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The Howl of the Night

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Joss Whedon created the Buffy universe we all know. Thank you Mutant Enemy for not expanding the W/T relationship. I don't own anything here but the story idea and a few people I made up.

Pacing the room for the duration of ten minuets didn't calm my nerves down. I wonder if she'd be mad if I snuck down a checked on her.

There's the key word sneak. Only to check on her though, not to gaze at a wet, naked, tight, Tara. Nope I would just see if she was okay. At least that's what I told myself as I made my way out the door.

I glanced around me and stared into the surrounding trees. I didn't have a clue which way the lake was.

Closing my eyes I lifted my nose to the breeze. I caught the faint sent of Tara sailing on the wind. Towards the north I went making my way towards the heart of darkness.

I hesitated when I met the wood's edge. I had never really been in the wilderness. I was always a towns girl, stayed indoors and read. That was me.

Finding Tara's blood was still thick in me, I stepped into the thicket instantly coming to tune with nature herself.

The rustle of the night, the way the earth expanded under my feet. It was like walking on the sky, with mother earth there to guide me. For the first time in my life I was primal, I was an animal. I could hear and see everything in front of me. My feet moved in time with the hoot of the night owl and new instincts pulled from every cell of my body. I hadn't stumbled once since I started walking and that above all stunned me. Normally I could barely walk on the sidewalk, let alone the woods. But it was like I knew where the next tree was or next entanglement.

A clearing up ahead began to form and I could smell Tara's sent more strongly now. I slowed my pace and crouched low, like a tiger in the grass. My feet carried me to the opening of the woods and I could hear the soft splatter of water.

I placed my hand on the tree next to me and felt the magic jump from me to it. It sizzled my hand in place and the air thickened around me. I looked at the giant ash in amazement but didn't struggle to what was happening. The life of the tree opened to me and I could feel the sap like it were my borrowed blood. Some strange part of me wanted to hug the tree but the other wanted to slash it with my claws. But I don't have claws? What was happening to me.

Ripping my hand away from the bark I brought my attention back to the original task.

There was Tara, emerged in the black waters. The half formed moon shimmered on the ripples. Her body snaked down as she dunked her head under the water. She popped up a moment later her wet mane cascading down her back.

I held my breath as I watched her stand up half of her body visible the other barely out. I could see the patch of hair that hid her treasure and I nearly fainted. I didn't mean for this to go this far. But I couldn't seem to tear my eyes away.

Her body turned, her back now to me and the light of the night accented her breasts and I could make out her budding nipples.

Turning quickly I started to book it towards the house. All I needed was for Tara to see me going at myself and think I was crazy.

It took less time to make it back to the cabin than it did to find the lake. I was thankful to finally be in the confines of the room. Sitting at the table I counted backwards from ten then a hundred than a million, I just couldn't get her beautiful body out of my mind.

The creak of the door brought me to my feet. But it wasn't Tara that stood in the doorway. A short muscular man with spiked red hair and forest green eyes was in view. Two larger men flanked him. One on his left was tall and blacker than any night sky. His head was shaved and he wasn't wearing a shirt just like the other two, just ripped genes. The man to his right was tall and skinny. His blonde hair was buzzed short and gelled to stick up. His eyes where a sky blue and I shuddered as they swam from normal to star irises. They were werewolves.

Shit. I stood still secretly praying that Tara was all right. Until she was shoved though the door. She stumbled and fell on all fours. Tara was back in her boxers and a different blue T-shirt. Thank the Gods for that.

A slender-waist but broad-shoulder woman stepped in after Tara. Her brown hair stretched to her knees. She was pale and had large hazel eyes. The curves of her body where brought out by the simple fact she was only wearing short shorts and a sports bra. She smirked at me, her thin lips curling over fangs. Then squatting down she grabbed Tara's still wet hair and jerked her head back.

A sharp hiss escaped Tara's lips and I quickly moved forward but the two larger men were on me instantly pinning my arms behind my back.

"Well, well my shy cub." The red-haired man said walking forward "what new play thing is this?" He nodded towards me. I looked at Tara searching for something to do but she just stayed placid in the woman's grip.

When Tara didn't answer he stomped towards her and replaced his hand with the woman's, tugging at my beauty's hair harder, forcing her to look him in the eyes. "Huh? Who is this!? She reeks of vampire and," He stopped and bent his head low to Tara's face and sniffed her. "So do you."

The rage was evident in his voice and I was at a loss of what to do. I didn't even have my dagger, it was still nestled next to the bed. He struck her in the face and her fragile body flung into the wood. She put out her hands to help catch herself, but when she pulled herself up she nose was bleeding and a welt was forming on her cheek.

My captures must have read something in my movement because the dark one chuckled. "Don't even think about it little red, we'd kill you before you could think."

"Don't be so sure about that." I warned. I jerked my right arm free and elbowed the blonde hair man in the gut. He gave a loud oof and I sprang upwards, bringing my right leg around to catch the dark man in the face.

He still held onto my other arm but I worked around it. I brought my fist to his face and my leg to the blonde man charging into me. They both stumbled backwards and I made a dash from my weapon.

Nearly making it to the dagger someone jumped on me brining my body down. I was flipped over on my back and now staring up into the shorter man's angry eyes.

He pinned my arms above my head with one hand and looked down my body. "Well aren't you a feisty one. Have you fucked our dear Tara yet? No, no I don't suppose you have." He glanced back at Tara who was now being held by a bleeding blonde man and the woman. "It is truly something special to have wolf sex.'' His other hand moved to the waistband of his pants and he started to unbutton them.

When I realized what was about to happen I began to struggle. His hand tightened around mine. "Oh I like when they fight."

I screamed into his face and started to try and frantically wiggle my body out from under him. He held me like I were nothing. When he accomplished his task of pulling his pants down I felt him in all his glory press up against me.

The rage began to flood off me. I looked around at Tara and saw her staring at this in horror. Her eyes began to darken and she focused her energy towards me. Her sent and devotion poured into me. I could feel her wrapping her protection around me and it filled me with unbelievable strength.

I brought my knee up catching the man in the groin. His grip loosened enough for me to scramble up. He tackled me again my stomach now on the floor.

"I will have you, you little bitch." He growled in my ear. I looked up and saw the dagger half laying over the table.

Tara's magic prickled over me again and I knew what I had to do. "Dagger!" I shouted and heard Tara's voice echo the same. The dagger flew off the table into my open hand. I flipped my body around on the floor and stuck it deep into the man's gut. I jutted upwards feeling the tip of the blade scrape his ribs.

He grunted and pulled himself off of me. His blood poring onto me. Staggering back he looked down at the protruding blade in shock. Eyes wide and mouth parted.

"It's silver asshole." I snarled.

His body shook and he fell to the floor coughing, blood spurting out of his mouth. The other three rushed me then. But Tara was up knocking the the woman to the floor. I heard a savage growl before I was knocked over by the dark one. The blonde man must have decided against it and took off. Though I couldn't see anything but a dark fist smashing my face in.

I gave up fighting and took the blows. Suddenly he was knocked off me by a blur of gold. I sat up in time to see a half formed Tara slashing the man's throat open with her razor claws. His eyes held the shock that the other man had as he scrambled to drag himself out the door, the blood fowling him like a bride's dress.

Tara growled at the man leaving and I looked at her with mixed amazement. Her face held a muzzle but the eyes where still the same blue with a tint of yellow. Once beautiful long fingers now deadly killers. She stood and the golden fur ran down her back where the shirt had ripped. She turned her back to me and let out a painful howl. It was like watching a movie rewind. The hair shrunk into her smooth skin and her claws retracted. The bones cracked and snapped back into place one by one, making me grit my teeth for the pain she must be feeling. I could make out the long snout being pulled into her soft face.

She fell back to the floor, her body coated with sweat and other fluids. I rushed to her, kneeling next to her face.

"Tara! Tara! Are you okay?" I asked in my usual frantic tone.

Her body shifted so she could look at me. "Yeah, I'm fine. See I told you enough meditation helps" She smiled

My joy could not be contained as I scooped her into my arms. Her half naked body pressed against my bloodied one. She began to cry and I held her tighter.

"It's okay baby, shh it's over now I'm here." I said softly kissing her head.

"I w-was so-so scared. I couldn't watch him do t-that to you. I don't ever want to lose you. You mean s-so much to me already." She sobbed.

I rocked her gently back and forth until she calmed down.

"Who is that?" I asked indicating to the still body of the red haired man.

Tara shuddered and hid her face in my shirt. "Th-that's Oz. He's t-the p-pack leader."

"He's not dead yet is he?" I asked. She shook her head into my shirt.

I began to stand but Tara put her arm on my waist and pulled me back. "W-what are you doing?"

"I'm going to finish it." I said quietly.

"No! You can't you don't understand i-if you kill him you become pack leader."

She had a point there. "Then you kill him."

The shock was evident. "I wouldn't last a week."

"You underestimate yourself. You fought like a true warrior tonight and if your pack believes you have the vampire allies they dare not touch you."

She looked at him then back to me. "But, but I'm-" I stopped the words with my lips. I kissed her deeply and soulfully allowing my tongue to caress her worry away. My blood stained face meshed with hers and we were one. Her magic rolled over me and dipped into my soul. It was at that moment something clicked and unlocked in my body. My own, newfound magic found Tara's and together they mingled and combined into one. It wasn't just luck we had found each other, it was destiny.

"We'll do it together." I said nuzzling into her head.

"Okay." She whispered.

We both stood together, I laced my fingers into hers and we made our way across the room to the pack leader.

The knife was still stuck upwards but the blood had stopped flowing. "We'll need to do this quickly before he comes to." I said.

Tara nodded and bent down to look into his face. "For so many years you have used me, but not tonight. Tonight you unleashed something so powerful I almost want to thank you. Now you suffer no more."

His eyes fluttered but it was too late. I was already ripping the dagger out and reapplying it to his chest and Tara's claws and jaws came out and slashed open his face and neck. There was a moment of wet gurgling noises but it was over quickly.

I pulled my knife out with a hollow thud and cleaned it off with my shirt. Tara painfully once again came back to human form. Our faces and arms soaked crimson.

"Now what do we do?" I asked panting.

Tara looked at me then towards the open door. "Now we call the pack."

It was game time and I had to be prepared. Bluffing would be the only way the both of us would survive.

Tara moved quickly to her dresser to put on a rangy old t-shirt. She then walked towards the mangled body and picked it up in her arms with such ease. Steadily she carried the rag out the door into the night. I followed quietly behind.

The smell of fresh air compared to musky death was so sudden I stumbled. Tara glanced back at me. "You okay?"

I shook my head. "yeah just a little woozy."

She turned back to the woods and took a deep breath. Her head dipped back and her mouth opened and let out a high cry. The howl bounced off the trees back to our ears. Tara paused for a moment looked around then let up the call again.

After a few moments figures began to grow out of the shadows as they walked from the thickness to us.

They filled out one by one until I stopped counting at fifty. There stood a clump of half-wolf half-human forms. I had forgotten it was so close to the full moon. I stood straighter behind Tara showing my support.

Many of the pack members lifted their muzzles or noses up to smell the blood on us.

One from the back shouted. "That is the blood of Oz, our leader."

I was afraid that Tara would back down now but she seemed to muster all her hidden courage and stepped forward lifting the body up. "Yes!" She growled "This was once the body of our great leader. But no more. I am now Drappa!"

There was a great roar of mixed joy and anger. Someone shouted. "I will kill you Tara during the next full moon."

Tara threw the carcass out into the sea of monsters "You will address me as Tarashitia now! And I will take on anyone who tries. Now that I have the vampires as our allies that would be a very bold move. No pack in over three hundred years has had the co-operation of the vampire covens. If you wish to give all that up to kill me or try to kill me, be my guest." I couldn't believe this side of Tara... bold-Tara was way hot.

"Lies!" Someone cried.

"Do you really want to test that theory?" I yelled out into the crowd.

Everyone hushed and looked at me.

"I speak for the vampire coven in this region. Lose Tarashitia, then lose our help." I tried to sound as sure of myself as I could. William was going to be pissed. Matters like this took weeks of deliberation and preparing. I just signed it over in 2.5 seconds. Bold move indeed. But it didn't matter. I loved Tara and if giving my life to protect her was what it would take than so be it.

William had talked of the werewolf ally situation for a long time. No one had ever taken the final step though. Gaining the werewolves as allies was not on the priority list anymore. So I hoped to all that there was this would work out.

I moved to position myself next to Tara. "We are equals now. Anyone here willing to give that up?"

There was a dull murmur and one man stepped forward. He was normal size, brown buzzed hair and dark eyes. Muscles bulged down his arms and back, he tried really hard to keep up with rest I could tell. "I don't know how well Tarashitia rules, she has always appeared weak, but now I see that was all a front." He walked towards us and kneeled in front of Tara. "I accept our new Drappa and open my blood to her."

His words seemed very formal like this had all been done before. He bit into his wrist, red liquid instantly filling the holes. The smell filled my nostrils and I stepped back.

The clump of wolves one by one got down on their knees. I stared out in amazement at how easy this was. That made me stop. This truly was very easy. I wanted to inform Tara to ask her what was going on but she was already dipping her head to the man's outstretched arm, lapping up his blood, like a kitten with fresh milk.

All that could be heard was the suckling noise of the offering. After what seemed like forever Tara jerked from the man's arm and let out an ear shattering howl. Blood dripping down her chin.

She looked at me her eyes the color of gold and blue mixing together as one. I dipped my head and bowed down on one knee. I wanted to prove to her pack that she had my full trust.

Her hand came to rest gently on my shoulder. "You may rise, my love." There was a few whispers at her words but all fell silent when I rose.

I looked at her as she did me. The love in that moment swirled around us both and lifted my dead heart to life. She was my life my only hope in living. The way she was looking at me now to the shy girl sitting by herself at the club. Tara was so sweet, so beautiful and so right. Nothing seemed wrong in me wanting to kiss her or to hold her.

My head cocked to one side in wonder. What where we going to do now?

Tara picked up on this and turned back to the pack and the man still kneeling at her feet. "You may go. I have some business to attend to." The members began to back away slowly into the trees. Each in turn dipping their heads or licking the tops of Tara's hand, until all that was left was the man on the ground and Oz's body.

"Drappa! You need to select your guard. Who among us do you trust to protect you with their life?" The brown haired man shouted standing up. He looked genuinely concerned as if Tara dismissing the pack was a really bad idea.

"Poslac." Tara whispered. "There is no one among you that I trust." She started to turn and walk away but he flew forward and grabbed her arm.

"No, no mistress, please pick someone to protect you. I know what others in the pack did to you. But I was not one of them. Not many of us agreed with Oz's methods. Let us, me make amends. Let me protect you."

I stared at the man huddled at my love's hand. I squared my shoulders into a changeling stance, moving to put myself between Tara and Poslac. He stood straighter and looked me in the eyes as if I weren't even worth his time.

My stomach clenched and I balled my hands into fists. I felt Tara's hand on my arm and she gripped me gently.

"Flame, darling look at me." She said softly. I didn't move I continued to stare at Poslac. He now returned my glare. We were not going to get along very well.

She jerked my arm hard, whirling me around my face inches from her. She didn't hesitate but put her lips to mine. The kiss was harsh and demanding at first, with Tara nipping at my lip and me tasting the dried blood on hers. Our tongues danced together and pulled apart in quick spurts.

We both pulled away and I hesitated to wipe my mouth and stood full on to see Poslac. His mouth was hanging open but he composed himself quickly and straightened up.

Tara looked at him idly. "Do you still wish to protect me?"

"I do mistress. Though I do not agree to trusting a vampire," He said glancing at me. "If it means less killing of our kind and better means of cooperation, than so be it."

"Very well-" Tara sighed.

"What? You can't bring him back to the coven tonight! They'll kill him. I need only you tonight, I will protect you." I blurted out.

Tara chuckled. "If you would let me finish." I blushed and kicked at a stone.

"You will stay with the pack tonight, gather up the ones you trust most and present them to me tomorrow. Until then I will be satisfied with my vampire guard." He opened his mouth to argue but she put her hand up for silence. "Go now and don't disappoint me."

He didn't utter another word but turned and darted towards the woods with incredible speed.

Tara and I were left alone in the clearing behind her house. The wind shook the trees as they swayed back and forth gently.

"Ready?" I asked hastily, starting towards my bike.

"Willow wait."

I stopped and turned back to her quietly waiting for her to speak.

"I love you."

"Wh-what?? You love me? Why? I didn't do anything, I couldn't even of protected you if something where to have happened. I don't want to lose you, you mean so much to me already. A-and I-"

Tara seized me, hugged me to her and rested her head on my shoulder. Her body shook and I realized she was crying. I was in shock. Tara loved me? Like truly loved me? No one has ever made me feel the way Tara does. No one has ever looked at me the way she does or trust me the way she does.

I hugged her back tighter. "Oh Tara, I love you so much. I-I can't even explain it. We've just met and it's it's like nothing could ever tear me away from you, not ever."

She sniffed and turned to look at me. "What you did for me tonight, you've brought out something inside me. Like a door I needed the key to and you're that key. You are life Willow, you are everything that makes this world wonderful."

That touched me more than any words ever spoken. Tears fell down my face to meet Tara's now soaking the quiet grass. We could do this, together we could do anything.

"Let us go see my dear William." I said.

"Yes lets go face the music." Tara smiled and kissed me gently on the lips.

And that's exactly what we set off to do.

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