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Changing Indiana

Author: Tank
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my imagination in the creation of this story (and maybe some random characters later on).

Tara felt a cold draft on her neck, and realized how uncomfortable she was, her back was hunched over and felt as if her bones and cemented in place over night, she must not have moved at all. Slowly she moved her arms out of the warm but fixed place in front of her knees and stretched above her head letting out a little groan as she felt the light of the morning hit her eyes. She was about to slide her legs out on the floor for one big ass body stretch as she heard a grumble coming from the floor. Tara looked down to see poor Chrissy huddled in a little ball at her feet about to wake up. Ahh Chrissy, such a loyal friend, truly these where the times when Tara really realized behind all the complaining that came out of the girl, she really was one of the purest people she knew.

"Chrissy..." she said lightly, stroking the girl's hair trying to wake her from a sleep.

"Umgh..." she rolled around a little bit before turning on her side, her eyes suddenly shot open at the feel of the cold floor.

"Where am I?" she grumbled and turned on her back to see Tara's big blue eyes starring at her softly.

"My place sweet. You came over remember?" All of the previous night suddenly flooded the both of them.

"Oh, yeah I remember. Are you ok now? I mean I don't know what happened and I don't want to pry but your dad...he...he was you"

"Drunk?" Tara laughed lightly.

"Well, yeah, that's one thing" Chrissy didn't know really what to say, how could Tara be so blaze about it, last night she was so upset, and her father was so full of rage.

"It's ok Chrissy, I'm ok, he gets like that sometimes, he has so much disappointment in his life, and I guess he has no where to out let it but on me"

"And you're ok with that?! Tara he..."

"Shh, I'm fine, he's just angry, hi-his life is so, so empty, I haven't exactly helped things, you know he hates anything even spiritually related."

"It's not your fault, for the way he is" Chrissy jumped in as she saw Tara's eyes filling and ready to drop new tears again.

"I know Chris, I know. Just forget about it ok, I don't want to talk about it anymore". She wiped at her eyes and stood up quickly turning away from her friend. Chrissy quickly followed her lead and glanced down at the small corner they had both spent the night in, unsure to tell the others about it or not. As if she had read her mind, Tara spoke up.

"Don't tell anybody, please" asserting the last word, she shuffled about on her feet still turned away from her friend.

"Ok" she responded in a small voice. Chrissy walked over to her bedside table, passing her and picked up a picture of Tara's mother. She remembered all the summers she had spent over when Tara lived on the other side of the gas light edition, everything was so perfect then. Until it all just fell a part, broke away and everything was different. No one knew how to comfort Tara, she didn't seem to want it, and her father got angry at any mention of her mothers name. And until now Chrissy had never heard her mention her since.

"Mom..." Tara sighed.

"Do you remember when we'd have sleepovers? And she'd make these big forts in the living room before you guys came over. Just for us" she continued.

"Heheh, yeah" Chrissy giggled "and, and she'd bake these insane amounts of cookies for us, that we never got through, we'd all go home with a plate each"

"You would always take the ones shaped like daisies..." Tara finished.

"Yeah..." An uncomfortable silence fell through the both of them, neither new what to say next. Chrissy put down the picture as if it where the most delicate of treasures, however as she did, she noticed a creased picture lying on the blondes pillow.

"Tara, who's..." before she could finish Tara's eyes shot over to the pillow, she grabbed the picture quickly and dived around the other side of the bed to retrieve the show box that had been knocked on the floor the night before.

"n-n-nothi, its n-nothing" she said quietly and slid the picture into the box before dropping it on the floor and kicking it under her bed. Her nervousness even made Chrissy uncomfortable. "We should go; I need to apologize to Roberta for yesterday..."

"It doesn't look like nothing Tar...what's going on with you lately? You're full of so many secrets, your Dad, that picture and Roberta?" She emphasized the last name letting Tara know that was what she really wanted to know about.

"It's nothing. Nothing to do with you, stop p-prying in things you're n-not a part of" she said coldly. She dropped her hair letting the curtains of hair cover her face. She didn't understand how she could be so cruel. Chrissy just wanted to know about her life and she just wanted to block everybody out.

"Fine, let's just go, my mum's probably called half the neighborhood by now looking for me. I'll be down stairs" she quickly left, and stood by the door impatiently.

Tara glanced in the mirror making sure her father hadn't left any mark on her for her friends to question, and left her empty room ready for a day of questions from her friends.

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