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The Rosenberg Institute

Author: Pipsberg
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The characters Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay are the property of Mutant Enemy.

Chicago, Illinois
May - 1860

The last of winter had quickly waned in the countryside around the Institute. The remaining traces of snow had given way to dewy green leaves and beautiful flowers. The months since my arrival in February seemed like only weeks. I was so content here. The only item that weighed on my mind was the lack of communication from my brother Donald. Since our brief telegrams in the first week of my arrival, I had no word from him. I nervously anticipated hearing from him as the Republican convention was only weeks away.

None the less, I had stayed busy, both with matters at the Institute and with Willow. I smiled softly, a blush stealing over my face as an intimate set of memories of all the ways Willow had kept me busy flashed through my mind. She was certainly enthusiastic and creative. Even as I sat here, looking across the Library as Willow lazily played with Anne's cat, I wanted her. I was flushed with it. I rested my head on my hand and gazed lovingly at her, the newspaper on my lap forgotten and crumpled where my other hand clutched it.

All around me was contentment. Harris sat with several of her charges next to a small fire in the hearth, reading experts from Alex's most recent letter. She had been reading them many times over in anticipation of a visit early this month. He had secured some time away and she was besides her self with glee.

"And here Alex talks about how much he has tired of sleeping in a tent, that he misses me and exactly what he plans to do to me when he - "

A gently cough from Anne, who sat in the large chair closest to me corrected Harris' train of thought.

"Well, I guess I can't tell you about that now can I. Anne's a prude." Harris sighed and continued reviewing the letter.

Anne's interruption shifted my thoughts yet again. She and I had grown closer, a mutual respect developing between us that I appreciated very much. Her opinion of me was naturally important as she was Willow's closest friend and one of only few family members. Because of these developments, Anne had begun to rely on me more in both the day to day activities and the curriculum at the Institute. As the resident Latin expert, I had been tasked with many translations. I had also been given permission to lead a Latin class of my own, much to Harris' initial consternation. After a careful explanation from Willow and I to assure her that I was not trying to steal her "leader of languages" title, she capitulated.

By far, however, I was most happy working with Willow in her classroom and on her scientific endeavors. While in the classroom, I acted as her helper by setting up and cleaning experiments and research projects, organizing and helping the girls as they worked through their exercises. Surprisingly, I had found ways to perfect some of Willow's projects with my own methods. Her sterilization techniques had needed some help which she was very grateful for. We made a good team, and working together was a very fast way to become familiar with how our personalities intertwined.

Of particular interest to Willow were some grafting techniques that I had been experimenting with for years. I first showed her the concepts with simple fruit trees, and then explained the theory behind applying the idea to cell generation and perhaps some type of burn treatment. She was fascinated and I was so proud of my contribution. I felt my place at the Institute to be stronger and stronger every day. I was treated like family and Willow loved me dearly.

Lost in my thoughts, I had not noticed the day drifting into evening. There was now very little light left in the room, the fire beginning to flicker across the walls. Willow still taunted Isabelle with a string on the floor. Harris had fallen asleep in her chair after the fourth reading of Alex's letter, her students dispersing to their own fun. Anne was simply gazing into the fire, consumed by her own thoughts. I watched Willow for a few more minutes, smiling at her antics with the cat.

I cleared my throat and rose, ready to retire for the night.

"I'm turning in for the night everyone; I hope you have a lovely evening." I stared pointedly at Willow and smiled as I said this.

Harris mumbled in her sleep, Anne nodded her head and smiled. Willow froze on the floor where she had been playing and stared back at me. We shared a long, loving gaze and then I turned to leave. I suspected, hoped, she would follow me to my room. I slowly walked up the long staircase to my floor, and then made my way to my door. I slipped inside the room and waited. She did not disappoint me.

I heard a gentle rap on my door and I immediately swung it wide, seeing Willow's expectant face on the other end. I reached out and grabbed her arm, yanking her forcefully towards me so that I could close the door behind us. As the door closed, I leaned backwards against it, pulling Willow tightly to me. Our mouths met in a rush of lust and I groaned.

"I've been thinking about this all day, Willow" I gasped when I was able to take a breath.

Willow sighed and kissed me deeply, her tongue brushing mine, her lips urgently pushing against my mouth. Her hands flew to my breasts, and she pushed her small but strong hips between my legs. The action pushed me more forcefully into the door so that she was supporting a great deal of my weight. My legs instinctively wrapped around her and I rubbed frantically against her, already wet from our first touches.

Willow dropped her head next to my ear and moaned, her hands flexing around my breasts. The sound of her breathy moan in my ear rushed like a jolt through my body and I arched into her, pushing against the door behind me for leverage. I needed her everywhere at once.

"Tara, oh my, I..." Willow trailed off as I sunk my hands into her hair and pulled her to me for a fierce kiss, our tongues sliding against one another again.

"Tara, I...hmmm, I can't think when you do that."

"You don't need to think, Willow. Just love me." I sighed.

Willow pulled back and smiled, the corners of her mouth quirking up adorably. She rested her head against mine and stared into my eyes as we both breathed heavily.

"You are a vixen, Tara Maclay." Willow smiled and I grinned slowly back at her.

"And I have a surprise for you..." Willow continued.

"Oh?" I sighed, running my hand down her face, my fingers tracing her lips.

Willow nodded slowly. "Do you remember Chapter 7, baby?"

My lips parted on a shaky sigh and I nodded, feeling too weak to tell her yes. I did remember Chapter 7. Though we hadn't talked about it recently, I recalled telling her weeks ago how very interested I was in it.

Willow smiled again and moved her hands down, grabbing my dress and petticoats and pushing them up so that her pant encased legs fell below them. She moved closer to me, pushing firmly upwards into my heat. I gasped and my head fell back against the door causing a dull thud. My hips ground into the hardness nestled between Willow's legs.

"I got it from New York this week." Willow sighed. "It's positioned in all the right places so I can...hmmm, I can feel everything we do."

"This was a really, really good idea, Willow. I'm going to thank you exhaustively for it later." I kissed Willow deeply, moving against her hips, urging her to take me.

"I'm very glad you like it, Tara." Willow moaned, her hands moving to my buttocks to pull me more firmly against her.

"Oh yes. I like, I like." I moaned, as coherent speech was becoming harder and harder. All I knew was that I was wet, and I ached inside. I couldn't wait for Willow to slide into me.

I moved my hands down Willow's neck to her breasts, kissing her urgently. As I squeezed her flesh, she rocked against me, rubbing my center in a heady rhythm. Moans flew from my mouth into hers, the pleasure and the anticipation mounting.

"Willow, I need you inside me." I groaned. Willow answered with a moan of her own. One of her hands left my ass and she fumbled with her pants in a rush to oblige me. As she moved the fabric away, she pushed me more firmly against the door.

"Put your arms around my neck, baby." Willow breathed into my ear.

I instantly wrapped my arms around her neck and held on. I felt her shift, one hand still cupping my ass; one I assumed held the attachment. I looked into her eyes as she maneuvered, watching her beautiful face, in concentration and pleasure at the same time. Then my eyes slipped shut as I felt the tip touch me, sliding through incredible wetness.

"Oooooh." I sighed. "Willow, yes!"

For a few agonizing, wonderful moments, Willow slid the smooth, firm rubber attachment against me, teasing my opening and the tight bundle of nerves above it. I jerked against her, moaning and muttering her name, wordlessly asking her to give me what I needed. Willow's breath was heaving in my ear, on my neck, in my mouth as she peppered my face and throat with kisses. Then she pushed firmly into me, sinking into heat.

"Oh!" I muttered, clutching her tightly. It was unlike anything I had ever felt. I knew it wasn't truly her inside me, but it felt right, it felt like she was there. I felt some discomfort and fullness, but with just a few seconds that faded and the movement took over. I knew what to do without thinking.

Willow groaned loudly, moving both of her hands now to cup my buttocks.

"Is this alright, Tara?" she asked, looking into my eyes "I'm not hurting you?"

"God no, Willow, it's so good. You're inside me." I undulated against her, feeling friction and heat.

"Oh god." Willow growled, pulling me down on her as she pushed up. I hooked my arms tighter around her and hung on as she moved underneath me, stealing my breath. I felt an orgasm cresting inside me already, the feeling was so raw.

Our movements speed and Willow pushed me harder against the door behind me, hooking her arms more fully under my thighs. Heat spread from the tips of my toes, moving up my legs and stomach, flushing my entire body.

"Willow, oh baby, yes..." I bit her neck, licked her ear in my frantic need to show her how good this felt. She moaned again in response, her movements becoming impossibly faster and harder. She was close too. I could feel the trembling in her.

With one last push from Willow, I was cresting. I pulled her to me, as my body started to convulse around her. The pleasure radiated outwards and I let out a long, deep moan as I came. Willow followed closely behind me, gasping and groaning in my ear.

"Oh sweet Jesus, Willow, what you do to me. I love you, I love you." I peppered her face with kisses. She returned my kisses, mumbling tender words in-between. With an athleticism I didn't know Willow possessed, she managed to pull us from against the door and maneuver us to the bed with me still wrapped around her. We collapsed onto my mattress and held each other, breathing heavily and sighing occasionally.

"Hmmm, that was amazing, Tara." Willow stroked my hair and we gazed into each others eyes.

"Uh huh." I mumbled, beginning to feel sleepy. "Who's the vixen now?" I said with a small laugh.

"You still are." Willow laughed back.

"Well I don't know, baby," I lazily drawled, "this Chapter 7 recipient thinks otherwise. What a nice surprise."

"Hmmm." Willow hummed against my neck, her breathing evening out. We lay, basking in the glow, enjoying each other. I drifted into a deep sleep with a smile on my face.

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