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The Game of Love

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Unfortunately neither Tara nor Willow are mine. Neither's anyone else in this fic for that matter!

The night was a regular girls night out. Since they'd all gotten to sleep longer that day, no one was really all that tired.

Dinner was over with by 8. They'd all just called for some Chinese take out, and everyone insisted that they all split the cheque, not letting Tara pay. After dinner the girls were just sitting around chatting. Tara had put Sean into sleep, saying that he had an early day at school. She found herself stealing glances at Willow. Tara watched as the redhead chatted with Jessica and Sophie...the animated hand gestures, and quiet giggle..."Very sweet" Tara thought.

Willow on her part couldn't help but wonder why she couldn't stop thinking about Tara's blue eyes. Watching the blondes orbs had become somewhat an obsession with the redhead. She's noticed that the minute Buffy had joined them, that closed look had come back into Tara's eyes...and Willow didn't like that look. She didn't like it one bit.

Willow was watching Tara out of the corner of her eye, when suddenly Emily, who had come to stay again, said "Hey, who wants to play truth or dare???"

This idea was met with mixed reactions. Some of the girls groaned, and others were all for the idea. Willow, who had been watching Tara when the idea came up, was surprised to see the blondes reaction...she's stiffened, for the barest of seconds. In fact, if you hadn't been watching her, you wouldn't have noticed at all.

Emily stood up, walking to Tara's kitchen to bring a bottle to spin so that they could play, and insisted that everyone join her. The girls complied, some reluctatntly, but when Emily turned to Tara, the lighter haired girl said "Em...I have to send some concepts in to office. Sorry, I can't play."

Emily made a face at Tara, but said "Well, works work...right?"

Tara nodded her head and stood up, walking towards the table, where her laptop was lying shut. Sitting down, she opened it up, and after a moment began to type.

In the meantime, Emily had gotten all the other girls to sit on the floor in a circle, and the game began. The bottle was soun, and ended up pointing from Cameron to Buffy.

"Truth or dare?" the P.P asked.

"Truth" Buffy said, and waited while Cameron thought up a question.

"Ok" Cameron said, "Um, which one guy from UC handball's male team would you wanna make out with?"

"Stupid! We already know the answer to that! Haven't you been watching her at all today????" Anya said.

Buffy grinned at the 'keeper and said "Yeah, thats obvious...Zak!"

Willow looked towards the dining table, where Tara was still 'working' on the laptop, and saw the blonde smile to herself as she heard Buffy's answer. "She's got such a sweet smile..." she thought.

The bottle was spun again, and this time the question was from Samantha to Cordelia. When Cordelia opted for "Truth" as well, Samanatha asked "Ok this is just something I heard about you, and seeing that you don't have any choice but to answer me, tell me, did you really kick Nick Penn in his balls at The Bronze???"

Again Anya groaned. "Oh will someone please ask a question that I DON"T know the answer to???"

Cordelia grinned, and laughed before answering "Yeah it's true. See that stuck up soccer star was drunk and trying to get fresh with this girl who very obviously was against the idea. Anyway, I walked up to him and told him to lay off, but he called me a slut and asked me to get lost. I said fine, I would, as long as I could take the girl with me. He refused, and I took her hand and tried to take her away. That's when he threatened to hit me if I didn't leave them alone, and actually came towards me with his fist raised. Instincts kicked in, and I..well, I kicked too! Got him down with one kick, and the girl was safe again!"

Tara commented from the table, whilst still typing "Yeah, and then she chased you around college for a week, thanking you in every different style, language and tone of voice she could possibly think of!"

Cordelia just smiled and said "Oh well!"

Again the bottle was spun, and this time it was Willow's turn to be asked a question by Anya. "Truth or dare?" Anya asked.

Willow was about to pick 'truth', when she realised she didn't want Anya asking too personal a question. "How bad can 'dare' be?" she thought, and said aloud "Dare".

"Finally I can have some fun!" Anya said, rubbing her hands together, and the glint in her eyes made Willow wish she'd just gone ahead with 'Truth'. "Alright" she said, looking Willow in the eyes. "Just to know for sure, you're straight right?"

Willow nodded her head, and could have sworn that she heard the sound of Tara typing stop for a second while she answered. Still, now was not the time to be thinking of sounds of typing. Anya had a purely evil look in her eyes...

"Ok, you're dare is...kiss any of us sitting here in the room on the lips" Anya said, and sat back, crossing her arms across her chest.

Willow heard someone giggle, and Cordelia say "Aww Anya, don't be mean!"

"What?!" Anya feigned innocence. "We're just playing a game here!"

Willow still couldn't believe what she had to do. "Damn, why didn't I pick 'truth'???" she cursed herself. She looked around at the faces watching her, waiting for her to complete her task.

"Well then, I had better just go and kiss Tara" she thought, and then stopped "Wait, did I just think 'kiss Tara'??? Why? I mean, I didn't even stop to think...the thought just came naturally. That shouldn't be! I mean, I don't even really know the girl, and now I'm thinking of kissing her for the dare? That's crazy! And if I went and kissed her, she'd probably be all freaked and think I was weird for picking her". Willow paused her inner rambling when she noticed that the girls were still sitting in a circle, waiting for her to kiss one of them.

"Ok, I think I chould go with Buffy. I mean I've known her the longest, and its understandable that she's the one I'd be most comfortable kissing out of everyone in this room...she is the one I'd be most confortable kissing right...???" she wondered.

FInally giving into the logical choice, Willow crawled across the circle and quickly kissed Buffy on the lips.

"See, that wasn't so bad!" Anya said, before spinning the bottle again.

Willow said nothing as she got back to her place. Looking towards Tara, she just caught the blonde turning away from looking at her...

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