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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, if I did I would set them free...

Tara felt Willow's arms wrap around her like a warm blanket. She snuggled further into those loving arms and sighed a happy sigh. She couldn't see the smile on Willow's face but she certainly heard it in her voice.

"You make the cutest little noises."

Tara couldn't help but smile.

"Oh really... cause you make some very cute noises yourself... not to mention some rather sexy ones as well."

Willow tightened her hold on the blonde.

"Well... I could practically write a book on all of the sexy sounds and moves you make."

Tara let out a soft laugh.

"Yeah and I just bet that would be a best seller."

Willow chuckled at the sarcasm in Tara's voice.

"Oh, without a doubt. But, it would never have the chance because it would be for my eyes only. Of course I might read you a little... at night."

"How thoughtful."

The two girls settled into a comfortable silence enjoying each other's company when all of a sudden the distinct ring of a cell phone sounded in their ears. Willow let her eyes roam around the room as she tried to remember what she had done with her phone.

"Is that you or me?"

Tara sat up in the bed looking for her jeans.

"It's me."

Willow watched as the blonde leaned over the foot of the bed to retrieve the phone from her discarded jeans. She licked her lips as her eyes took in the unobstructed view of her lover.


"Hey Mac... I'm sorry to call and bother you..."

"Is everything okay?"

Willow stopped mid-spank when she heard those words slip from Tara's lips.

"Yeah... yeah... it's just I can't find the keys to the 4-wheeler and Jamie's coming to get Blaze and Halo. I've looked in all the cabinets and even in your desk drawer... but nothing."

"Did you look in the ignition?"

Doug rolled his eyes as he took the cordless phone out the back door and towards the ATV.


"You see em don't ya?

Willow listened intently and after hearing Tara's laughter she happily came to the conclusion that nothing was wrong, which meant she could resume her earlier thought. She pulled her hand back and was ready to smack the cutest little butt she had ever seen when Tara looked around and caught her.

Willow gave an innocent smile in hopes that it would cover up the naughty little thoughts dancing through her mind.

"Ummmm Doug... I need to go. Did ya need anything else?"

Willow's eyes got a little bigger as Tara raised a questioning eyebrow at her. The red head just shrugged her shoulders and looked out the French doors. She knew Tara's eyes were fixed on her. She could feel the heat from her stare... or was it the warm burn of embarrassment at having got caught red handed.

<Well... almost red handed... hmmmmm could have made some nice red buns too>

Willow kept her eyes focused on something out in their private garden.

"Thanks. You too... bye"

Tara clicked her cell phone off and rolled her tongue around in her mouth. She watched as Willow nervously shot her a glance then quickly turned her attention back outside.

"Everything ok then?"

Tara just nodded her head and watched as Willow's ear's turned a lovely shade of red.


Willow's eyes kept darting from the garden to Tara and back again. She didn't know how she was going to get out of this one.

"Up for a swim?"

Tara couldn't hold back her laughter any longer.

"You really thought you were in trouble didn't ya?"

Tara continued to laugh harder as Willow's face turned an even deeper shade of red. She just couldn't help herself. The red head was so cute and so busted. Willow grinned sheepishly.

"I couldn't help myself... you were just all up in the air like that."

Tara's laugh slowly subsided and she began crawling her way back to the red head.

"You liked that?"

Willow watched as Tara licked her lips. She looked like a panther on the prowl and Willow thanked her lucky stars that she was the one being stalked. The blonde got closer... so close that their lips were almost touching. Tara teased Willow's mouth. Going in for a kiss then pulling away just at the last minute.


Willow just looked at the pouty lips in front of her. They were so close to her.


Tara gave Willow an extremely sexy grin that caused the red head's tummy to do flip-flops.

"Yes... I'm up for a swim."

"Oh. Right... okay then... well lets..."

Tara leaned in. This time there was no teasing. She claimed Willow's lips in a kiss so passionate that Willow could have sworn she felt herself floating off their bed. Tara's tongue invaded Willow's mouth in a most delicious manner. The red head had closed her eyes and lost herself in their kiss.

She felt Tara start to pull away and she leaned forward to stay connected as long as she could.


A huge grin spread across Tara's face.

"You can say that again"


A peaceful quiet settled over the girls as they stared into each other's eyes. Both seeing their future safely tucked away in blue and green. Neither of them able to fully imagine what life held in store for them but both desperate to find out and face it together.

"I love you Willow Rosenberg"

"I love you too Tara Maclay"

Willow stood and took Tara by the hand. The sun had set and the soft glow of the garden lights led a path to the pool. The air was warm and the water was even warmer. Hand in hand, they stepped down in to the pool.

"Ohhhhhh... this is nice."

Willow watched as Tara slipped beneath the water. She came up with her head thrown back in an effort to keep her long blonde locks out of her face.

"Very nice."

The two women swam around the pool playing and splashing. The world seemed to fade away as every second brought the two of them closer together. Tara swam over to the waterfall. She looked closely at the design and spotted something that made her heart pound in excitement.

"Willow come here."

The red head swam to her lover to see what had excited her so.


Tara pointed at the waterfall and Willow just smiled.

"I know... it's beautiful."

"Look again..."

Willow looked closer at the waterfall. Her mind had started to drift to images of her and Tara... lips pressed against one another as the water fell cascaded down over them. Then she saw it.

It was well hidden and if they had not gotten this close to it they probably would not have even noticed, but looking closer she could see just beyond the waterfall... a ledge. She looked at Tara who was already shaking her head yes.

They smiled and together waded beneath the waterfall and found themselves on the other side. There was a small cushioned seat that sat just up out of the water. It wasn't very big but they decided they didn't need that much room.

The two girls climbed up on the seat and leaned back. Their wet bodies immediately twined together as they found themselves once again in a heated embrace. The sound of the falling water echoed around them as they kissed.

Willow pulled away and heard the slight whimper that escaped her lover's lips.

"I want to make love to you... right here... right now."

"Oh yes."

Willow claimed the blonde's mouth once again while her hand slid down Tara's wet body. She raised her knee between the blonde's legs and felt a wetness that had nothing to do with the pool.

Slowly she let her fingers drift across the blonde's stomach and down through damp blonde curls as her mouth found it's way to Tara's neck.


Willow felt her body shiver at the way Tara whispered her name. She felt the blonde's fingers wrap around her wrist and guide her hand to where she needed it most.

"I want to feel you inside me Willow..."

Willow raised her head and looked deep into Tara's eyes.

"Are you sure... I mean you've never... we haven't..."

Tara placed a finger over Willow's lips in order to silence her.

"I know that I have never been with anyone but you... and you have never been inside me... that far. But Willow... I need to feel you. I want you to take me and make me yours completely... I love you."

Tara watched as a single tear slipped down Willow's cheek.

"What is it Will?"

Willow closed her eyes in an effort to gain control of her emotions.

"I just wish that I could give you the same gift."

Tara cupped the red heads face with her hand and spoke softly.

"Say you'll love me forever and never leave me... that is the greatest gift I could ever hope to have."

Willow looked deep into Tara's eyes, hoping that through some magical portal the blonde could see through to her very soul and know that the words she spoke came from her heart.

"Tara Maclay... I promise to love you forever with all that I am and ever will be. I will be by your side until the last breath of life leaves my body."

Tara ran her fingers through Willow's hair and pulled her down for a kiss.

"Make love to me Willow..."

The red head's only response was to claim those soft lips in front of her. And claim them she did. Over and over again she claimed them. Until Tara's body ached from need and want. Then slowly she slipped inside the blonde and in one smooth and tender thrust she opened the greatest gift she had ever been given.


The blonde cried out as she felt Willow break through the last barrier of her innocence. There seemed to be only a split second of pain then only pleasure. Pleasure that the blonde had never dreamed possible.

She watched as the red head took her and made love to her. Time seemed to freeze as Tara gave herself to Willow over and over again. There beneath the falling water... in their own private paradise, Tara said goodbye to her innocence and embraced the love she had gave and been given. Her life was forever changed and she knew in that moment that no matter what came and went in their lives there would be a part of her that would belong to Willow forever. And she wouldn't have had it any other way...

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