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Tara Frost

Author: Trista
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Well Tara kept her word, and the next day they started out for Miserable Mountain - but that mountain was as icy as a pyramid of ice.

"Ha," Spike said, watching our heros, "-hey," Spike said, "who's that girl? Her hair is as red as blood."

"Who cares?" Anya said. "I'm like the only one in this story who doesn't get hooked up with someone, ugh."

"I will turn her," Spike said. "Make her my Queen of the Damned."

"How can you turn her?" Anya said in a singsongy voice. "She doesn't like you."

"She's a woman," Spike sang, "therefore I will win her."

"How can you win her?" Anya sang. "She doesn't like you."

"I will turn her, and win her!" Spike sang.

"You won't!" Anya sang.

"I can!" Spike sang.

"You can't!" Anya sang.

"We will see," Spike and Anya sang.

"Wow," Anya said, "that was the dumbest song I've had to sing since 'Bunnies'."

Well, they had to give up, so Tara set up her tailor's shop in Willow's house. But things were about to take a twist, for on the day before Hanukkah there was a knock at the door.

"Oh my goddess," Willow said when she answered the door, "it's Kennedy!"

"Who is this?" Tara asked.

"Kennedy," Willow said. "She left years ago to become a Slayer."

"I'm looking for Tara Maclay the tailor," Kennedy said. Tara saw that Kennedy was wearing armor made of gold.

"Well," Tara said, "I can't mend armor."

"It's my cape that needs mending," Kennedy said, and handed the cape to Tara. "I'll send for you- I mean, my cape tomorrow," Kennedy said, and she kissed Willow on the hand.

The next day was a happy Hanukkah. Later that day Kennedy gave Willow a gift.

"A magic wand?" Willow asked. She opened it and it was a red rose. "Oh," Willow said, "thank you."

"Hmph," Tara said to Faith, "what does she have that I don't?"

Even more later Willow was walking home, when Anya popped out of a large pile of boxes.

"Hello," Anya said, "and how's the new year's bride?"

"I'm not a new year's bride," Willow said. Then Spike jumped out from behind the boxes.

"That's what you think!" Spike said, he grabbed Willow and tied her up. Spike carried Willow in his arms while riding on Clankstomper.

Now Willow was lucky, cuz the family duck was visiting some relatives, and he flew off to tell Tara.

"Captured by Spike!" Tara said. "We have to save her, come on everybody!"

When they reached the mountain Tara cried out, "Willow, where are you?!"

"I think I can make it," Kennedy said, as she used her crossbow to launch an arrow at the top of the castle- (Spike's gotta live somewhere, right?). And the arrow had rope on it, so Kennedy could climb up to the top.

"Oh, Faith," Tara said, "I can't do anything right."

"Maybe it's less slippery on the other side," Faith said. "Let's go see." So they ran to the other side.

Once on the mountain Kennedy pulled out a stake and started killing the iron vampires. Kennedy managed to save Willow but was wounded in doing so.

"We must get back to the house, quickly," Buffy said. So they left, but meanwhile on the other side Tara, Faith, and Dawnie were captured by the iron vamps.

"I will make the whole town pay for this!" Spike said. "I'm going to send 1,000 iron vamps into the town to destroy everything!"

They were put in the dungeon (of course) and they watched helplessly as the iron vamps prepared themselves to destroy the town.

"A good blizzard would stop them," Tara said. "I mean a real once-in-a-lifetime blizzard. I'll whistle one up. Tara tried it, but nothing worked.

"See," Faith said, "you might as well be making birdcalls."

"Then there's only one way," Tara said. "Father Winter!"

Tara had given up being human to save the humans she grew to love so much. And to stop Spike she was going to whistle up the worst blizzard the world has ever known. To be continued...

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