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Author: Magrat
Ratings: NC-17
Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me; I'm just having fun with them. It keeps me off the streets.

The ride back from the dojo seemed to take forever and the heat from the two women was reduced to a simmer as they sat far apart in the cab. Instead they were both in a little world that seemed to be filled with naked writhing flesh.

Willow was so deep in her fantasy of naked Tara that she didn't notice when the car pulled up outside her apartment building in Greenwich Village. She blinked as the driver asked for the fare and automatically reached for her purse, but she was a beat behind Tara who had pulled the money from her bag and paid the driver before she knew what had happened. The blonde then skipped out of the car and had the door open before Willow had time to regain her senses.

The building was an outstanding example of Art Deco architecture and it was beautifully appointed. It had taken Willow months to find a place that she felt really at home in, and it still made her smile every time she came home. She motioned for Tara to follow her.

Tara watched Willow as they entered the building and started to feel a little nervous. She had given over such a picture of bravado but Tara had never acted on a flash of desire so quickly before. For years she had been shy and tongue-tied around beautiful women. Success in the police department had improved her confidence, but she was starting to worry if the old stuttering and insecure Tara was about to make a reappearance. Willow was so beautiful and her place was gorgeous, maybe she was getting out of her depth.

"Hey Charlie," said Willow to the uniformed man who looked up as they came in.

"Evening Miss Rosenberg... everything okay?" he asked eyeing the tattooed woman, who was following behind Willow, with grave suspicion.

From force of habit, and because the act itself made her feel like she was justified in being there, Tara flashed her badge at the man behind the counter. "Don't worry Charlie she's safe with me."

He nodded respectfully and tried not to stare too hard as the striking couple got into the elevator.

"Is it true?" asked Willow, her eyes sparkling with devilment.

"Is what true?" Tara countered.

Willow closed the distance between them and rubbed the palms of her hands down Tara arm. "Am I safe with you?"

With quick reflexes Tara grabbed Willow's wrists and pulled her close. "How safe do you wanna be?"


The elevator chimed its stop and the doors opened. They tumbled out, hands in each other's hair, mouths meeting as if their lives depended on it. Willow scrambled in her purse for the keys, while still kissing Tara; she didn't want to lose the connection. They almost fell in the door and Willow pushed Tara against the wall so she could try and turn off the security system and shut the door with her foot, all at the same time.

Tara made a little room between their two bodies and with shaking hands she started to undo the ties that held together Willow's bodice.

"Tara," said Willow, stepping back and shedding her top, revealing, almost shyly, small but pert breasts. Willow only just resisted the temptation to fold her arms; she knew that no one had ever looked at her like this, like they were going to eat her alive, and it was unsettling but exciting.

Their lips met again with renewed fire. Tara's hands explored the newly exposed flesh; she glided her fingertips down Willow's spine alternating between soft touches and light scratches causing Willow to arch and gasp.

Tara pulled from the kiss, her breathing heavy. "Bedroom?" was all she could manage to articulate.

Willow pointed to a door.

Their foreheads touched and Tara's mouth moved to Willow's neck, she kissed her way up until her breath was hot against her ear. "I want to fuck you."

An involuntary shiver went through Willow's body and she fumbled with the door handle. She deeply wanted what was being offered. Clothes were removed in a haze of heat and passion, lips and skin ablaze with newfound sensations.

Tara manoeuvred Willow back on to the bed and for one second she stopped and took in the woman in front of her. "You're beautiful, do you know that?" She didn't wait for a reply but instead leaned in and kissed Willow again. The redhead joined in the dance, but not ready to give over control, she dragged her nails across Tara's back. It was rougher than she was used to being, but right for here, right for now. Tara pulled back for a second, focusing on eyes that had seemed to gone darker. She grabbed Willow's wrists and pinned them above her head with her left hand. She noted that Willow gave only the barest resistance and it urged her on all the more. She dipped her head into the hollow of Willow's throat, her tongue flicking the skin. With her free hand she teased out her new lover's nipples.

"Tara... please,"

"Begging already... I've barely got started," said Tara, sounding cooler than she actually felt. Willow looked so good and smelled so enticing she needed all her self-control to take this slow, but the start had been such a blur she wanted to savour every second, every touch, every taste. Without warning she took one Willow's nipples into her mouth, the body under her bucked in response so she moved to the other licking around the aureole before sucking it into her mouth. Her hand roamed over Willow's body, feeling the silk of her skin before moving lower. She couldn't resist any longer, she dragged a finger over the redhead's slippery labia, it felt so good and it raised her desire to have this woman to a whole new level.

"I want you on your hand and knees," demanded Tara, releasing Willow's wrists.

Trembling, Willow obeyed without thinking.

Tara kissed along Willow's back and felt along her muscular ass before penetrating her pussy slowly with one finger and then adding another. "You are so hot, you feel so good baby." The redhead could only moan in response, her body on fire, reacting to every touch. She increased her pace, and could feel Willow's internal muscles start to contract. She pulled out, saying. "Not yet baby, don't move." Tara lay on her back and moved her head between Willow's legs and once more penetrated Willow forcefully and at the same time pulled down the redhead's hips so she could take her clit in her mouth, this is what she had wanted all night; to taste Willow, and to inhale deeply of the musky scent that had been driving her crazy ever since that first, frenzied kiss on the bench. Her tongue traced an intricate pattern over the most sensitive areas of the woman's body, and Willow rapidly reached her climax with a guttural cry. The redhead's arms collapsed as the feelings of ecstasy shot through her body. Tara withdrew slowly and pulled Willow's still shuddering body into her arms.

"Was that okay? Are you okay?" Tara asked.

Willow gave her a sleepy nod before her head cleared a little. She gave Tara an obviously tired smile. "You were amazing... didn't I make a promise to you about a certain tattoo?"

"Don't worry, we have the morning," said Tara softly, as she kissed Willow's forehead gently and held her as they drifted off to sleep.

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