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Changing Indiana

Author: Tank
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my imagination in the creation of this story (and maybe some random characters later on).

"We where just asking, no need to get so agro at us every time we want a little light shed on your life" Teeny shot back and Sam sulked back behind her. The two had been trying to get it out of Roberta all morning with no luck at all. Roberta had been in a bad mood since the day before, and still Teeny and Sam had no idea why.

There must be some serious boy issues going down, I'm thinking Roberta caught Tara in BED with Scott!! Oh My God! That Slut!!

"Teeny!" Sam hit her friend on the arm wondering why Teeny's eyes had bulged five times the size in panic within seconds.

"SLUT!" Sam and Roberta stopped in mid step turning around to her dumfounded in what Teeny had just said. There was a few seconds silence where Teeny realized what she had just vocalized.

"Oh, um...I mean...SLUG! Eww...they're gross."

"Uh huh..." Sam said wearily, and still very confused, she looked around the concrete side walk too see no such creature.

"So, uh anyway. We're going to the swimming hole right? Cause, I heard some guys from the town near there found it too and have been going there, I don't want to be in my bathing suit with a load of boys around, the Jell-O falls out of my top in the water" she nervously laughed in an attempt to avoid explaining her mid thought revelation.

"Teeny, why even bother you're already, you know..." she looked at her blankly having no idea what Roberta was implying.

"Well formed" she coughed out trying not to indulge on the subject.

"The bigger the better is what I say, and if there are boys there, then they have to be there, if you know what I mean"

"Fine so now you're not coming swimming, am I the only one going in the water?!" Sam said exasperated.

"Sam I might have a dip, I'm sure Tara will be up for it, and you never know, if you just push Chrissy in..."

They all laughed at the thought of Chrissy in a bad mood cycling home in wet clothes, she probably wouldn't talk to them for days.

"Well here we are, then one more stop for Chrissy and we're finally off" Sam said as they all stood at the end of the path leading up to Tara's house. Teeny kicked the stones that had found their way onto the side walk from the road and Roberta made her self comfortable on the grass.

"Are any of you guys a little bit curious why we've never been in Tara's place since she moved?" Teeny dropped in casually.

"I think her dad is enough of an excuse" Sam replied after a thought.

"Mmmm, I love this heat, god I thought summer was never going to come" Roberta stretched herself out on the lawn wanting to think about Tara as little as possible, she was surprised Sam and Teeny hadn't pushed it any further. Just as she said that she heard the door slam shut, Chrissy and Tara where walking down the path.

"Chrissy? W-why, we thought you'd be at your place" Sam questioned a little unsure of how she even got Tara to let her in past the door.

"Oh, um...urrr..." she looked down at her feet again and shuffled around. It had become the girls' trademark uncomfortable symbol that everyone but them had realized.

"She just needed to drop something off last night, and we got talking, lost track of time and all" Tara grabbed her bike from the grass, she didn't realize she had been so careless the night before, out of anger she hadn't even bothered to put it away in the garage, if her father had saw it he would've dragged it out in the road for anyone to run over. It was his odd way of punishment. Chrissy glanced around wondering where she also had dropped her bike in the dark before running into the house to comfort her friend. She turned towards the house and saw it there sitting in front of the living room window. Her ribbons on the handle bars trailing on the floor.

"Ooh I hope they aren't dirty, mom will be so angry...oh shit." Chrissy suddenly clicked again that she hadn't been home all night, she remembered when she woke up before, but now the reality hit her, her mother could be in any state by now, and maybe it wasn't such a good idea to go home at all.

"Umm, guys I need to make a short stop outside my house, but get ready to" Everyone starred at her with blank looks, but nodded wondering what Chrissy was on about.

The circled around Chrissy front lawn ready for what might be an interesting sight.

"MOTHER!!!!" Chrissy yelled in her loudest and most annoying voice. Within seconds she ran out of the front door with tears running down her cheeks.

"Chrissy!! Where have you been! The police have been looking in ditches and, I a noow... dooo..." she stopped trying to explain herself as she broke town in tears in the middle of the lawn for all the neighbours to see.

"Stop making a scene I'm fine I urrr..."

"Chrissy..." Tara whispered. "This is where you go up to her and give her a hug, and tell her you're alright."

"Umm..." she looked at her friends for some validation on this, as much as she didn't want to get into a big speech about the big bad men in the world that will want to do harm to her little girl.

"Mom...I got to go, I'm good, I'll see you later ok?" she said weakly hopped on her bike and headed off down the road leaving her mother still crying on the lawn.

"Have a nice day!!" She yelled over her shoulder. Teeny, Tara, Chrissy and Roberta followed a little shocked at what Chrissy just did.

"Um, yeah have a good day..." Sam said nervously laughing under her breath as they all cycled off towards Greenfield.

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