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Author: Magrat
Ratings: R
Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me; I'm just having fun with them. It keeps me off the streets.

Their lips parted and they both leaned back on the bench breathless. As they breathed heavily the scent of jasmine wafted over them.

Willow was stunned. This wasn't how she behaved, flirting with and kissing a woman she didn't even know.

"So you still didn't answer me," said Tara. "Have you got any more piercings?"

"No and I wouldn't have this one but Buffy persuaded me to have it done when we were at college. My one little rebellion," said Willow, relaxing slightly now that there was conversation and not action. "And why did you get the tattoos?"

Tara shrugged and glanced at each shoulder, "These were the result of too much teenage bravado. The other, well, that was a moment of inspired madness."

Willow teased a finger over the celtic knot on the shoulder closest to her, enjoying the feel of soft silk under her fingertips. It seemed so natural to be touching Tara, almost as if she had known her forever.

"Feels nice," admitted Tara.

In one impetuous movement Willow bent down and kissed the tattoo, before flicking her tongue over the design. She felt a surge of excitement when she heard a small hiss escaping from Tara's lips. She pulled back wearing an evil grin.

"So where is the other one, maybe I could repeat the process?" Willow asked.

Tara patted her knee. "Get close and I'll tell you."

Willow hesitated, wondering if she had pushed it further than she meant. To cover her uncertainty she reached for the whisky bottle and poured herself out another measure.

Tara bumped her glass against Willow's. "Can I at least have a drink?"

Willow poured her some whisky and then swallowed most of her own. She felt the heat burning into her, humming in her veins. She closed her eyes for a second before thinking what the hell, a beautiful woman was flirting with her and she couldn't remember the last time that happened. Willow set down her glass and glided on to Tara's lap, looping her arms around the blonde's neck. She was pleased that the blonde looked a little taken aback, proving that she wasn't as confident as the image she was projecting.

"So are you going to tell me about this other mad tattoo?" teased Willow.

Tara kissed Willow's collarbone before licking slowly and sensuously up her neck, the flesh taut under her touch. When she got to Willow's ear she drew a sharp breath and whispered; her voice huskier than usual. "I wanted something that would be part of me, a personal piece of art. I had an inspiration, a snake coiled up my spine, it's head on my shoulder blade, mouth open ready to strike at my throat and its tail finally tapering off nestling between the cheeks of my ass, and I can't wait to feel your hot breath on the whole length of it."

"Oh god," said Willow, seeing the image branded as vividly on her brain as if the blonde had stripped naked and displayed it for her.

"You like the sound of that?" asked Tara, before her mouth travelled back down Willow's neck, allowing her teeth to graze and nip the soft, creamy skin.

"Uh... I," Willow closed her eyes trying to get enough focus to let words form. "Enough to say lets call a cab. We could be at my apartment in about 20 minutes."

Tara stopped what she was doing to raise an eyebrow and gave Willow her first sight of her sexy little half smile. "I don't know, we could always do it right here in the garden."

Willow's eyes opened wide with shock and she glanced worriedly back at the doors.

"Willow I am only joking," said Tara, placing her hands either side of the redheads face and kissing her softly on the lips. "Call that Cab."

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