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Grand Theft Auto: The Love Story

Author: Cynthia Taz
Rating: PG-13 (language, violence)
Disclaimer: All characters, sites and such from 'Buffy, The Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel' belong to Joss Whedon, UPN, WB, and et al. All characters, sites and such from 'Grand Theft Auto' series belongs to Rockstar Games and Rockstar North. No copyright infringement intended. All new characters and storylines belong to the author (Yah me!). This story is not sell or for any profit.

Tara stepped into Willow's office, and her eyebrows could not rise higher as she watched the sluttish woman, aka Yakuza waka-gashira Miyuki Kasen, sitting on the laps of a very un-amused Willow Kasen. "Tara." Willow greeted, pushing Miyuki away from her lap and strengthened herself.

And it only made Tara wanted to slap Miyuki so hard that she would flew out the window when the woman started pouting, positioning herself right in front of Willow with her upper body almost pressed against Willow's face, and whined in a stream of Japanese.

"No, Miyuki-san," was Willow's answer. "And please speak in English. You will not be able to improve if you don't practice."

Miyuki snorted. "You sound like father."

"It's actually what Asuka who told me when I started learning Japanese. And okasama does have high hopes for you, Miyuki-san. We all do."

Miyuki rolled her eyes. "I don't think so." She spun around. "Look, are you going out with me or not?"

"There are still some works I need to finish first-"

"FINE!" Miyuki threw her hands in the air and stormed out.

Tara turned towards Willow, and found the redhead already turning back towards the piles of paperwork on her table. "Go with her, Tara. You are to work with Yamada-san. His team is in charged of Miyuki's safety. You will from now on report directly to our waka-gashira."

And Tara's heart sunk.

Tara silently wondered if sighing was contagious as she followed Miyuki's limousine towards Bedford Point. Same as other Yakuzas, she could not help herself but sighed whenever she thought of the woman who was supposed to be in charge of the Yakuza Liberty City, and it was only the second day she reported directly to that woman.

Normally, Tara would not have complained: Yamada, whose team was serving Miyuki directly, had assigned her to be the 'bell-girl'; but to follow Miyuki around, carrying her shopping bag while watching her bullying every single shop keeper she met was definitely not something she wanted to put on the 'to-do' list.

"Thinking about Miyuki, huh?" Masa, the young Yakuza who was Yamada's team, smiled from his seat next to Tara's. "You will get used to it." He sketched his arms and yawned. "I'm glad you're here though; now I don't have to follow her into underwear stores."

Tara side-glanced at the young man, the corner of her lips curved up. "Horrified?"

"Very. Everyone looks at me like I'm a prev."

Tara giggled. She took a peek at Masa again. "You don't sound very Japanese, if you don't mind me saying."

"See that, huh?" Masa shrugged. "My dad's a Japo, but my mum's Chinese. I got adopted by my mother's brother when I was eight after my parents' death."

"I'm sorry."

"It's fine. I'm lucky that Yamada let me join his group. Trust me when I say it didn't sit well to the others to have a mix breed in between them."

"That's tough."

"It's a tough city." Masa answered, and pointed ahead. "There."

Tara pulled up the car and stepped out, watching as Yamada opened the door for Miyuki. The waka-gashira ignored the bows from the Yakuzas and matched into the clothes store Squid.

Tara sighed and turned towards Masa, only to find the young man holding up his thumb with a super-wide grin on his face, nodding his head, indicating her to follow the waka-gashira. The blonde sighed, and entered the store.

Tara sighed, watching as the sluttish woman trying out another evening dress which showed half her breast and all her back. Couple of Yakuzas waiting around the store, earning themselves some curious looks from other shoppers, and Tara did not have to look to know that more had gathered outside the store.

"How does it look?" Miyuki asked Yamada, spinning around, showing off the dress. "Do you think Willow-san will like it?"

"It looks good, Miyuki-san. I'm sure Willow-san will love it."

"Um..." Miyuki frowned, her hands holding up her breast. "Maybe I should try a size smaller."

Tara almost rolled her eyes at the comment. The dress the sluttish woman wearing right now was already two sizes too small for her - her breast was almost squeezed out of the dress.

"You!" Miyuki pointed at the salesperson nearby. "Find me a smaller size."

"But miss, I think it maybe too small for you..."

"Are you saying I'm fat?!"

The booming voice of Miyuki caused everyone to turn towards their direction. "That's not what I meant..."

At the corner of Tara's eyes, she could see that the manager nodded towards the salesperson at the corner before moving towards them. "Miss..." It didn't surprise Tara as she saw the salesperson at the corner picked up the phone and started dialing. "Please calm down-"

"Shut up you stupid pig! Do you not know who I am?" Miyuki screamed angrily. Other customers had already cleared out, leaving only Tara, Miyuki, Yamada and two other Yakuzas and the workers in the store.

"Miss, I must ask you to calm down-"

The manager's word was cut short when Miyuki snapped the man in his face. "How dare you!"

Tara's head turned towards the exit when she heard police siren outside, and sure enough, Masa ran inside. "Yamada-san, the police..."

Yamada immediately turned towards his boss. "Miyuki-san, we should go."

Miyuki narrowed her eyes. "Are you telling me what to do?"

Yamada bowed his head. "No, Miyuki-san. But Willow-san will be very displeased if anything happens to you..."

"Well, she should have come with me then. It's all her fault."

Everyone's jumped when they heard gun-shots just outside the store. Yamada, to Tara's surprise, dropped onto the floor and kneed in front of the sluttish woman. "Please, Miyuki-san, I beg of you."

Another serious of gunshots and two explosions finally changed the woman's mind. "Fine."

"Tara-san, please drive Miyuki-san back." Yamda ordered, and turned towards the manager, and pulled out a gun. "The back door?"

The manager's eyes' widen, before pointing the door at the back with a shaky figure. Tara nodded at Masa, watching as Masa rushed back out with Yamada via the front door before following the other two Yakuzas and Miyuki left through the back door.

Once Tara and the gang reached the back door, the blond wasted no time and reached for the nearest parked car, stole it, and quickly drove the gang back to Miyuki's condo.

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