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The Rosenberg Institute

Author: Pipsberg
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The characters Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay are the property of Mutant Enemy.

The next morning dawned, as many had here at the Institute in the last few months. I was wrapped in the warm cocoon of Willow Rosenberg's arms; safe and happy. It was early still, perhaps six in the morning. Dawn was just breaking, the light starting to filter through the thick curtains. At some point, I had woken up and extricated myself from the attachment, but had not bothered to remove it from Willow.

I stared down the length of her body in amusement; smiling even wider as she rolled slowly to her back, stretching her lithe body. The attachment rose and fell lightly with her breath and I watch for a few moments in fascination. My eyes drifted over the rest of her body, watching her light slumber. My beautiful Willow. She gave and received love so readily. She made me feel so loved, so satisfied, that my heart hurt with it. I wanted her to feel the same. I wanted her to feel me just as completely as I had felt her.

I withdrew from her arms slowly as to not waken her; not yet. She murmured a little as I rolled to my side, then my knees, sitting back to watch her again. I grinned as an idea popped wickedly into my head. I moved over Willow then and found the clasps of the attachment at both sides of Willow's hips. I undid them and eased it from her slowly, wanting to surprise her, not ready for her to wake yet.

I examined the contraption closely while Willow slept. It looked simple enough to put on. I eased off of the bed, pulling my remaining clothes off until I was fully naked. I then stepped into the loops, adjusting them to fit snuggly around my upper thighs and waist. I looked down at myself, amused and aroused at the same time. I wanted to be inside Willow. I want to hear the sounds she would make as I moved inside her.

I moved back to the bed and briefly contemplated what I wanted to do. I dragged the sheet that had been tangled in our legs slowly off Willow, watching her naked thighs and legs appear; she must have shrugged out of her pants before we fell to the bed last night. Starting at Willow's feet, I moved my hands up her legs caressing her calves slowly, then her thighs, just on the outside. Willow stirred slightly, but did not wake. She was so warm and my hands tingled where I stroked her. I moved my hands to the inside of her thighs now, stoking lightly and watching in amazement as they parted for me with no prompting. Willow opened for me, even in her sleep; beautiful and trusting.

My entire face flushed, watching her this way. My nose flared slightly, smelling her scent from here. I could see the wetness between her legs. I reached out and lightly ran a finger through that wetness. I sighed at the contact; Willow moaned and my eyes flickered up to her face. She was still asleep, but barely. I leaned forward between her legs the attachment now caught between the bed and I. I needed to taste her. More than anything, I needed to have her.

I licked her slowly and fully, my tongue running through her warmth. A long, low moan drifted from Willow's mouth, her legs weakly falling open even more. She was awake now. I looked up Willow's body slowly, my eyes catching her lidded gaze. I kissed her clit softly, eliciting a gasp from her lips, and laid my head on her right thigh, still staring up at her now flushed face and dilated eyes.

"Thank god I am not dreaming," Willow whispered in a shaky voice "this is too good to imagine."

I smiled slowly and ran my hand down Willow's left thigh, my fingers playing in her wetness which had steadily increased since I began touching her.

"I couldn't resist," I sighed, smiling even wider at Willow "you looked good enough to eat and I woke up hungry."

"Hmmmm," Willow practically purred "You can have Willow for breakfast anytime."

I laughed softly and kissed the inside of Willow's right thigh. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly, her hands now tangled in the sheets outside of her open thighs. She was so beautiful, drowsy and aroused at the same time, eager; her breath coming in small pants. I loved her this way, knowing how much she wanted me. How much she needed me.

"I have plans for you Willow. Just hang on."

"Oh I like the sound of th-"

She never managed to end the sentence. Her last word turned into a deep moan as I again licked her fully, ending at the top where all the important nerves where, flicking her softly, than with more pressure.

"Oh!" Willow practically yelled, her hips bowing off the bed in response. One hand flew to my head, her fingers burying in my long hair; holding on, pushing me on. I licked her again, this time stopping on her clit and laving it.

"Oh god Tara, so good, you feel so good." I hummed in pleasure, loving the praise, loving the way I made her feel and the way I was feeling. My whole body tingled, the sounds from Willow building my own ardor and the anticipation of what was coming making me impossibly wet. I moved my own hips against the bed, rubbing the attachment on the bed and creating a delicious friction between my own legs. Willow was right. I could feel it in all the right places.

I kept licking Willow, drugging myself with her scent and taste, with the impossibly sexy sounds she was making. Willow's hips rolled beneath my busy tongue, one hand in my hair pulled then released with our rhythm while her other hand twisted in the sheet, holding on as she moved more urgently with each passing second. She was close to coming already. It had seemed like only seconds. I didn't want it to end yet. And then she was arching above me, moaning my name and God's. I felt her coming against my tongue and I moaned with the beauty of it. Oh God, indeed.

Her hips continued to roll, though not urgently anymore. There was a smooth, languid ripple all throughout her body. She shuddered occasionally, especially when I lightly pressed my tongue into her, wanting to prolong her pleasure. I raised my head and watched her. Her chest still rose and fell rapidly with her strenuous breathing. Her hands flopped weakly to the bed on either side of her. Her eyes, half lidded, stared into mine. I grinned against her damp thigh.

"Good morning Willow."

She chuckled and let a long, shaky sigh leave her lips. She started to talk once, then licked her lips and cleared her throat, trying again.

"Wow," was all she managed to get out "Just, wow."

I smiled and rose up, moving to my hands and knees above her. I inched up her body slowly, leaving small kisses in my wake. On a knee. On a hip. On her stomach. On the place right between her breasts. Then I was kissing her, deeply and fully. I poured my love and desire into that kiss. If one could say ‘I love you' with a kiss, I was trying to. Her hands came to the back of my head and pulled my lips more fiercely against her. Willow had calmed somewhat, but there was still desire in her. I was humming with it.

I shift slightly, pulling away so that my arms bracketed her head and our eyes connected. Still pecking at her lips softly, I reached one arm between us and guided the attachment to rest lightly against the wetness between her legs. Her eyes widened and her mouth formed a perfect little ‘o'.

"So that's where it went, huh?" She drawled slowly as she ran a hand down my side to my buttocks.

"Hmmm hmm," I hummed, kissing her again. I pushed forward slightly, just enough to move the rubber tip against her. We both moaned. The base of the attachment was sliding against my own clit every time I moved. Willow grabbed at my head with her free hand turning it so I was looking into her intense eyes.

"Are you going to fuck me Tara?" Oh god, that dirty mouth. My own mouth fell open, slack, as a long shuddering sigh escaped my lips.

"Oh yeah" I moaned.

I arched forward, slowly and forcefully, until the attachment sank into Willow's wet heat. Her head fell back against her pillow and her hips arched up towards me, taking me in; urging me on.

"Oh yessss Tara, oh god yes" Willow moaned as she clutched at me; one hand still grabbing at my buttock, the other tangling now in my hair where she pulled me down for a long, deep kiss.

My hips began rolling slowly against her. I was following the pleasure against my clit where the friction was strong. Willows previously languid hips began to move again beneath me, now taut and urgent. With one arm still pressed into the bed beside her head, I moved my other to her left breast, palming it fully, and then rubbing my thumb across the nipple. Willow moaned into our wet kiss, her tongue now flicking against mine.

I pulled back slightly from her, still looking into her eyes, my hips moving more quickly against her in long, firm strokes. She gripped me from the inside. I moved my hands underneath her shoulders, pulling her up so that her breasts arched into my waiting face. I immediately sucked the left nipple I had just been touching into my mouth, pulling and flicking at it with my tongue.

"Ooooh," Willow moaned again, her head slamming back against the pillow again. Her legs moved from where they had been splayed open for me, wrapping around my hips. Her feet hooked and she pulled me fiercely into her. The rubber jerked against my clit and I groaned into her nipple, biting it lightly.

Like a switch flipping, Willow's hips began to rock more urgently below me, her feet pushing against my ass in opposition. She was fucking me now. Low moans and fragments of words were flying from her mouth. I pushed into her harder with each stroke, my own pleasure mounting alarmingly fast. Seeing her responding like this, seeing the abandon in her actions, made each rub against my clit feel like it was her tongue on me. I abandoned her breast then, my head falling next to hers on the mattress, kissing her neck and ear. I groaned as she sped the pace up even more, her hands flying to my lower back to pull me more urgently against her.

"Oh Tara, oh god, yes... fuck me, harder, do it harder." She moaned into my ear.

I came on the next thrust into her, the words flying straight to my clit. I tensed and jerked against her, pushing even harder to oblige her and draw out my own pleasure. One, two, three more pushes into her and she was coming too; a shout of pleasure ripped from her beautiful mouth. Her hands grasped me so forcefully that I knew her short nails would leave half-moon marks in my skin.

"Oh god, hmmm, Tara" she was peppering my face with kisses then our lips connected and we shared a long kiss of love. I collapsed slightly on her then, not realizing how much my arms were straining. I lay on her, my head on her chest. Her heart beat frantically beneath my ear. Her hands moved up my body, resting on my back. We lay that way for some time, perhaps ten minutes, our breathing slowing. She began drawing small figures with her fingers on my back. It was comforting and loving.

I propped my head up on one arm and looked down at her. I smiled; sated and in love. She smiled back and mouthed the word ‘wow'. I laughed lightly and nodded.

"That was amazing Tara. More than amazing. That was, hmmm, there are no words. What a way to wake up! And having you doing that to me, well, wow... WOW!"

"I feel the same way baby. And I think we learned something new today, somebody named Willow likes the spicy talk." I gave her a lopsided grin, and kissed her lips lightly.

She grinned back and nodded.

"Really likes. You like too, I noticed" she said "Can we do that again?"

"Right now?" my eyes and my grin widening.

"Well, no, not right now, because, well, that would probably make me more than a little sore. But soonish? The spicy talk at least. I like the way you react to it and I really like saying it."

I smiled indulgently. I did like it, and I definitely reacted to it. It felt good, not dirty. It felt natural to hear those words from Willow. Everything about us just felt so natural.

As the week drew on, I was kept busy with all things Willow. She consumed my days with classroom studies and science experiments, and my nights with experiments of an entirely different kind. Each time we were together, our bond grew stronger. In direct correlation, I seemed to be growing more confident, an almost serene countenance settling over me. Having Willow's love in my life was completing me in ways I didn't know I needed.

At the moment I was in one of many gardens around the Institute. It was late in the day on a Friday and some of my charges had joined me in tending to the plants I had sowed when the frost had broken. Squash, tomatoes, beans and wildflowers spread before us like a blanket. Willow sat behind us, propped beneath a large oak tree reading. I stooped again to show one of the girls how to apply the soapy mixture to the larger plants. Another young charge pulled weeds nearby. My natural soap insecticide had been another novelty that had thrilled Willow and she had come out to observe its application.

I stood up all the way, my hand going to my back as I straightened. I arched slightly to stretch my sore muscles that had tightened as I knelt to weed and teach the girls how to apply the soapy liquid to the plants. I glanced towards Willow where she lounged under the oak. A hat was perched on her head, tilting over her eyes as the evening sunset began to interfere in her reading. The sun was beginning to set behind me, producing a golden halo around the garden. With the sun waning, the air began to cool. It was nearly dinner time.

"Girls, that's enough dirty work for the day. We can finish tomorrow. Why don't you go in and clean up for supper?"

I smiled at them as they stood and scampered off, throwing yells of ‘race you there' and ‘last one there is a rotten egg'. I followed them with my gaze for a while, and then bent down to gather the tools we had been using, setting them in my garden basket. Standing up again with the basket in my arms, I walked slowly to where Willow still sat against the tree. Her gaze was lazily tracking me, her book forgotten. Shading her eyes as I approached, she looked up and grinned.

"What's this I hear about getting dirty Tara?"

"Oh wouldn't you like to know Willow." I grinned back at her, crouching down to quickly peck at her lips. I was standing up again in a flash, amused by the petulant expression on her face.

"I would like to know Tara! I was hoping you could get me all dirty and then help clean me up..."

"Hmm, vixen" I sighed, smiling indulgently at her. I loved when she flirted with me, especially when she was in such a naughty mood.

"You love it baby, especially when I..."

Willow's thought trailed off as her attention was diverted to points behind me. I watched her gaze shift, and then turned slowly to follow her line of sight. The glare from the sun was very bright, but I was able to see a figure approaching us from one of the small farm roads bordering the Institute. I wondered who it could possibly be; We didn't expect Alex for another few days. As the figure drew closer, I could tell it was a man. He walked briskly, a rucksack on his back. When the light shifted I could see that he was wearing a uniform and a rifle over his shoulder.

"Alex!" Willow yelled, springing up from where she had been a moment before, sprinting toward him in a frenzy of arms and legs. So it was Alex, home early. Harris would just be beside herself. I grinned and gathered Willow's book, hastily discarded when she had jumped up. I also rolled her blanket and put it under my arm. I then turned and followed at a more sedate pace behind Willow. By now she had practically launched herself into Alex's waiting arms. They were hugging and laughing. When I finally reached them I heard Alex finishing his explanation of his early arrival.

"...and that's why I'm here a little early. With my leave cut short, they gave me a little extra money and a two day head start. I was able to pay for faster travel on a larger coach."

"Oh that's fabulous Alex, Harris will be so thrilled. Everyone will be! I am so happy to see you and you look so healthy. I have so many things to show you! We made some improvements, well not too many because, hello, not so good with the heavy lifting and carpentry without you here, but I think you'll like what we did. We added more gardens, with Tara's close oversight of course, and those lights I had been thinking about before you left are all installed and-"

"Whoa, take a breath there Wills!" He grinned and hugged her tightly, finally looking behind her to where I waited, watching their reunion.

"Tara I presume," he smiled at me "I heard a little about you in Harris' letters."

I blushed fiercely, worried about what Harris might have said in her letters. How much did Alex already know about me; about Willow and I? Alex was a handsome man, in a boyish sort of way. He had dark brown floppy hair, some curling over his forehead. He wore his uniform casually, the jacket off and lain over his shoulder. His gaze was open and friendly; if he knew anything about me, or about Willow and I, it didn't show or he simply didn't care. I liked him instantly.

Willow, still snug under one of Alex's arms in a half-hug moved further aside, allowing me to come closer and offer my hand to him. He took it lightly and kissed it, grinning rakishly. As Willow drew breath for what I could only assume was another rambling soliloquy to Alex a massive shriek pierce the air. We all turned, startled and worried, towards the sound. Alex broke away from us, then running in the direction of the ungodly sound.

Then we saw the source. It was Harris. She ran from the side entrance of the Institute towards Alex. Dress and petticoats in hand, her legs propelled her faster than I could have imagined towards him. Her feet kicked up gravel and dirt behind her and when she reached Alex, who had met her half way in his own run, she launched herself around him; legs around his hips and arms clasped tightly around his neck. As she was raining kisses on his face and lips, murmuring unintelligibly, I took Willow's hand and started walking back towards the Institute, skirting around them. Willow and I giggled when we passed them and we ran the last part of the way into the house, not wanting to see more than we cared to. As we entered the house, I heard a reproach from Harris, floating on the dusk air.

"And if I see you making eyes at those lesbians, I'll yank your balls right off Mr. Harris."

Alex's laugh was the only response as he kissed her soundly. Willow and I disappeared into the house, rolling our eyes at Harris' inappropriate and unneeded warning. My eyes were only for Willow, and as I gazed lovingly into hers, I knew hers were only for me; always.

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