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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, if I did I would set them free...

Tara sat on the tailgate of her truck... her legs swinging back forth. Willow had insisted that the blonde stay put while she went inside to get them something to drink and she wasn't about to argue.

"Hey Mac..."

A familiar voice rang in the blonde's ears and Tara turned toward its owner.

"Hey Dougie..."

Tara soon found herself wrapped up in a warm hug that she happily returned. Doug sat down on the tailgate and motioned towards the farmhouse.

"Movin' in huh?"


"Are you sure bout this Mac...?"

Tara looked at her best friend and smiled. How could she explain to him that she had never been more sure of anything else in the world... that she had found the reason she was alive..?

"Dougie... my soul aches whenever she's not near... I can't explain it... it's like the sun coming up in the morning... you don't know why it does... it just does... and makes everything brighter... and warmer... and you feel safe in the light of day..."

Doug watched closely as Tara spoke.

"She's my sunshine... I don't know why she loves me... but she does... and my world is a better place with her in it... and I would simply be lost and alone without her..."

"I'm happy for you Mac... I really am..."

Doug put his arm around the blonde and gave her a gentle squeeze.

"Its not everyday people find their sunshine..."

Tara arched a brow at her friend. She could just feel him leading into some unbelievable joke... she felt surprised when he didn't.

"You'll find yours too Dougie..."

"Yeah... well..."

Tara quickly changed the subject before Doug spiraled downward into the depths of single-hood.

"Aren't you going to the rodeo?"

She watched as a bright smile lit up his face.

"Yep... leaving out in the morning actually..."

Tara hopped off the tailgate and dusted her herself off.

"Then what are you still doing here...?

Doug pointed over to the barn.

"Frankie's still out exercising..."

The blonde stopped him in mid-sentence.

"Get out of here... I'll put Frankie away..."

Doug scratched his chin as he stood.

"Are you sure... cause I..."

"Go... get outta here... have some fun..."

Doug picked the blonde up and twirled her around as he let out a big yeehaw.

"Thanks Mac..."

Doug headed for his Jeep in a light run. He couldn't wait to get on the road and out of town. He had such a love for the rodeo.

"Call me if ya need me..."

"Yeah... yeah... yeah..."

Willow stepped out the front door and watched as Doug sped down the driveway...leaving behind a cloud of dust.

"Wow... where's he going?"

Tara turned towards her lover and smiled. Willow stood on the porch holding two mugs of cider watching the Jeep fade out of sight.

"I told him to go... he needs the break... and... I... need you..."

Green eyes quickly shifted to the blonde and Willow smiled. She stepped off the porch and walked up to her lover. Tara took advantage of the moment as she ran her hands down the front of Willows shirt.

"Seems you have your hands full..."

Willow opened her mouth a couple times but nothing came out.

"Well... what do ya know..."

The redhead gasped as Tara's hands squeezed her breasts.

"Looks like I do too..."

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