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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Willow swallowed hard as she felt Tara's hands squeezing her. The blonde's touch was electric and at the moment, Willow's body was pulsating with current.


The blonde replied to the breathless use of her name with a lopsided grin. Slowly, she ran her hands down the redheads petite frame and hooked her fingers inside two empty belt loops. Willow could only blink as she watched her lover take a seat on the tailgate of the Chevy.

A gentle tug put Willow's legs in motion and she stepped forward. It must have only been a half step, but it closed the distance between the two women and Willow found herself wrapped up in Tara.

First, she felt two warm arms slide around her and the softness of the blonde's body pressing against her. For a moment she worried that something might be wrong.

Willow closed her eyes as she felt Tara's cheek rub against her own. She caught the faintest whiff of vanilla and the delicious smell that belonged to Tara alone. Willow took a deep breath... allowing Tara to fill her soul and override her senses. She was just about to speak when she felt two familiar legs wrap around her and pull her close.


Tara felt the redhead's body tremble as she whispered her name. She couldn't believe she had such an effect on Willow. Slowly, she ran her hands up and down Willow's back. The redhead was small but so strong. Tara was so lost in the feel of her lover's body that she never heard the two cups of cider hit the ground... she never heard the rocks crunch beneath the heavy cups. She did, however, hear the low moan that escaped Willow's lips just as the redhead wrapped her arms around the blonde


Willow leaned in and nuzzled the blonde's neck, placing small kisses and soft bites in all the secret places that drove Tara crazy.

"Ohhh... Will..."

Willow slid her hands underneath the blonde's legs and scooted her further back in the bed of the truck. She leaned in and captured Tara's lips in a passionate kiss. Slowly, Willow climbed up in the truck, her body still warmly wrapped in a Tara cocoon as the blonde lay back in the truck.

Willow raised herself up and smiled lovingly into blue eyes.

"Is this okay... are you comfortable...?"

The blonde nodded her head and pulled her lover down for another heated kiss. She felt Willow's tongue slowly slide against her lips and her body shook with anticipation.

"Did you feel that?"

Tara moaned and ran her fingers through Willow's red hair.

"Mmmmmm... yes I did...."

Willow pulled back and looked through the back glass of the truck.

"Not that... that..."

Tara propped herself up on her elbows and waited.

"Sweetie... the only thing I felt..."

Before the blonde could finish her sentence, a cold drop of rain smacked her in the forehead.

"There... feel it..."

Before they could say another word, the sky burst open and the cold September rain washed over them.

"Oh my god...."


The girls scrambled out of the back of the truck and onto the porch. They tried to move quickly, but the rain fell to hard and fast and they found themselves very wet.


The redhead smiled at her lover.

"It's okay... we're out of the rain... no worries..."

Willow looked up and her smile quickly faded at the terrified look on Tara's face. she followed the line of sight of her lover and soon found herself sporting a worried expression.


Tara ran off the porch towards the barn.

"I've got to get him in... he'll catch a cold..."

Willow was not about to let her lover go out in the rain alone. She hopped off the porch and followed the blonde into the barn.

"Open his stall and I'll go get him..."

Willow ran to the stall and did as she was instructed. She threw open the door and quickly ran to see if she could help the blonde. Just as she got to the entrance, Tara and Frankie came trotting into the barn. Tara lead the horse to it's stall and Willow closed the barn doors behind them.

"Is he okay?"

Tara nodded her head as the water dripped from her nose.

"We just got to get him wiped down... and a blanket over him..."

Willow grabbed two brushes and entered the stall. Slowly, she stepped toward Frankie and began brushing the him down. She knew Tara's heart would be broken if Frankie got sick and she never wanted the blonde's heart to break.

"Will... I'm gonna grab a blanket... you okay in here?"

Willow nodded as she continued to rub the horse down. Tara ran upstairs and the redhead found herself alone.

"Hey big guy... don't you worry... everything's gonna be okay..."

She didn't know if she said the words aloud for his sake or her own but it seemed to be helping both of them calm down.

"We're gonna get you good and dry and then you're gonna get a blankie... I'll bet you get some tasty oats too..."

Willow brushed the horse's neck and started to walk underneath his head to get to the other side. Frankie chose that moment to lay his head down on the redhead's shoulder... freezing her in her tracks.

"Stay calm Willow... stay calm... he's not gonna bite you... not gonna bite..."

Tara stopped at the foot of the steps and took in the sight of her lover standing stiff as a board with Frankie's head draped over her shoulder.

"Tara... help me... I think I made him mad..."

Tara smiled as she walked towards the stall. She walked around so that she could see the look on Willow's face. The redhead was terrified. She felt bad for her, but knew nothing was wrong.

"Honey... he likes you..."

"He's gonna bite my head off... I know it...."

Tara let a small giggle escape.

"I'm glad you find this funny..."

Willow whispered as loud as she could, afraid that any loud noise would set the beast off.

"Sweetie... he's not going to bite you... he's telling you that he trusts you..."

Willow felt herself relax a little... but only a little.


Tara patted the horse on the back and slowly tossed the blanket over him. He let out a contented sigh and Willow found herself relaxing even further.

"He likes me?"

Tara nodded her head as she watched Willow slowly raise her hands and pat the horse on the neck. It was the most endearing thing she had ever seen.

"Well... I can't believe I'm saying this... but... I like you too Frankie..."

Soon the girls finished up in the barn and secured all the animals, even Dusty had decided to bunk down with the horses for the night. Now, it was time to make a made dash back to the house. The rain was cold and the house had never looked so far away.

Tara looked to her lover.

"On the count of three... ready...?"

Willow nodded her head and took a deep breath.

"1... 2... 3..."

Tara threw the door open and both girls bolted across the driveway screaming and laughing the whole way. Before they knew it, they were on the front porch slipping off their shoes.

"Hurry... let's get inside..."

Willow went straight to the fireplace and cranked it on.

"That will get it wa..."

Her words froze in her throat as she turned and found Tara standing naked at the front door.

"I... did you... ummm... help?!"

Tara smiled at her lover as she headed to the steps.

"I thought I would take a shower... didn't want to smell like horse all night..."

Willow could only nod her head as the blonde stood at the foot of the stairs. Tara gave her lover a come hither stare before heading on up the stairs.

"You might want to shower too..."

Willow ran to the bottom of the steps, tossing clothes as she went. The night was young and filled with possibilities. Willow climbed the steps two at a time in an effort to catch up with her lover.

"Ohhh... you bet I want to shower..."

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