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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Willow arched her back as Tara continued to slowly devour her. Tiny tremors racked her body and she knew that the blonde was swimming in her excitement. Her hips raised off the bed as Tara took one very long... very slow... taste from top to bottom and back again.

"Ohhh... God... yes..."

The blonde had never felt anything like this before. The more she pleasured Willow the more she felt herself become aroused. She ran her fingertips down the back of Willow's thighs and felt the red heads legs shaking with desire.


Willow gasped from the warm vibration against her... or was it the full lips that now held her captive. Her thoughts were jumbled and the only thing she knew for certain was that Tara's slow kisses were driving her wild with desire.

Tara felt two hands wrapped up in her hair... slowly pulling... two hips rising off the bed in perfect time with her own movement... and an ache between her own legs that begged for attention. She fought the urge to reach down and touch herself.

<Mmmmm... .no... that's for Willow... all for Willow>

She continued feasting on her love but still she wanted more... needed more. Willow felt Tara's arms slide beneath her legs pushing them back to give her deeper access. Willow moaned in pure delight as Tara's tongue found it's way inside her... slowly... in and out... in and out... bringing the red head to the very edge and back again.

"Tara... yes... Oh yes..." Willow was so close... she felt Tara's sweet mouth latch onto her and knew that she couldn't hold back any longer.

"Yes... don't stop Tara... don't... .stop..."

Willow's voice rang in the blonde's ears as she continued her slow torture. This wasn't going to be hard and fast... no she wanted to make Willow feel this for days. She felt Willow's legs shaking harder and knew that the red head was ready for release.

"Ohhhhhhh... unghhh... Tar... Tara..."

Tara felt Willow's legs close tightly around her but she never stopped sucking... she heard the red head begging her not to stop as another orgasm raged through her body...

Finally, Willow rode the last wave of pleasure as it crashed inside her. She felt Tara's mouth still against her... unmoving... her hot breath against her skin. It was the most sacred touch she had ever experienced.


The blonde slowly opened her eyes and raised her head.

<Oh my God...>

Willow felt her insides tingle at the look of pure lust and need coming from her lover.

"Tara come here baby..."

Tara climbed Willow's naked body dotting it every so often in kisses. Her eyes never left Willow's and it felt as if the red head could read her mind... sense her need to be touched...

Willow reached up and claimed Tara's lips in a scorching kiss. She could taste herself on the blonde and it excited her more. With strength born from desire she rolled the blonde over and continued kissing her.

She could feel the urgency in Tara's kiss. The woman needed release and she needed it now. Willow found herself quickly undressing the blonde who seemed to be one step ahead of her.

Finally, Tara's body lay naked and trembling.

"Willow... please..."

Willow wanted to go slow... take her time and make love to this woman all night long... and she would... just not yet... She recognized the need in Tara's voice and she wasted no time in giving the blonde what she wanted.

Tara urged Willow downward and gasped as she felt her lover stop to honor her breasts.

"Oh God Willow... .yes... harder..."

Willow was surprised at the request but happily obliged. She felt Tara arch off the bed in an effort to offer all she could to the red head. Willow sucked hard as her right hand squeezed Tara's right breast.

Once again, Willow felt Tara's hands urging her downward.

"I need to feel you... please... Willow..."

Willow needed no further direction. She descended on the blonde and quickly captured the hard gem that she knew, with a little attention would create the most incredible sounds from Tara's lips.

"Ohhhhh Willow... ."

Willow smiled as Tara's body began to move in time with her. The primal moans coming from the blonde was almost enough to send Willow back over the edge. She wanted to slide her fingers inside the blonde... fill her completely... but that would come later when the need for release wasn't so urgent.


Tara moaned out Willow's name as her legs began shaking.

"Don't stop... don't stop... ahhhhhhhh... yes..."

She grabbed a handful of red hair and Willow shivered from the pleasurable pain. Tara's hips lifted off the bed as she came hard.

"Yes... yes... Oh... Willow... mmmmmmmm..."

Willow moaned a reply as she continued to shower Tara with gentle kisses as she lapped up the sweet nectar of her lover.

"Willow... that feels so good..."

Tara's legs were still shaking from the aftermath of Willow's loving. Her eyes slowly opened and the sight of Willow between her legs inflamed her passion again. Willow looked up in time to meet Tara's green eyes just before the blonde arched her back and came hard once again.

Willow sucked softly one last time... keeping her eye on the blonde's heaving body.

<My God she is incredible...>

Two firm breasts bounced as wave after wave of pleasure flashed through Tara's body.


Finally, the two women lay content on the bed... wrapped up in love and each other. The French doors to their private garden were still open and Willow smiled as a thought came to her...

"You wanna get in the pool..."

Tara chuckled...

"I'm not sure my legs can carry me yet..."

Willow snuggled closer to her lover... she was content to wait.

"Well... I'm happy right here..."

Tara placed a soft kiss on Willow's cheek.

"Me too..."

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