetically that she almost went toppling from her chair and Willow still came up triumphant. The four roommates and Tara were at their favourite restaurant for a Christmas Eve party before they each went their separate ways the following day. The table was strewn with the remains of a very fine dinner as well as unwrapped gifts and paper.

Willow pulled out her hat and placed it on Tara's head, the blonde had her chair pulled so close to Willow's they were almost sitting in one another's laps.

"What are you going to do tomorrow though Willow? I mean, we're all going to our homes... families, yuck!"

"Oh, I'm going home too..."

"To have her own private Christmas with Tara," Faith grinned and puckered her lips.

Abby threw a napkin at her before looking across the table to Willow and Tara. Both girls had gone a rather vibrant shade of red.

"You know... I think I would much rather spend Christmas with you guys," Faith grinned, "You got room for one more?"

"Okay," Abby announced standing up, "Someone has had too much eggnog, and I think it's time to go home!"

"Just one more song!" Faith lifted her glass and began a rousing chorus of 'Deck the Halls.'

Anya and Abby had to grab the brunette and forcefully drag her out the door as Willow and Tara followed a little more sedately. Even though they were in public, Willow felt secure enough in the Christmas Eve crowd to slip her small hand into Tara's, entwining their fingers as they walked.

Faith was still singing and she did so, all the way back to their dorm.

Tara watched Willow as she stood at the window, gazing out at the starry sky. It had been a very long day for the most part and Tara easily understood why Willow had wanted to escape her parents so eagerly. She had been very surprised that Willow had managed to maintain her cool despite Sheila's completely tactless little comments that she seemed to come out with at every opportunity.

"I do hope that next Hanukah you will have a nice young man... whatever happened to Hugh honey?"

Tara had seen Willow's jaw clench even as she managed a perfectly polite reply.

Rising now from her perch on the corner of the bed, Tara crossed to Willow's side. She lifted her hands to Willow's tense shoulders, massaging gently.

"Mmmm," Willow let out a small breath.

Tara encircled Willow's waist from behind, leaning her chin on the red head's shoulder. She pressed her body into Willow as tightly as she could, feeling her nipples harden as they brushed against Willow's back.

"Merry Christmas Willow," Tara whispered softly.

Willow smiled, it had been one hell of a year to say the least, "Merry Christmas sweetie. Thank you so much for the book."

"It's not much but..."

"Not much? gave me a signed first edition of Gone with the Wind! It's fantastic and I'm going to treasure it."

They stood and watched the dancing Christmas lights in the distance, so bright they lit up Willow's room with different colours. Tara felt her heart beat even faster in her chest, faster and faster until it was hammering away as though it was fighting to escape her chest. Yet at the same time she felt an ever-growing swell of desire building in her gut and pooling between her thighs. Willow had no idea just how sexy she really was, standing in her nightgown, red hair falling down over her shoulders.

Willow felt Tara's warmth left her back as the blonde moved away, presumably to bed as it had been a very long day. She stayed watching the stars twinkle for a few more moments before closing the curtains and turning around. Tara was standing a few metres away, just staring at Willow with a slightly scared look on her face. Willow frowned and started forward to cross to her,

"Stay there," Tara lifted her hand, palm outwards in a halting motion and Willow stopped immediately, a frown marring her pretty features.

"Are you okay?" Willow asked quietly.

"N-not really," Tara replied softly.

Willow's frown melted into a look of concern, "What's wrong sweetie?"

Tara had to stop Willow moving forward again with another gentle motion of her hand, "Willow, give me a moment... please."

"Tara... tell me what's wrong, you're really starting to worry me... Is it something that I can help with?"

"Actually... it is..."

Willow brightened a little, "Tell me what to do, I'm your girl... I mean, I am your girl but I mean I'm your girl for this task... whatever it is, just tell me what to do and I'll do it... anything you ask, I mean because it's you and how could I refuse you anything and... oh my god..."

While Willow had been trapped in her endless babble cycle, Tara had unlaced the throat of her nightgown and begun to peel it down over both shoulders. The white fabric slipped down until it was barely hanging, just clinging to the curves of her breasts. With one last shrug, it slipped off completely, falling to pool around Tara's ankles.

"Oh... my... god," Willow choked, her eyes bulged and her mouth went completely dry... Tara was standing in front of her with absolutely nothing on, not even panties.

After the initial shock, Willow felt tears well in her eyes as Tara stood in front of her, completely naked. She was visibly trembling, no doubt nervous to the point of being terrified.

Tara had to fight the urge to cover herself with her hands as Willow stared at her. Even though it was Willow, it still felt decidedly unnerving for someone to see her like this, totally bare and vulnerable.

Willow's eyes drank in every inch of her girlfriend's flawless skin... her full breasts with a rosebud pink nipple standing out that Willow wanted to taste. Her flat stomach, Willow wanted to run her hands over it... down to the honey coloured mound between her legs. She really wanted to push her back until she was lying on the bed beneath her but all she could do in fact was stand and gape stupidly, gradually turning blue as she forgot to breathe.

"God... Tara..." Willow finally managed to take a breath, ""Y-you're... a-a-absolutely... b-b-beautiful."

Tara finally smiled, feeling more at ease with herself as time passed, even so, she could not make her move without feeling considerably terrified, "I-I think one of us seems to be the odd one out here."

Tara crossed the small space between them. Her hands went to the neck of Willow's own nightgown. The buttons came undone in Tara's trembling hands. It took some time, her hands were shaking so. The last one undone, Tara's hands began slipping it down slowly over Willow's shoulders.

"Are you alright?" Tara asked just as she was about to bare Willow's breasts.

Willow nodded and felt the clinging fabric slide from her body completely. She stepped out of it as Tara's jaw dropped. The blonde ran her eyes over her lover, small breasts that looked as though they could fit perfectly into the cup of her palm... a lithe figure and a small triangle of red curls nestled between her legs.

"So perfect," Tara whispered tenderly, and then with a small grin, "And you weren't wearing any underwear either!"

Willow just grinned and blushed furiously before slowly sliding her arm around Tara's naked back until it was resting in the hollow just above her buttocks. She then drew the blonde close until their breasts were pressed together, her other arm slid up over Tara's back and into the hair at the nape of her neck. She kissed Tara softly, their lips barely parting. When Willow pulled back so she could look into Tara's eyes she was smiling and trembling at the same time.

"You know... when I was dreaming about this, us together like this... you were stunning but now I see you for real, Miss Maclay, you take my breath away completely."

Tara smiled shyly, her hands reaching up to cup Willow's cheeks as she drew her forward for another kiss.

"A-and when I was dreaming about this... I wasn't so nervous... b-but now I'm terrified. I've been dreaming about this for so long and now look what I've become, a jelly-legged chicken."

"I-I know exactly what you mean," Tara whispered.

"Um... I want..." Willow stopped to draw in a breath but when she tried to talk once more she found she couldn't force out a single word.

Tara ran light fingers over Willow's back, finally settling in a firm embrace, "What do you want Will... tell me?"

"I-I... I... want to make love to you Tara Maclay," Willow loved the way those words sounded despite the fact they terrified her.

Without a word, Tara picked up Willow's hand and led her to the bed.

The sheets and blankets thrown back, they lay down together. Tara cradled Willow in her arms, smoothing back a strand of hair from her face as they looked into each other's eyes. They were both trembling visibly. For a good many minutes neither could force a word out. As Willow looked into Tara's eyes, she saw a perfect reflection of the way she felt. She was safe, she was loved and most importantly, she was home. Everything she had ever dreamed about was held in Tara's perfect blue gaze. Her dreams fulfilled, Willow Rosenberg couldn't imagine feeling more complete.

They lay side by side, both stroking each other's skin... arms, stomach, backs... deliberately avoiding any more intimate areas.

"I don't know what to do," Willow whispered, "Uncharted territory... I should have found something out, I mean there has to be information out there on the best ways for two women to... do this, I mean t-to..."

"Make love?" Tara finished, smiling at her babbling Willow, "What do you need to know?"

"Techniques... p-positions..." Willow choked out awkwardly.

Tara laughed lightly and claimed Willow's pink lips in a loving and tender kiss.

"Did that feel good?" Tara asked, nuzzling Willow's neck.

"Of course," Willow replied.

Tara went from nuzzling to kissing, soft tiny kisses along the length of Willow's neck. Willow let out a small moan, closing her eyes and letting herself give in completely to her blonde lovers touch.

"See," Tara said softly between kisses, "I don't need anyone else to tell me what you want... I only need to hear it from you."

"But how can I tell you... I don't know what I want."

"Yes you do Willow," Tara lay along Willow's length, talking in her ear as she nibbled on it, "What do you feel... tell me where you need me?"

"Everywhere... my whole body feels like it's on fire."

"Then that's where I'll be... everywhere."

Tara's hands seemed like they were everywhere, even though Willow knew somewhere at the back of her mind that was technically impossible. They were kneading her breasts firmly, her nipples blossomed beneath her touch. Running down over the flat of her stomach, her thighs and over to her inner thighs. Willow shivered with delight as they came close to the quivering centre between her legs.

"Tara," she moaned softly, she didn't even really know what she wanted, just that she needed to feel Tara's hands there.

"Patience baby," Tara shifted her weight until she was lying atop Willow, her thigh nestled between the red head's legs, "Good things come to those who wait... am I squashing you?" she asked as she lay the length of Willow's body.

Willow just shook her head, she moved her hips and rubbed her mound against Tara's thigh experimentally. Tara smiled down at her, responding by matching gentle movements of her thigh to Willow's awkward ones. Willow felt her own breath grow faster in her ears to the point where she was almost panting with her need.

Tara kissed her then, it began as something soft, like silk... their tongues darting out tentatively as though they had never met before. Willow's hand moved up around to the back of Tara's neck and drew her down hard. Their lips grated together firmly, coarser now. Their tongues danced in fierce competition, trying to wrestle the other into submission. Even as they kissed, Willow kept thrusting upward with her hips, moving against Tara's rocking thigh more urgently now.

Tara's hand moved back to her breast, stroking it before breaking the kiss. Willow looked pleadingly at Tara only until the blonde's mouth closed over the sensitive mound of flesh. She felt Tara's lips close over her nipple until she was sucking on it gently, rolling the tiny nub between her lips. She alternated between that and licking it with long, lazy strokes. Willow pressed her head back into the pillow, letting the sensations wash over her as Tara worked her magic on her body. She listened with growing pleasure to the small sucking noises the blonde's mouth made, soon joined by her own soft moans. Tara switched breasts, giving each one the attention Willow craved.

While her mouth worked eagerly, Tara moved her hand down between their stomachs, over Willow's flat, hard belly and down to the top of the red curls that had been grinding against her thigh. She cupped Willow's entire mound and felt a small jolt run through Willow's body, closely followed by another, much larger as she slipped one finger inside Willow's folds. It wasn't long before she found Willow's clit, stroking it a few times it too budded beneath her touch.

Willow ran her hands over Tara's head ever as it still dipped and moved over her breasts. Incoherent moans that might have been words continued to issue from her throat. She felt a sudden warmth flow between her legs and tensed slightly, wondering if something was wrong. Tara felt it and lifted her head, her finger nestled comfortably in the warmth of Willow's flowing juices.

"It's alright," she whispered, kissing Willow gently, she stroked the length of Willow's passage, revelling in her wetness as it coated her finger and the palm of her hand.

"Yeah?" Willow still sounded worried even as she began to move with Tara's hand ever so cautiously.

Tara smiled as her strokes quickened, "More than alright."

Willow felt something building within her and she had to agree with Tara even though her vocal noises were more akin to groans that actual words. Her eyes squeezed shut tightly as she willed Tara to move even faster as completely unfamiliar and yet most welcome sensations took a hold of her body.

"Will," Tara whispered softly, not stopping for a moment, "Look at me?"

Willow forced herself to lift her head from the pillow and look into Tara's blue eyes. Tara brought her free hand up from Willow's breast to cup the back of her neck tightly, keeping their eyes locked together.

Slowly, Tara slid two fingers up into Willow's passage. Willow cried out slightly as she felt pain but it was replaced in an instant by the pleasant sensation of feeling Tara inside her. They were joined. Willow felt her eyes water from both the pain and pleasure but she didn't know why Tara's eyes were also watering. The pools of blue liquid were shining brightly, her mouth parted slightly.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh god yes, better than okay," Willow breathed, she felt her flesh settle around Tara's felt so right.

"I love you Will," Tara whispered fiercely as she withdrew her fingers slowly before thrusting upward again, this time a little faster.

Willow moved her hips instinctively, grinding her clit against the base of Tara's hand. Tara responded by moving against her even faster, thrusting her fingers in and out in a steady rhythm. Willow felt as though she desperately wanted to close her eyes and thrash her head back against the pillow but she kept her eyes on Tara. Even as they glazed over and she could barely see a thing through the haze. Tara thrust deep again... and then once more before Willow felt something incredibly powerful surge through her body. Waves of pleasure spreading out from between her legs and to her gut... all the way down to her toes.

"Mmmphf!" Willow definitely couldn't even find words anymore, not even Tara's name.

She was finally allowed to sink back into the pillow, her heart hammering in her chest, her legs feeling as though they would never be able to hold her weight again. But she was floating... she didn't need to walk...

"Willow, come back... Will... Will" Tara was calling her name somewhere down below.

Willow opened her eyes, waiting for them to refocus. At first she just saw twin pools of blue... and then gradually they became Tara's eyes. Gazing down at her with adoration and love written all over her face.

"Um... Tara... that was..." Willow couldn't even find the words, the last sensations of pleasure wafted over her and she gradually relaxed.

Tara withdrew her fingers from Willow's wetness, immediately smelling her scent as she brought her hand up to lay it between Willow's breasts. Tara frowned lightly,

"You've never had an orgasm before have you? That was your first?"

"Um... I-I..." Willow spluttered, her cheeks turning red, "Um, no... I mean, I've touched myself before but nothing like... that ever happened, nothing with the... wetness and um... the stars. You have?"

Tara nodded, trying not to let any warmth creep into her cheeks, "My Mother... explained a few things to me, how everything works."

Willow snorted, "My mother has never said a word to me about sex... for which I am eternally grateful," she even had trouble imaging Sheila speaking to her about the workings of her body, "I think I was meant to find out for myself on my wedding night. Tara, did your mother know... about you?"

"That I like girls? I'm not sure... but I'll always remember her saying to me that one day someone really special was going to come into my life who would love me just as I am... not some man so maybe she did know... but I never came out and told her, I wish I had, there are so many things I wish I had said to her before she died."

"Like what?" Willow asked, placing her hand over the one that lay between her breasts.

"I would told her that I loved her... one more time, and that I wished I could have done something to help her, to stand between her and my father..." Tara stopped, realising that she had said too much.

Willow's brow was already furrowed in curiosity, "Between her and your father... why?"

"Um, this is a really strange conversation to be having right now... don't you think?" Tara tried to change the subject.

"Well now I don't know," Willow replied, still questioning with her eyes.

Tara giggled, taking her mind off thoughts that were best forgotten, especially when one had a beautiful woman in their arms.

"What's that for?" Willow frowned again, wondering if she were being laughed at.

"You've read Anne of Green Gables..."

"Oh, Matthew Cuthbert!" Willow smiled as she remembered the first chapter and his constant saying of 'well now, I don't know' in response to Anne's barrage of questions.

"Although I would say you definitely an Anne more than a Matthew," Tara smiled.

"Just because we both have red hair?"

"No... there's the talking way too much, especially at moments when you really shouldn't, and you're both really skinny and freckly... and not to mention both incredibly mischievous."

"Anne never really intended to get into trouble though," Willow pointed out, "Things always just turned into catastrophes... I on the other hand have my naughty intentions..."

"Involving what?" Tara asked teasingly.

"Involving a naked blonde and..." Willow paused, her terror coming back all too quickly.

"Willow-hands?" Tara asked quietly.

"Yes... Willow-hands."

Willow gently eased herself out from under Tara, rolling the blonde over so that she was the one on her back. Willow lay on her side next to her, drinking in every inch of her beautiful body with her eyes. She reached out a tentative hand and laid it on Tara's breast, her hand closed over it, cupping its fullness as she stroked it with her thumb.

"Now these are gorgeous," Willow whispered nervously, she found Tara's nipple and it quickly budded as she ran her thumb over it.

She sat up slightly and crawled over Tara so that she was straddling her hips, looking down on the woman pinned beneath her.

Willow did her best to copy the movements of Tara's mouth over her own breasts. She was a little awkward and unsure of herself at first. Gradually however she found that she could listen to Tara's moans and tell what the blonde needed, where she wanted her to concentrate. She spent the longest working over Tara's nipples, nibbling tentatively at first before rubbing them firmly between her lips.

"I need you Will!" Tara gasped after having spent many glorious moments revelling in the feel of Willow's tasting of her breasts.

Still incredibly nervous, Willow ran her hands over Tara's body until she reached her sex. Ever so slowly, Willow spread Tara's folds with her fingers and slid one in to find it deliciously warm. After some searching, she found Tara's clit and she tweaked it gently with her finger.

"There?" Willow whispered.

Tara just responded with an urgent sounding moan, moving her hips against Willow's hand. Willow rubbed the hard nub with her finger, gently at first before she was urged on by Tara's increasing moans. The folds of Tara's sex grew wet with her juices as Willow stroked faster and faster. She wiped Tara's hair out of her eyes for her as the blonde's head moved from side to side on the pillow. Her moans were more and more drawn out now as she came closer to her own release.

Willow sought and found the entrance to Tara's passage. She slowly probed at the soaking wet opening, a little hesitant. Tara thrust her hips upward, seeking out Willow's touch, which she needed so desperately.

"Will... ahhh!" Tara kept a firm grip on Willow's back.

"Tara?" Willow asked worriedly, pausing in her ministrations.

"Need you... inside me," Tara gasped, "Now!"

At Tara's command, Willow slowly inserted her finger up into Tara. As the digit slipped deep into her moist folds, Willow felt a shiver of pleasure course through her own loins. She moved against the blonde's hips, thrusting her finger into her over and over again. Tara rocked against her, clawing at Willow's back.

"More!" the blonde whispered fiercely.

"More?" it took a few moments for her to realise that Tara wanted her to use two fingers instead of one.

She did so very slowly, afraid she would hurt Tara and yet the blonde thrust upward quickly, forcing Willow's fingers deep.

"Oh god Willow!" Tara moved faster now, Willow responded by increasing her own pace.

The red head was not at all sure if she was doing this right but judging by the look on Tara's face and her increasingly urgent cries, she was doing something right. She kept moving into her. Thrusting as deep as she could until, following a strangled scream, Tara's nails dug into her back, her thighs clenched around Willow's hand.


Her passage contracted around Willow's fingers, fresh wetness flooded forth, spilling over her thighs and Willow's hand. She thrust weakly a few more times before collapsing back against the mattress, her head lolling against the pillow.

Willow brushed her hair out of her face once more before rolling off her, fingers slipping out from Tara's wetness. They were covered in her juice. Willow looked down at her hand and lifted it to her face. She flicked out her tongue over her finger and tasted her girlfriend for the first time. It was tangy... and strangely pleasant... she took a longer lick and decided that without doubt it was one of the best things that she had ever tasted. This was especially with the knowledge that it was all her own doing.

She smiled happily as she nestled down against Tara.

"I could really get used to this," Willow was practically purring as she snuggled into Tara's naked body, stroking her flank repeatedly.

"Well, we're lovers... so I guess we'll have to," Tara replied, grinning contently, her own hand stroking Willow's shoulder and upper arm.

"Lovers," Willow whispered, rolling the word off her tongue, "I could really get used to the sound of that too."

"S-so... you are alright... about this, now that we've... d-done it..."

"Huh? Tara I'm fine... well, a good deal more than fine actually," the smile faded from Willow's face, "Tara, is something wrong?"

"No... nothing sweetie. I love you more than anything," Tara drew Willow close, just holding her, "So everything was alright... it was good, for you?" Tara asked quietly.

Willow's eyebrows lifted, "Tara... you had me seeing stars! I'd say that was more than good. Baby, I love you... we made love and it was perfect."

"It was wasn't it?" Tara grinned, kissing Willow's forehead.

"My only worry is how do you improve on perfection?" Willow asked with a mock frown.

"Nothing to stop us trying," Tara replied with a saucy grin.

"Why do I get the feeling that we have well and truly opened the gates on something here?"

"I have an inkling," Tara grinned and captured Willow's lips again.

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