The Wiccans Grim

Author: Trista
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. Based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Willow (but you know that, since it would have been Willow or Tara). One day when Willow was skipping along singing a song, like this: "la la la la la la la la-" That's not much of a song.

"I'm not much of singer," Willow said.

Anyway, a while later, Willow came upon a big mansion.

"It's starting to rain," Willow said. "Maybe I can use their house for some shelter."

Mansion, the Narrator corrected.

"Mansion, right, sorry," Willow said.

She knocked on the door, and the door creepily came open.

"Nice touch," Willow said and stepped through the door. She began searching for signs of intelligent lifeforms when she came upon a beauty salon.

"Look at all this stuff!" Willow said, as she tried on a pink nailpolish.

"Too girly," Willow said. She tried on a darkish nail polish.

"Man," Willow said, "with that nail polish I'd look like a vampire!" The next one she tried on was just right.

"Now I need something to read while my nails dry," Willow said. She found some magazines sitting right next to her. One mag was called 'American Cheerleader' - thats a real mag, I know, weird right?

"Still too girly!" Willow said. Another mag read 'Today's Bride'.

"Someone must be getting married," Willow said. Another one read 'Vengeance Girlfriend'!

"Is someone getting revenge for not getting married?" Willow said. The last one she found was called 'Bop'.

"Someone must also be a teenager," Willow said. "I think I'll just read the paper. A while later Willow took a nap.

A while later, the owners of the mansion returned.

"Like, oh my gosh," a blonde-haired girl said, "who, like, broke into our mansion?"

"Like, I don't know, Buffy," another girl said.

"It's probably your old boyfriend, Buffy," a younger brunette said.

"How does this involve Angel, Dawn?" Buffy said. "It's daytime, like, remember much?!"

"Yeah," Anya said, "let's not forget RJ, and how he made you to believe you were a potential slayer!"

"That was totally Tara's spell," Dawn said. "Stupid Tara, I'm glad we got rid of her!!"

"Man I'm, like, so tried, I'm going to catch some BSs," Buffy said.

"Don't you mean 'zzzs'," Anya asked?

"I told you I can't spell," Buffy said. "Like, oh my gosh!"

"What?" Dawn asked.

"I, like, broke a nail!" Buffy said.

"Harsh," Anya said.

When Buffy went to lie down she saw Willow!

"I'm sorry," Willow said. "I came in on account of the rain!"

"Security!" Buffy yelled. Willow tore out of the mansion like a vamp trying to escape from the slayer!

Willow eventully ran into someone.

"I'm sorry!" Willow said.

"It's okay," the girl said. "My name is Tara. I used to work for the people who live at that big house.

"I just got out of that house," Willow said.

"It's good you made it," Tara said. "Come, you can spend the night at my place."

After a few days at Tara's house, Willow said, "Thanks for your hospitality, but I must get going."

"I'll go with you," Tara said. "You know, strength in numbers!"

And with that they set off on their journey...

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