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The Howl of the Night

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Joss Whedon created the Buffy universe we all know. Thank you Mutant Enemy for not expanding the W/T relationship. I don't own anything here but the story idea and a few people I made up.

I was swimming in darkness. I paddled my hands like I was in water, reaching out for anything to touch. But my fingers only found more eternal black.

The cold clung to my bare arms and legs, wrapping around me like a snake. It made me immobile but yet I was moving I could feel my limbs working.

"Why haven't you found it?" A faint voice whispered.

I wheeled around frantically searching the dark. "Found what?" I shouted in confusion.

"Why haven't you found it?" The voice repeated stronger now.

"I don't know what I'm suppose to be searching for!" I answered shrilly.

My eyes caught a bright object coming towards me slowly. At first it was the size of a golf ball but it came closer growing larger. I couldn't stop staring at it. Then I felt the heat radiating off of the giant ball. It burst into flame and knocked me backwards.

I screamed and threw myself forward now in Tara's bed. The sun was pouring in though all the windows burning my pale flesh.

"Tara!" I screamed, shielding my eyes with my arms. The light was sizzling my skin off and it was the worst pain I had ever experienced.

I felt the bed move and the sharp sounds of curtains being thrown.

"Oh my god Willow are you okay?" Tara asked pulling me up to my feet and taking me over to the sink. "I thought you had already left." She sobbed turning on the water.

I looked up at her face now stained with tears. I don't know what hurt me more being burned alive or seeing Tara cry.

"Tara, ah, it's okay, mmm I fell asleep it was my fault." I reassured her while she applied a wet towel to my arms.

She shook her head. "I am so sorry. I never should have asked you to stay."

I pulled one of my hands out of her care and placed it on the side of her face. I slowly ran my hand up and down it until her sobs subsided a bit.

I leaned into her my eyes closed, lips half parted waiting for hers to meet mine. I felt her press into me gently, her lips instantly sending a spark to my pants.

I nibbled on her bottom lip savoring the way she tasted in my mouth. Careful not to nick her delicate flesh on my fangs I brought her tongue into my mouth and battled with it, lifting it up to taste the roof of my mouth.

"Oh." she moaned into my mouth, further encouraging me. I dropped the towel and wrapped my chaffed limbs around her pulling her into me.

Our breasts and lower bodies mashed together making my legs wobble. I wanted to rub us together to get some kind of release but I knew now was not the time.

We both pulled away, our chests rising and falling hard. I moved my arms to my sides and they bumped my legs. Expecting terrible pain I looked down and gasped in shock.

Tara looked as well and I heard her whisper ''oh my God."

I lifted my arms to my face and looked them over. Not a burn or so much as a scab. My jaw dropped even more as I looked at Tara. She was glowing.

"Well I knew that I healed well," I joked "but you sure sped up the process."

Tara's glow began to subside and she looked at me with fresh tears in her eyes.

"What's wrong?" I asked taking her into my arms. Hoping I hadn't upset her again. Being confused wasn't new to me, but healing that rapidly wasn't something of my known ability. Sure some vampires could do it, like the Masters but not some peon like me.

"I-I haven't been able to heal s-since my m-mother died." She sobbed.

I maneuvered us towards the bed and sat down. Allowing us to get comfortable knowing there was a fragile story needing to surface.

Tara buried her head in my shoulder and shook with tears. I placed my arm around her shoulders and rested my head on hers. "Shh, baby it's okay you can tell me."

I stroked her hair and soothed her down to the point of conversation. She sat up and brushed her tears away with her palm.

"You cared for her a great deal, huh?" I asked looking at her torn face.

She nodded slowly looking down at the sheets. "I loved her so much. She was so wonderful, you would have liked her.'' She smiled sadly looking at me. "The ones who made me killed her. They wanted her to do some sort of spell so they could change to wolf anytime they wanted. See we can do it, but it takes years of meditation and practice, most of us don't have the patience for it. When she refused they took me made her watch them infect me. They even let her live up until," she took a deep breath "until my-my first change."

She looked up at me her eyes filled with tears again. "I can still remember her screaming and begging for them to take her instead. I-I remember changing but usually you don't remember much during the first, that's why the pack members are there to keep you under control."

All of a sudden I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew what Tara was about to say.

"You killed her." I said softly.

She looked up at me anguish in her face and she reached out for me but pulled away. "I came-to that morning with my mothers disfigured body at my side. All that was recognizable was her eyes. Then they took me away and I never saw her again."

She searched my eyes for something that I wasn't sure I could give. Comfort. It's not like I haven't killed anyone before and since I have hardly any compassion for the living it was new to me to want to care for her.

I pulled her to me, kissing her forehead lightly. "It wasn't your fault, baby. Don't you for one second think that it was."

She whimpered and I hugged her tighter. "You are very lucky to have love from such an outstanding woman."

"How do you know she was that great? You've never met her." Tara asked still in my embrace.

"Because I have you. And you are the most beautiful, kind, loving person I know. She must have been some woman to have such a daughter like you."

I felt her smile and it made my body tingle. She relaxed and hugged me tighter. We stayed like that in each others embrace for minuets, hours, days I didn't know. It wasn't until she heard my stomach grumble, that she looked up at me. "Are you hungry?"

I blushed. "Well I haven't ate in two nights, but I don't kill humans now. So don't offer to go and fetch me one." She laughed. "But I don't need anything. I can last up to a week without blood."

Her mood shifted. I could feel something different in the way her body was pressed against mine. The sexual heat coming in waves and bouncing off me.

"Tara?" I asked

"I want you to feed off me." He voice was low almost like a growl.

"I'm-I'm not sure that's such a good idea." I stammered. But she was already up and making her way towards her dresser. We were still in our clothes from the previous night.

I turned when she started to undress and waited for the okay to look. I heard her step closer and she placed a hand on my shoulder and turned my body back towards hers.

She was now in a pair of light blue boxer shorts and a green tank top. I lost all the ability to think straight. Tara was the only thing filling my senses and I could smell her arousal as if it where right on my body. I was suddenly very turned on. I had never ever felt like this before. My pants where soaked, the leather squeaking slightly with my shuddered movements.

Tara moved to sit next to me. Her hair was let down, long golden tresses falling a little past her shoulders. She moved her hair to one side exposing her neck. My heart was up in my throat and I tried to swallow it down. Her skin was so tight so easily penetrated that it took all my power not to take her right in my mouth.

"Tara." I breathed out. "I can't bite you there. What if your pack sees."

She looked at me for a moment no emotions on her face, then laid down flat on her back. Her head at the end of the bed and her legs spread wide. I moved off the bed to get a better look at her.

Her breathing was erratic and her heart was beating a mile a minuet. She was nervous but very excited.

"Where would be better?" She asked quietly, never taking her eyes off me. It was so sexy to hear her speak to me like that, that I nearly came in my pants

"Well, um perhaps your thigh. Not too high." I added hastily. "Or the top of your left breast. Just above the heart." She held her breath at that and seemed to ponder both ideas. "How about the breast. We'll start slow I don't want to push you to do something you don't want to do."

I nodded. "It's just that if I mark you, that makes you mine. A-and I'm not sure if you want that. To be claimed by a vampire."

Her face changed from desire to devotion. "I would like nothing more than to be marked by you forever."

I sighed contentedly and walked over to the bed kneeling at her feet. "May I?" I asked indicating to her legs.

She nodded and spread them so I could position myself on her easily. The moment our pelvis touched she instinctively jutted her hips forward. We both moaned and looked down at our joined bodies. Before I lowed my whole body down I reached for the bottom of her tank top.

"Can we take this off?" I asked a little unsure.

She blushed and looked away. "U-uh I'm y-you know n-not very p-pretty."

I was shocked. How could the most beautiful woman in the world not think she was desired. I wanted to ravage her right now, but this was all still new ground for me and I didn't want to do anything stupid. But I wanted to show Tara that I wanted her. I don't care what others have done to her in the past, I wanted her to feel what I was feeling.

I moved my hands up to her top and gripped the material tight and tugged roughly, ripping the cotton like it where tissue paper. She gasped and looked at me with mixed surprise and arousal.

Throwing the shirt down to the wood floor I brought my gaze back to hers. My breath was completely taken away. Clad tightly in a white cotton bra was the most luscious, eatable breasts I had ever seen. I had never looked upon something so arousing as seeing Tara's hidden glory.

I felt the bed shaking slightly and I tore my eyes from her mounds to look up at her. Her lips where parted and she was looking at me expectantly.

"Baby you are oh so beautiful." I breathed.

My hands slid upward slowly, dragging my fingertips on her smooth thighs then up past her boxers to her tummy. I rested there for a moment looking into her eyes before I proceeded. When she didn't give me any reason not to go on I cupped her cotton, slaved beauties in my hands.

We both moaned loudly as if it where something that we both had needed to do forever. Her nipples hardened at my touch and it got me even more aroused. I began to message her breasts softly then increasing my pressure every now and then.

Tara was moaning softly and pressing her hips into my waiting pelvic sending sparks trough our bodies. I stopped playing with her breasts long enough to bend down to her left breast and kiss the exposed skin softly. She whined and gripped my hair pushing me into her.

I hid my teeth with my lips so as not to tear her open and sucked gently. I pulled my head back and placed little kisses on the bruised mark. I was ready and I could feel she was too.

"You ready, baby?" I asked.

''Mmhmm." She cooed.

I dipped my head down and sucked the wet mark into my mouth and brought out my fangs, grazing her skin. She gasped and pushed her upper body into my mouth.

Opening my mouth a little wider I pressed my teeth into her, making small little holes.

The blood rushed into my mouth, filling me with unforgettable warmth. I swallowed the first rush and continued to nuzzle at her still clasped breast. I wasn't ready to really see them. I wanted our first experience to be special, given what we were doing now would be one of the most sexually arousing things we'll ever do.

I moaned and began to suck steadily. Drinking down her sweet nectar until she cried out and I felt her body shudder.

Pulling away quickly I sucked in air and stumbled off of her. I extended my hand to anything that would hold me up and chanced a look in the small mirror on the wall. My eyes where dilated pure black and my cheeks rosy red, my whole body was pulsing.

I had no idea that drinking from a shapeshifter would be this rewarding, I was seeing everything in double.

Tara was still laying flat on the bed, her chest rising and falling rapidly. "That was intense." She breathed out.

I smiled. "You have no idea."

She began to sit up slowly, I moved over to help her and we both sat with our feet on the ground. Her white bra was now stained with blood streaks. The blood around the mark was already starting to dry and her wounds healing.

We looked at each other sheepishly and she finally pulled herself to her feet.

Tara walked over to the window and looked outside. The sun was setting already and she turned to me. "I'm going down to the lake and bathe all right?"

"There's a lake?" I asked in mock amazement.

"Yeah it's hidden deep in the woods. It's quiet large and for it to actually be in the middle of a woods is interesting all the same. I call it mystic lake, ju-just because there is so much magic surrounded by it. I-it's pretty cool."

She went to the kitchen and got into the cabinet under the sink pulling out a blue towel. "I won't be long. I"m s-sure you have to leave soon, just wait until I get back okay?"

"Okay." I smiled

Tara rushed over and wrapped her arms around me, smearing blood on my white shirt. I didn't care, being in Tara's arms was more important to me than anything in this world. She let go hastily and hurried out the door.

I stared at the closed door for a moment and wanted so badly to say something, to thank her for the life running though me. She had given herself to me and in that moment I realized I was in love with this girl. I loved Tara.

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