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The Game of Love

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Unfortunately neither Tara nor Willow are mine. Neither's anyone else in this fic for that matter!

"You have a boyfriend???" Sean asked, his eyes going wide.

"Yes" Willow said, smiling slightly at the little boy, as she continued to unlock the door. Once the lock had turned she looked up at Tara, who was simply watching her, not saying anything.

Sean turned to Buffy as they began to follow Willow inot her room. "Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked.

" yet....but I hope to have one real soon..." Buffy said, getting starry eyed as she thought of her new 'love' Zak.

They were now in the room, and Willow said "Guys, please, sit down and make yourselves comfortable". She then turned her attention to Buffy, who still had that dreamy look on her face, and said "So Buffy, are you gonna tell me why Oz called so many times?"

"Wha...?" Buffy said, snapped out of her day dream of her and Oz at the beach together..."Yeah, Oz....well he just wanted to say hi I guess..." Buffy said.

"So he called six times???" Willow asked incredulously.

"Yeah...?" Buffy said. Personally she'd always thought Oz was a bit weird, so she didn't put the frantic calls just to say hi beyond Willow's boyfriend.

Sean, who had been watching Willow and Buffy talk, looked at Tara and asked "Tara, why don't you have a boyfriend?"

Tara looked shocked at the question, and didn't notice that Willow had stopped the packing she's just begun, and was waiting for Tara to answer while she pretended to look away.

"Ok, why am I so interested in the answer?" Willow wondered, even as she continued to pretend to decide what clothes to pack for the next day. She reached for her cell phone and turned it on, as Tara said "Well...I dunno...I just don't have one..."

"Don't you want one?" Sean persisted.

"Well...I'm kinda ok the way I am...and don't really feel the need to have a boyfriend..." Tara said, and this statement drew a gasp from Buffy, who was looking at Tara like she was a crazed animal on the run or something worse!

Willow on the other hand, had gotten back to work. She started popping some clothes into the bag at her feet.

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?" Sean asked again.

"Yes" Tara said, smiling at the little boys curiosity. "I've had lots actually, and they were all nice".

"Ok" said Sean, letting the topic go as he stood up and started looking around Willow's room. Just then Willow's cell phone rang. Glancing at the number she looked at Buffy and said one word. "Oz".

Willow answered the phone "Hello? Hey...Oz...yeah I'm good...u? That's nice...yeah I was out at a friends house... no I didn't carry my phone..."

Tara listened to the one sided conversation. "Is it just me or is that not how a couple usually sounds on the phone?" Tara wondered. "They sound more like friends...actually even a little more formal than that".

Tara looked at Buffy, and asked "So how long has Willow been seeing his Oz guy?"

"Over a year now" Buffy said, and looking at Tara's expression said "Yeah, I know, long time!"

"A year" Tara thought. "Hmm...that's gotta be pretty serious...wait, why am I thinking about Willow's love life???"

She also stood up and joined Sean as he explored the room. Getting to the shelves near the window, Tara checked out the books there, and noticed that one of the shelves was lined with only pictures. There was one of Willow with an older lady and man. "Must be her folks" Tara thought, and taking a closer look, she noticed that the lady had red hair hidden under her cap. "Yup...definitely her parents". Moving on there was a picture of a much younger Willow on Halloween, dressed as a wicth, with one of her front milk teeth missing. Tara couldn't help but smile at the picture, and thought "How adorable!" Next to that picture there was one of Willow, standing in the middle of Buffy and a guy, on what Tara guessed was graduation day, from the robes and the hats. The guy had longish dark brown hair, and was taller than the two girls. The three of them had wide grins on their faces.

"Is this Oz?" Tara asked, showing Buffy the picture?

"No, that's Xander" Buffy said, "He, Willow and I have been best friends since high school. Oz is the guy with Willow in the picture to the left of your hand".

Tara put down the picture she was holding, and looked at the picture next to it, of Oz and Willow. Oz was well, "Short!" Tara thought. She took a closer look at the guy, who'd colored his hair green in the picture, and how he had his arm wrapped around Willow. "Where have I seen him before...?" she wondered, recognizing the guy from somewhere.

Tara heard Willow say "Yeah take care too" and hang up. She thought " 'I love you'. Don't most couples usually reach that stage by the time they've been together for a year?"

Tara felt a pull at her hand. "I wanna see Willow's boyfriend too!" Sean said, jumping up and down excitedly. Tara laughed at the childs enthusiasm and took the photo frame off the mantle, bringing it lower so Sean could take a look.

"Hmm..." Sean said, looking first at the picture, then up at Willow who'd finished packing and was slinging her bag over her shoulder. "One things for sure..." he said.

"Whats for sure?" Willow asked, and she, Tara and Buffy looked at Sean as he grinned cheekily and said "Well, if the two of you ever had kids, they'd have really weird hair!"

They all laughed, and Willow said "Ok, I'm done! Shall we?" she asked, looking at the others, her gaze stopping at Tara.

"We shall" Tara said, as she started to walk out the door, followed by the rest.

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