My Innermost Dream

Author: Irene (Hot Tamale)... with lots of help from my friends.
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Summary: Tara fulfills Willow's fantasy...'nuff said.

Warning: Some material in this fic may not be suited for all readers. We are dealing with mild Mistress / Kitten play and I know that there are some who might find this type of context offensive. I am no expert by any means. I am writing this purely from my imagination. I may have gotten some aspects of this type of "Experience" wrong, and if I did just remember this is just a fic. I did do some research on this subject and sought the advice of my fellow Beta's and recently acquired muse/beta, whom by the way did an extraordinary job in assisting me and guiding me...with the writing...get your minds out of the gutter people. Their suggestions and support meant a great deal to me and without them I would not have had the courage to post this fic. Spicy Enchilada....Chili Picante...and off course My Tiggrscorpio (T-I- DOUBLE G-GUHRR) gals are the best. Take a bow. Again, please, if this subject matter is not your cup of tea, please move on to another thread. I don't want to offend anyone and I don't want rotten fruit thrown my have been warned.

A special note: This little diddy of a fic was inspired one day while writing an update to my other fic. I decided to take a break, make some lunch and began to re-read the story, "Please...The Series" written by JustSkipIt (Deb). Reading Please was an amazing experience. Like many others I was apprehensive about it at first. But I decided to give it a chance, and I'm glad I did. I totally get, it's not about one having power over the other, it's about trust, respect, and above all LOVE...the smut wasn't bad either. Willow and Tara are two agreeing consenting adults that decided to incorporate this level of love making in their lives...and as thus we should respect that. The greatest lesson I've learned in my life is that we should never judge others...less thee be judged. So thank you Debra...for the idea and inspiration.

To my muse: can I begin to tell you how much your words of inspiration have meant to me. Love, happiness, compassion and positive thinking is what you have inspired within me. Thank you so much for being there when I needed you most. I will forever hold this quote within my heart.
"Life is nothing but a dream, and if you create your life with Love, your dream becomes a masterpiece of art." - Don Miguel Ruiz
Your amiga...Winnie.

Thoughts in Italics

Have you ever felt like your heart was going to burst? Have you ever felt an overwhelming sense of joy from being loved and cared for? I did...the day I shared with her a fantasy...that I had been concealing. I was very nervous. At what point do you allow someone to see you at your most vulnerable? How do you know when it's right to let somebody in on your innermost dreams? I'll tell you...fall in love...deeply...hopelessly. But, for me, it wasn't with just anybody...she was my blonde goddess, my Tara.

Not so long ago we laid together in our bed after another night of complete bliss, stealing shy glances at each other. Our hands wandered aimlessly, tracing patterns over skin and kneading flesh. We were reveling in the afterglow of our passionate lovemaking, and that's when she asked me...

"What's your fantasy?"

I was caught off guard, baffled by her query. "Uh?" I mumbled, still in a love-induced haze, not sure what she meant. Her question came out of nowhere...poof...just like that. "Fantasy? Can you elaborate a little, honey? Your question is a little vague. Fantasy job? Fantasy vacation? Fantas-" I was blabbering when she verbally cut me off.

"Sexual, Willow," she whispered, blushing. I knew she was embarrassed asking me this and she probably would not have had the nerve if not for the intensity of our recent union. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive in wanting to answer her.

"" Man this is difficult. Okay, how do I tell her? What will she think of me? Ooo, better safe than embarrassed. "You," I answered, knowing I had taken the coward's way out.

She giggled, Wow look at her boobies go. Note to self; must make Tara giggle more often while in the state of nakedness.

She never ceased to amaze me. She pushed herself onto her hands and slid over my body, lowering herself onto me. My legs instinctively knew what to do as they entwined themselves with hers. She slid her arms under my shoulders cradling me, while mine held her safe within my embrace. Strong, slender fingers tenderly massaged my scalp. Her lips hovered just above my own - she liked to tease me first - her darkened blue eyes piercing me with an affectionate gaze. I felt her hot breath as she closed the distance between us - inches, centimeters, millimeters. And there it was...ohh...mmm... how I love the way she kissed smooth, so tender, so erotic...okay her tongue, ahh... Tara tongue...mmm, wait she's slowing down, where's her tongue...I clearly remember a tongue...oh no, please don't stop, I thought...but, she had stopped.

"Hey!!" I breathlessly protested. "Do you want me to pout? Cuz, I can pout with the best of em' missy. In fact, if I don't feel Tara tongue any time soon, I might just...Ow!...Ohhh!"

She bit my bottom lip! The pain appeared quickly but was soon cooled and soothed by her precious tongue.

"Nice," I sighed.

"Willow" she whispered, "I'm serious. found some printed stories when I was cleaning out the closet the other day."

I must have looked like a deer caught in headlights. I just stared at her, unsure of how to respond. My guilt, plainly expressed, all over my face. She kept watching me, her blue eyes piercing right through me, igniting a new fire within my very does she do it?

"There must be something you'd like to tell me, Willow. Hasn't there ever been something you've always dreamed of? Fantasized about?"

Very gently I maneuvered us both into a sitting position, her head nuzzled on my shoulder, as I rested against the headboard. I lifted the duvet to cover us both as we nestled together allowing our warmth to keep us from getting cold. I was hesitant, but determined to let her know. I would tell her my fantasy and I was certain she would still love me. Tara noticed my hesitation. I saw the worried look in her eyes and quickly assured her that everything was okay. "No, baby, no worried frowns," I said, lightly caressing her brow. I smiled apprehensively when I saw her relax. "I'm fine...just...well...nervous. I've never told anyone my secret desires before...but I guess that's why it's a secret, cuz no one else knows about it....cuz if it weren't a secret then you'd already know and that's-"

She looked up and smiled at me with that half grin I love so much and stopped my lips with one well-placed finger. By mere instinct I kissed the slender finger before me. Finally, she spoke. "Do you know how much I love you?"

It wasn't a question. It wasn't a statement. It was a declaration - a declaration of the soul. Oh, how my woman melts my heart.

With just a few words she calmed all my fears. I took her hand in mine and brought it to my lips. "My darling...I cherish every moment I'm with you." And with that I began to reveal what was in my heart. I tried to explain without babbling. I wanted to paint a picture-vivid, clear, worthy. But, now that the moment had come for me to reveal my secret, I couldn't find the words. I simply couldn't do justice to my deepest desires. So, rather than tell her, I decided to show her.

I threw the duvet off of me and made a mad dash to the closet. My body instantly felt the change in temperature and I quivered. Grabbing what I needed, I closed the closet door behind me and turned to head back to the warmth of my love. I heard a soft chuckle. Looking up, the twinkle in my loves eyes told me that she too had noticed the change in temperature.

"A little chilly Will? It must be a little nippl-y...I-I mean nippy tonight."

"Yeah, it's a little...hey!" I had to laugh at her attempts at poking fun at me. Especially when she can keep a straight face. "Oh, you're a regular comedian Ms. Maclay. But I'll have you know that these babies aren't standing at full attention because of the cold you know. Now scoot over, I'm coming back in."

"Oomphf, hey! Willow! You didn't have to belly-flop your way in."

"That wasn't a belly-flop my dear." I stated as a matter of fact. "That is what you call the Willow-bounce-and-scoot, with a snuggle twist."

"Mmm, I like the snuggle twist at the end of you're routine. Ooo, you're feet are cold."

"Better warm me up."

"Come here you."

"Mmm, Tara kissage. Mmm, Tara warmth." I settled against my lovers embrace, feeling her generous breasts press against my back. "Umm, these should...umm...explain what I' fan-fantasying about."

"Oh, okay sweetie. Read them together?"


I shyly handed the print outs to her, hoping that the words on paper could convey all the desires I was unable to voice. Together we read a story I came across online. She was intrigued; the blush that appeared on her cheeks told me that she wasn't put-off or offended. And it gave her a better sense of what I wanted, what I needed.

Little did I know that my innermost dream would soon become my thrilling reality.

Our Day

Tara strolled into the house, her stunning blue eyes shimmering against the light of the midday sun. She was so easy going and I was left in awe, yet again, seeing her that way. I smiled "Hey baby, have a good morning?" She didn't answer me, which kind of took me by surprise. She was looking at me in a ...weird ...way? Not 'bad' weird, more like 'I-know-something-you-don't-know' weird. "Um, okay?"

"Mmm, hmm," she mumbled. She was grinning, as she passed by me and made her way to the kitchen, putting away her morning purchases.

I shrugged. Oo-kay. "Hey, Tara, I'll be in the bedroom. I'm almost done packing. Hey, can you grab me a Coke with lots of ice...please."

"Mmm, hmm."

What's with the mumbling? A few minutes later I was still packing. All my efforts would soon be completely dashed, when she made her way into our bedroom. Where's my Coke? I knew she was up to something...her lips took on a mischievous smile. Out of nowhere, she grabbed my luggage and spilled its contents all over the floor.

"Umm, Tara...what is going on?" And where's my Coke?

The tone in her voice was melodic - enticing, demanding to know. "Where do you think you're going?

Okay, forget the coke. Tara's question lingered for a moment before I gathered my senses.

"What the frilly heck?" Going...she knows I have a business trip tomorrow. She knows I like to pack a day in advance. One should always be prepared. And...and...why would she ask me where I was going? And why did she just dump all of my stuff on the floor?

Her actions were surprising and her mood was suggestive - unlike anything I'd ever seen or heard from Tara. Seeing her like that surprised me, yet also fascinated and stimulated me beyond anything imaginable. Never in five years had there been such want, need, and passion expressed on her countenance. It showed in her eyes and radiated from her curvaceous body. I looked at her, the way a starving human would look at a feast. My whole being was filled with intolerable desire. She came at me with a look I would never forget, with eyes darker than the darkest blue. They burnt their way into me. At that moment I knew - It's play time!

I blushed. I had been waiting for this day, had been anticipating it, and it was finally here. Subconsciously I lowered my head, yielding my being to her will. "Have I done something wrong...T-Tara?" I asked, careful not to look up and show any manner of insolence.

"You lied to me, Kitten," she said, her jaw clenched in a tight line. I could hear her struggling, trying to conceal her mirth - it was hard for her to show anger when there really was none. Her intention was made clear - she wanted to fulfill my fantasy. I loved her even more in that instant.

"I would never lie to you, T-Ta," Mistress you dummy, Mistress, Oh, yeah. "M-Mis-Mistress...M-Mis-Mistress Tara." I answered, almost forgetting how to acknowledge her. I felt I was letting her down, trying desperately to please her. It's hard to be her subordinate when I'm getting this turned on.

Nothing escaped Tara's attention. She was fully aware that I was struggling. We had only really discussed once what proper titles to go by when it came to our game. I always figured we would know when the moment presented itself. Well the moment was here and I felt that I had let her down. Tara crossed her arms. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see her thinking, no doubt considering this minor dilemma. She sighed and moved closer to me. I trembled with slight trepidation as she drew me roughly into her arms. Her voice was sultry, her words thick with desire against my ear as she whispered, "As long as you're my Kitten, you will address me as Mistress or Mistress Tara...understand?" implied so much. It signified ownership, control, authority, and above Kitten, Pet...all names that expressed her claim and my surrender. My heart beat faster when I thought of her referring to me as her Kitten.

"Yes Mistress Tara, I understand." A tiny cold shiver ran through me as soon as she let go of our embrace. She took a step back, resuming her previous conversation.

"Look at me Kitten. These," she said, a smirk crossing her face, waving some letters in front of me. "What are these? Are you telling me these don't belong to you? Kitten, you hid them from me. Why did you hide them from me?"

Ah yes, the stories. She had found them. Those stories, someone else's manifestations of my fantasies, had been the impetus for her actions today. I understood then.

"No. No, I wasn't trying to hide them from you... they're just...they mean nothing to me, nothing at all Mistress," I responded guiltily, subconsciously stepping back from her...wrong move. That small step will cost me.

Suddenly, she turned and with an eerie calm, began pacing the room. "Then tell me Kitten, why were these tucked away - hidden? And don't think I didn't notice that little slip up'll cost you."

Even with my head lowered, I was able to see her movements. My roaming eyes were able to detect her whereabouts; she was standing at the foot of our four-poster bed, her back to me. A good Kitten is always aware of her Mistress.

She half turned then stopped as if considering something. After what seemed like hours, but I'm sure were only a few seconds, she began to make her way over to me. I felt her eyes snake down my lithe frame; taking in every inch of what would soon be hers to do with as she pleased.

"I...I...really wasn't trying to hide anything from you Mistress. I have offended you...I'm sorry." I whispered my apology as I lowered my eyes in shame. "Yes, they belong to me, Mistress." I mumbled, recognizing the private documents. I was running late one day and I really wanted to catch up on the latest updates. In my haste, instead of only printing the update itself, I printed the entire web page.

Tara tossed the papers she held in her hand on the nightstand behind me, except for one. My blonde Goddess lightly ran her slender fingers through my hair with her free hand. I felt her grip a few strands and pull tightly causing me to whimper. "Print outs? Really...hmm?" She began to read the one she still held in her other hand. "From Julie, three weeks ago, it's that recent?" she asked, gripping my red locks slightly tighter. I began to feel a wetness forming in my southern region. I tried desperately not to squeeze my thighs together to relieve the insistent throbbing consuming me.

She continued reading, mocking the sincerity of Julie's replies. ""You're so sweet Willow...thank you for everything. Every week I look forward to hearing from you, it's like I can't continue without you.' Who is Julie?" She pressed her body into mine, entangling her fingers closer to my scalp, lifting my head from its previous submissive position.

Julie, the name made my tummy go acidy, do anxious flip flops, just as it did when I first read her story and left her was a very good story. And why did I have to print EVERYTHING out...including the feedback I left? But then again if I hadn't...

Tara lifted my face towards her and fiercely kissed my lips. Her tongue was hot and insistent as it forced it's way inside. "Mmmm." she sighed into my mouth.

Tara ended the kiss abruptly. Her eyes were full of lust: pools of desire. My breath was taken away. "Kneel, Kitten!" she ordered.

Without hesitation I did as I was commanded to do, placing my hands, one over the other, palm side up, behind my back while my gaze fell to the carpeted floor. I heard the sound of heavy boots walking away from me. Next, I knew the white wicker chair, which we had bought for the vanity set, was being dragged through the carpet. Tara placed it in front of me. She sat down, crossing her right leg over her left and leaned forward. The wonderful combination of Lavender and Chamomile was intoxicating for me...she was so close. "I'm making love to you every night and you're exchanging pleasant greetings with Julie and you hide these from me?"

Oh, she's good. "Your Kitten has upset you, Mistress. Please forgive my insincerity and stupidity. They didn't seem important." My nipples were straining against my cotton bra and my skin buzzed with excitement. The wetness between my legs flooded my panties and I was sure that Tara was able to see the sticky wetness through the denim.

"Ah, but they're important enough to hide from me as if you want to test me!"

Giving up control was one aspect of this game that I was a little fearful about. I had to be in control with everyday life issues. Chaos just didn't work for me. I was responsible for our money, our budget - bills, even down to what kind of detergent to buy. It just didn't make sense to spend five dollars more on a product that could do the same job as the one advertised for a lower price. Of course she had a say as well, we are in a relationship, we decide together what is best for us. But during the course of our courtship, somehow it was just assumed that I would be the one to handle the tough decisions. I guess that was why I related more to being the submissive one. I wanted to surrender, to be told what to do and to obey those commands freely and willingly.

"Y-Yes, Mistress Tara. I'm sorry. I have displeased you." I dared not lie. I was already in trouble with my little slip up from earlier.

"Humph!" she sighed in disbelief, sitting upright. "Of course you're sorry, Kitten. Maybe I need to fulfill your secret desires, Kitten. Maybe your Mistress needs to spank your beautiful ass for being naughty," she said, the tone in her voice yearning and coveting that which belonged to her. "Stand up, Kitten," her voice purred - sweet and unyielding.

I immediately stood, my head falling in supplication, hands still behind my back anticipating my Mistress's next command.

Tara's role was simple really...she was in charge. She had complete control over every situation...she had complete control over me. My role was also very simple. I was to adhere to my Mistress's demands, to please her and to submit to her every whim.

She slowly stood up. She moved behind the chair and lifted it from its backrest placing it in front of the vanity. She turned and strode confidently toward me. She was standing before me now, asserting her dominance over me. She placed her right index finger on my breastbone. She began tracing a sultry path between my pert breasts, where my nipples were begging for attention through the barriers of my bra and blouse, down to my abdomen. She momentarily played with a loose button.

Her trek continued past the buttons of my jeans, finally arriving at her destination. Tara placed the palm of her hand on my fiery mound and gripped it tight. In a commanding growl that made my knees wobble in anticipation, she ordered, "Get my belt, Kitten--the one I wear with my jeans should do." My heart skipped a beat - a beat that was quickly taken up by the ever increasing wetness and throbbing between my thighs.

I was shuddering deeply, not just for the arousing pain my backside was sure to feel, but also in the anticipation of this new endeavor and what it meant between us.

"You read about it Kitten, all the time, in perfect detail, with all the pieces in place, as if you'd been through the scenario a hundred times." She was close to me. Her voice was deep, sultry. I could feel her hot breath as she hummed against my ear. She circled me, her hands grazing my backside as she continued to speak. "Domination...bondage...spanking. Maybe that's what gets you off! Maybe I'm not giving you everything you really need!"

"My reading is fantasy, Mistress, nothing more--"

"Did I give you permission to speak Kitten?"

Oops! Don't answer, don't answer...just keep your head down. I cringed. My shame was apparent. My heart was pounding, and my breath was short. I was aware of every feeling that suddenly rushed through me. They were, above all, erotic. I'd never come so close to having my dreams become a reality. And now that reality was upon me, I didn't know how I would respond.

"Well, my naughty kitten, today it's the real thing. Today you taste your fantasies, because you're going to get that cosmic justice you always read about. My belt." Her pointing finger ordered me to the bathroom door, where I knew the belt was hanging with her jeans, right where she had left it.

I padded dutifully from our room - my head and eyes lowered in subservience - and retrieved the instrument of my punishment. It felt heavy in my hand. I speculated how it would feel against my skin. I knew she would spank me with my ass bare. I would be spanked hard until I cried; yet begged for more. The picture was incredibly vivid - at once frightening and also sexy. I could feel my wetness soak my already drenched panties.

I remained the obedient kitten upon returning to our bedroom. I found Tara still inordinately calm. Inside I was dancing a 'jig of glee', feeling happier than I'd ever been. I was also careful not to display my joy and therefore disrespecting my Mistress. Nope, that just wouldn't do. Sure we had often found ourselves tumbling into bed together, taking each other with sexual abandon. But this was different; this was her making a wonderful fantasy come true for me...all these erotic feelings inside of me would come to fruition. Her calmness only suggested her resolve and I knew I would have a happy ending.

Tara took the belt and doubled it in her hand. She did that so expertly, so calmly, it made me shudder with anticipation. "I want you in the kitchen, Kitten, near the counter."

The kitchen?

"Yes, Mistress." I quickly made my way to the kitchen. When I got there I assumed my position near the edge of the counter, dropping to my knees, my hands folded behind my back and my eyes downcast on the tile floor.

Seconds later she entered. "Stand up, Kitten." She nodded at me, indicating toward my jeans. Uninhibited by clothing was how she wanted me. I wiggled from my jeans as she watched. It seemed to take forever to remove each leg.

At last, successful in removing my jeans, I reached up and hooked my thumbs under the elastic of my panties and slid the satin encumbrance past my buttocks to my thighs and then to my knees, where it fell to my feet. I stepped out of them and pushed them aside.

Now, as if taking off my jeans wasn't a big enough struggle, my button down blouse and a lace bra presented an even more difficult task. I stopped my quavering fingers long enough to take a much needed deep breath and steadied myself. With a slight shake of my shoulders I let my blouse and bra fall past the perkiness of my breasts, to expose them to the air. Despite the warmth of the day, my nipples stiffened. Her eyes narrowed as she watched me. Then, I turned around so my bottom faced Tara and she could see my trembling cheeks.

The brief silence that followed had me a bit worried, but only for a moment. Tara had hesitated. I started convincing myself that she didn't want to go through with this, that she was having second thoughts. The impulse to turn my anxious gaze towards her consumed me, but I thought better of it.

As soon as my thoughts came to me I heard her say, "Willow before we start...remember your safe word, okay darling."

My body relaxed as I breathed a sigh of relief. I hadn't been aware I was so tense.

I nodded my response. "I love you so much, Mistress," I just had to let her know. And so it began.

Tara approached me, her stride dominant, authoritative. She ran her hand smoothly over my backside. "Turn around Kitten and let me see you." She instructed her voice slightly rough and breathless. Her hand traced a path from my lips to my jaw and down my neck. I shuddered against her touch as she began her leisure exploration of my breasts. She lingered around them, lightly at first, outlining their curvature, testing their fullness, "Perfect fit," she had stated, before her grip became unrelenting as she seized my taut, pink, puckered tips.

I was barely able to contain a moan. She squeezed and tweaked one stiffened peak, then the other, changing their already responsive erections to painful, hypersensitive soft-tissue.

She released my nipples and her hand journeyed lower to my exposed coppery pubs. I shivered as her blunt nails scratched lightly at my mons. She dipped a finger into the niche of my slit, before moving further down to the center of my need. I am powerless to her touch...oh, yes!

"Mmm...Kitten, so wet." Unmistakable passion and hunger, in her words. "I want you over by the counter...quickly!"

She was close behind me as I reached the counter, centered in the middle of our kitchen, her body pressed against mine. "Grab on to the edges and hold on," she instructed.

"Yes Mistress." I leaned forward bending until my arms were straight in front of me, gripping the ends of the counter. I felt slightly humiliated at my wantoness...but only slightly. I mean this was our first time, still rookies to this game, but it was so worth it...I was her Kitten...yay!

There was no doubt about the anxiousness and arousal in me that craved this feeling. The desire to be overpowered, in the control of someone else, had been a lifelong fantasy that my mind had clung to with a passionate grip. I acted now on instinct. I knew what to do. Tara would have her Kitten.

My naked ass was upturned for her. I was thankful that Tara was compassionate enough not to prolong my agony by making me wait any longer. The acute thrill going through me needed its satisfaction now! Or so I thought.

She struck hard and fast, her determination returned, or at the very least, brought to the surface from where it had been momentarily buried.

* Smack * "One, thank you Mistress." I counted the first blow from the belt...god it felt incredible.

* Smack * "Two, thank you Mistress." * Smack * "Three, thank you Mistress."

At first the blows was merely soft and warm, though as she continued it began to smart. Stinging sensation after stinging sensation, I wiggled to greet them...* Smack * "Five, thank you Mistress."

* Smack *"Six, thank you Mistress."

* Smack * "Seven, thank you Mistress." God this is wonderful. I'm not sure which is more important - counting or dripping for her...* Smack * "Eight, thank you Mistress." Please never stop.

The spanking continued and I heard her determined grunts behind them. I was writhing and crying now...happy tears, biting my tongue trying desperately not to verbally voice my pleasure. I could count on Tara to see my rapture. She would make the most of this opportunity to control love me...*Smack*, * Smack * "Nine, thank you Mistress." "Ten, thank you Mistress." I groaned.

My bottom burnt hot, leaving a blushing, rosy, pink hue. I was sure I couldn't stand any more. I wanted to wrench away, but that would corrupt the picture of my total submission, which must be accomplished with an equally submissive ass, offered for its due punishment.

Tara concluded with a flourish, five more to be precise, after all I had it coming...added punishment for that little slip, with several well placed * smacks * on the center of my burning ass.

I felt her tongue lick the welts she had left behind from the spanking. It felt so soothing, so cool in contrast to the hot, stinging pain. "You behaved very well for your Mistress Kitten."

"I''m glad I was able to please you, Mistress."

"Now stay there until I tell you to get up"

"Yes, Mistress." She took the belt and walked away.

I was left wondering how long I had to stay in position. My situation brought up the feeling of humility at being so exposed--for dishonesty, for a bratty disposition, or whatever the fault. My body always craved a physical correction, a sense of justice. I believed that was why I'd fantasized about it so much, why I craved to read about that crude mix of erotic pleasure and pain.

As I rested against the kitchen counter, I began to feel the burning sting turn to warmth. A vibrant glow replaced my pain. I wished that Tara would return and make love to me. She knew the endings in the stories that I read, knew exactly how the finale went. But perhaps she was deliberately punishing me more by abandoning me?

"You look mighty pretty there, Kitten," I finally heard her sultry voice as she returned to the kitchen. "Turn around and look at me Kitten."

I turned my head so I was looking at her. She stood in the kitchen doorway, leaning casually against the doorframe.

"I like the look. We should have tried it before." I could see the lust in her eyes. Her changed mood meant good times soon, but I was still advised to be submissive to her. I wanted the game to play out as much as she wanted it to. Maybe I manufactured that breach in our relationship so we could take this step. I trusted her, like I'd never trusted any other woman before. She never let me down, not even for an instant.

I watched Tara as she made her way over to the freezer. She was wearing only a slip; I knew she was naked underneath. She opened the door and took out the ice tray. She pushed the door shut and turned, sauntering in my direction. She stood before me by the counter, then raised one leg and rested it on a stool so that I could see her pussy peeking at me. Her bush of honey blond hair glistened. The dim light above made it shadowy, though I could well imagine the luscious folds that surrounded her moist cavern. I wanted to take my tongue and feast on her, but I was obliged to remain in my place until I was ordered otherwise.

My attention was now directed elsewhere. I heard a few ice cubes fall on the counter next to me. She picked one up and within mere seconds, I gasped, "Ohhh...Uhhh...Ahhh."

"Is that making my Kitten feel good?"

"Oh, Y-y-yes Mistress. Your kitten feels very g-g-good."

Her cool hand stroked the slightly raised, rosy pink welts left by my love's belt. "Yes Kitten." She breathed as I groaned against her touch. "You have certainly earned your pleasure today."

The small ice cube had melted beneath my heated flesh. A little droplet made it's way down the creamy expanse of my derriere and settled between my folds. A shiver passed through me as I felt the contrast between hot and cold. I whimpered softly against her, squirming as her fingers caressed and searched deeply inside my aching need.

Tara taunted me even more, lifting her slip higher, revealing her creamy white thighs and exposing her pussy further. Her juices flowed even more as I gazed at her intricate folds. When she spread her legs wider still, her pussy lips parted so I could see the purple pink flesh and her rock hard clit. I imagined the musky smell and the taste that was sweetly pungent. I wanted her to come closer, but she was content to torture me from a distance.

"I see why you read about this in such glowing detail," she said. "The experience is as wonderful as the vision. Isn't that right Kitten?"

"Yes, Mistress Tara." I answered obediently.

"Yes," she stated. "It has been a long time since I've had the satisfaction of expelling so much pent-up feelings. You're as inspiring with that as you are with your sex. Seeing that beautiful blush rise on your ass cheeks was invigorating as much as it was satisfying."

"I'm glad I could please you, Mistress," I said.

"Your blushing bottom is so beautiful right now. Tell me, Kitten, what would you like your Mistress to do for you?"

"Anything she pleases, Mistress," I was starting to realize how much I enjoyed serving my lover. I loved totally submitting to her control. I even welcomed her punishments. No matter what I had to undergo, I knew my lover would never fail to protect me and let me know how much she loved me.

"You're horny, Kitten? Would you like me to touch you...and pleasure you?"

"Yes, Mistress, if it pleases you."

"You're insatiable, even punishment arouses you. Is there nothing that doesn't?" I considered the question rhetorical so I didn't answer.

Besides, we both knew the answer.

"Crawl up on the counter, Kitten, and give me your ass," she instructed me.

I complied readily, hoping I would get some reprieve from the restlessness brewing in my cunt. I felt awkward and thoroughly exposed, but it didn't matter now as long as the result was as fine as I imagined.

She began to lick me. "Did you juice while I was spanking you? Or after?"

"I don't know, Mistress," I whimpered, grinding my rear against her face and tongue.

"Such a tease," she said, and went back to tonguing my wet sex. She ran her tongue the length of my cleft, from deep down below where she found my clit, then past my pussy hole to my puckering rosebud. "Oooo yes," I gasped in joyful reply.

Her hands roamed my back, gripping, pawing at its fullness. The pain had vanished, only to be recalled with her firm squeezing hand. The harsh sensations made me gasp all the more now. She slapped my ass. She still felt dominant over me and would continue to express that until she finished. Her slaps were hard enough to hurt, but I didn't want her to stop. And I did want more tongue on my clit and cunt.

How well she knew me, complying with my need.

Her fingers and her tongue explored me as she nipped my ass while eagerly inserting a finger into my warmth. I winced to myself, wanting her to go deeper yet.

When Tara felt particularly horny, that was how she treated me. She knew that I loved it and wouldn't stop her.

First one finger, and then, two probed me deeply. I groaned and wanted to play with my clit, I bit my lip reminding myself that it was Tara who was in charge of bringing forth my release.

"You're mine," she declared. I felt her fingers deep in me, her strong, long, slim fingers. She pushed deeper, she twisted, and then pumped them in and out. I was beside myself in sensation. I couldn't think or speak. The wildest incoherent cries of pleasure rose into the air around us.

"Don't come until I tell you to," she demanded.

Tara found a way to finger my clit with her other hand. I was ready to explode in seconds, but I wouldn't because she hadn't instructed me to do so. She held me off, building me up, and then letting me down, time and again, so my body ached to find its edge.

I forced myself to back off and work with her, doing everything she asked.

Tara pinched my clit lightly, and then pulled until it hurt. She did that until I couldn't hold off any longer. When she finally let up, I begin grinding myself faster against her hands.

I knew I would need to collapse when this was all over. I was so weak I couldn't remain on my hands and knees even though her fingers remained inside me and she continued to tweak my clit.

"Do you want to come Kitten?" she asked, her voice husky, as she shoved her fingers deeper and I felt my inner walls constrict around her.

"Yes, Mistress," I moaned my body shaking, almost missing her question.

"Aww, tsk - tsk, don't come or you'll just give me another reason to punish you," she said, though I knew she was just joking with me now... or was she?

"Kitten, you've been so obedient to your Mistress, should I reward you?"

"Thank you, Mistress...if it pleases you...Mistress," I grunted and pushed against her wonderful fingers as she probed deeper.

"Do you want to come for me?"

Oh my god, this is such beautiful torture. "Y-Yes Mistress, I want to come for you." I writhed, gasping for air, but dutiful as I fought to hold back the burning urge of my body as it yearned for the blissful release of my impending orgasm.

I felt her voluptuous breasts pressed against my naked, wet, skin as she leaned over my back and whispered. "Such a good Kitten. Alright then, when your Mistress takes your clit into her mouth I expect you to come...understand?"

Yes I would like to purchase that entire country for my Tara. How much is it? $49,46,761,897,930.99...okay I'll take it...she's worth every cent and more. My breath was heavy, "Yes, Mistress, I understand."

She didn't waste any time. As soon as I uttered my response to her, she stood upright. The feel of her breasts against my skin were instantly missed. Then, she lowered herself between my thighs and wrapped her delectable lips around my hard nub and sucked and flicked with such vigor that I screamed her name without abandon. Her free hand gripped my thigh as my core tightened around her other, gripping her fingers, as my essence spilled from me onto her wonderful hand and awaiting mouth. My hips bucked against her as I twitched and thrust and cried out my release.

Her strong, long, nimble fingers never ceased their loving attention inside my wet channel. I had never felt so free...I didn't feel the tears that had escaped me, but she did.

Tara pulled me from the counter and held me, wiping away the tears that flowed freely. Her face shiny, shimmering with my essence.

Her mouth swooped to capture mine in a long searing kiss. Her tongue strong in my mouth, her thirst, quenched, my desire set free at my renewed arousal. I became limp in her arms as her kiss consumed the very depths of my soul.

She led me to our bed where we tumbled on to the sheets. She smiled and kissed me with passion. "Your reward will continue, my sweet may do as you please with your Mistress."

"Thank you Mistress," was all I could say.

She lead me back to our bedroom. I couldn't wait to see her completely naked. As soon as we entered, I turned, facing her. My fingers intertwined with the straps of her gown and slowly I began to glide them off her shoulders. The gown gently slipped down her arms, still lower, as my fingers slowly traced a burning path down her elbows and forearms and finally her wrists where I detangled the straps, letting her gown drop to the floor. She stepped out of it and quickly discarded it.

Tara sat down at the edge of the bed then moved backwards, further up towards the middle, resting on her elbows. I soon joined her as I crawled and made my way to kneel between her legs.

Tara lifted her legs and planted her feet flat against the sheets. She parted her legs wide allowing my hips and thighs to settle comfortably between her thighs, exposing the heated flesh of her oozing sex. "Oh, Mistress." Her inner flesh was sumptuous and glassy, lubricated by her exuding musky, honey essence. My senses were invaded with the unmistakable aroma that was my Mistress.

Need her now!

She lowered herself onto her back as I nestled my face against her heated center. She was ripe with sweat and her fine female liqueur. I lapped at every succulent place and felt her body writhe deliciously against my mouth.

My hands never stopped their caresses of her thighs, her abdomen, her breasts and her sensitive peaks. I heard her gasp when I pinched and rolled her nipples between my forefingers and thumbs.

I lifted my head for a moment. I desired to see her eyes and I wasn't disappointed; hooded and full of need, want, excitement and love.

I brought my right hand down from its 'breast' perch, and traced my fingertips over her moist, swollen pussy lips and stiff clit before removing it completely and pressing my nose there to inhale her scent. She smells absolutely heavenly. I buried my face between her legs and licked one last time.

She whimpered at the loss of contact when I straightened up and kneeled between her legs again. She was lying before me in all her grandeur. My left hand came to rest on the bed, next to her. I cupped her sensuous breasts with my other hand and began to squeeze it gently. The need to satisfy her was too great. She gasped when my mouth found her erect nipple. Tara clutched at my hair, tugging, causing the mildest of exquisite pain, as I kissed and licked and nibbled her delicate flesh. Tara's sounds of joy increased, as her body swayed and her legs tightened against my mid-section.

Again I was witness to a most glorious site. What's that saying? If looks could kill? Well if looks could convey words without once having to voice them, then I knew what she wanted. Tara grabbed my left arm and pulled me more atop her. I sighed audibly when I felt our slicked breasts, pressed against each other. I placed my left hand on the pillows, besides her right temple and lifted myself slightly in order to reach my other hand between our bodies as it slowly began descending south. I centered my fingers between her opening and easily slid right in. She clutched me to her as her body shuddered.

I watched as Tara's back arched upon entering her. I watched as her mouth opened wide in voiceless ecstasy. Her hips drove up stiffly against my hand when I began to thrust inside, already feeling her tight inner walls clench and squeeze my fingers. I stilled my hand, savoring the feeling of being buried deep within my love's body. My thumb grazed against her clitoris, and she thrust her hips forward. Soon we began a silent dance. I continued to watch her face while still moving inside her. With determined strokes, I pushed further into her, then slightly pulled out, pushed in, and again pulled out. Each stroke of my fingers took me deeper inside her, and I could feel the slick wetness she was creating trickle out and saturate my hand. My nirvana.

We brought our open, wet mouths together in a heated, passionate kiss. She pushed her tongue past my lips and teeth, reaching for and finding my wet muscle with an urgent longing of want.

Her hands reached for my face and held my mouth against hers. She moaned deep within my throat, as I worshipped her body towards blissfulness.

Her hips writhed against my thrusting hand, pressing forward and up then descending back down. I stretched my fingers inside her, just enough to reach as deep as I possibly could to her sensitive rough patch. My efforts moved her to her inevitable release. My thumb worked feverishly over her swollen nub and with one final push, Tara experienced one of the most staggering orgasms I'd ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Her whole body exploded. She clutched me to her as her body spasmed. She seemed to have gained super-hero like strength as she constricted and relaxed from the waves of pleasure.

To my disappointment her mouth left mine, but I soon understood. The need to express her feelings was happily accepted. The most wonderful sounds coming from her formed a warm blanket around my heart and in that moment I knew I had fallen in love with her all over again.

As she descended from her bliss, I lowered myself and began placing small, butterfly kisses along the expanse of her creamy white skin. Her neck, collarbone, the sweat-slickened valley between her breasts, her heaving ample breasts with her budding-pink-swollen nipples and her taut abdomen were all properly worshipped.

I finally arrived at my desired destination. I parted her legs and began to lick her sweet, juices clean, savoring the yummiest drink I've ever had. Because a good Kitten always leaves her Mistress clean, not allowing one drop of milky essence to escape her lapping tongue...purr.

In the aftermath of our lovemaking, I'm always left wondering how lucky I really am to have found someone as wonderful as Tara. Am I really worthy of her love? When we decided to partake in this game, I knew she was nervous...but she loved me enough to push her anxiety aside to fulfill my fantasies. The time that we spend together is unforgettable; it's paradise. I cherish every second I'm with her. Simply put...I love her, and she loves me. There is nothing we wouldn't do for each other.

"Hey you, coming to bed? Don't you have an early flight to catch tomorrow?"

"Yeah, just finishing up. Thanks for the Coke sweetie and the crushed ice was an added 'I-love-my-Willow' bonus, wasn't it?"

"You goof."

"Your goof."

"Yes, my goof. What are you finishing up by the way?"

"My journal entry. Remember, I want to remember everything."

"I remember. Down to every last crushed ice..."

Taking a final sip from her refreshing soft drink, Willow set the glass down and placed her journal back in her drawer. She stood up from the vanity chair and made her way over to the bed she shared with Tara. Before settling in under the covers, she turned off the desk lamp.

In their darkened room, nestled and snuggling under their comforter, Willow repeated a once uttered phrase, voiced not so long ago, "Down to every last everything I do with you."

"I love you my Willow."

"And I love always, my forever."


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