A Calling from the Forest

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Hey I'm borrowing them again Joss and Mutant Enemy. No harm done the first time right? The rest of the characters and the story idea are what poured out of my crazy head.
Feedback: Email me at jkmack77@yahoo.com. I love feedback! It helps me write more so if you read it and like let me know! Or if you hate it let me know too.
Summary: Picking up where they left off, Willow must find it in herself to face the dreaded calling that haunts her. With Tara's help, The Calling will not go unheard and the past will soon be justified with the help of very unlikely candidates and the strength that still lingers in her heart.
Note: This is the sequel to The Howl of the Night. If you don't know what's going on, I suggest you read that first.

The world around me was bright and harsh; it blinded my untrained eyes with its rays. I was sitting in a meadow and my hands were lightly brushing the tips of the grass back and forth as if I were petting the oceans waves. I leaned back, my head lightly falling to the yellow flowers that now pillowed my small head.

I laughed as they bent down and kissed me in face. I tired to playfully swat them away but yet again they attacked me with their loving petals.

"Ah, this is where a mortal learns."

I leaned up on my elbows and watched transfixed as Tara walked towards me. Her hair was much longer, covering her breasts and it swayed around her arms with the warm air. Tiny flowers decorated her golden locks and butterflies weaved in and out of her graceful walk.

She seemed to shine as she looked down at me with knowing eyes. "I knew I'd find you here."

I looked around at my surroundings and smiled broadly at her. "How could you not want to come here?"

The sun was beating down on us but wasn't burning me to an ash in the wind. I plucked a flower and held it out as a tiny offering for such a remarkable sight.

"Willow you must come back." Tara said looking at me with a growing sadness, ignoring the gift.

"But it's so beautiful here and so much better than the reality I'm forced to live in." I said almost pleading.

"We need you there. We need your strength and your presences to help us get though theses trying times." Tara answered crouching down to look me in the eyes. Her hand came out and she brushed a piece of hair from my face. "If only you knew how beautiful you look right now."

I closed my eyes and when I opened them again I was floating once again in the dark, murky water of the nearby pond. I rolled over and began to swim towards shore and wasn't shocked nor amazed to see Tara standing at the water's edge.

"Some times I wish I wouldn't have shown you how to do that." Tara said, smiling slightly.

I flicked my arms trying to get as much water off as possible.

"Though I do enjoy finding you all wet with that white T-shirt on." She added putting an arm around me.

"Yeah I guess I'm getting pretty good at it huh?" I asked hugging her closer.

"You bet you are. It took me almost ten minuets to crack into that over-worked brain of yours."

We both laughed quietly and walked back to our hidden village. Over the last six months Tara's pack and my coven have come together to stand as one. After that night we worked our way as deep into the forest as we could possibly go. Many, many miles away from the stone, and the brick, we started our own life out here.

At first my vampires found a nearby cave that held us at the early daylight hours, while the werewolves took turns guarding the entrance. During the day the long hard construction could be heard echoing off the cave's walls. By night as we would emerge the building continued, we would switch those who had endured the tough task. The work was durable but all of us knew it was for our cause, for our uprising.

After awhile the trees began to thin and the clearing came forth into our view. It was a remarkable sight the work we had accomplished. Tiny log cabins stood in rows along the tree line and a large fire had been put together for the feast that was to be held tonight. Many of the werewolves had gone to capture the game for tonight's meal. The more skilled hunters were off with a few of the vampires coming up with live prey for our daily vampirism needs.

The forest being so dense and so vast made tracking our set up very unlikely. Tara had picked the spot after realizing its potential. We all had hastily agreed, tired from the endless nights of traveling and the rough days trying to find cover before we were burnt alive.

"Where is Yaku? Off on the hunt?" I asked looking around anxiously for our not so very small pup. He was in his 'teenage' stage as Tara had called it. Where he was ready to be off on his own but scared to do it just yet.

I had asked Tara if he would leave us she had shook her head and patted my arm softly. "As long as he knows he's needed here he won't be gone longer than an hour."

Tara gave me that knowing smile again and threw her head back in the call that I had now learned to use myself. I looked around after Tara's head had fallen back but didn't see him. So I did the same, yes my howl was not nearly as perfected as the werewolf's next to me but I was getting rather good.

A few more moments passed but off at the corner of the village broke a reddish tint that was busting his paws to get to us. Yaku slid to a stop on his haunches right in front of my feet. I shouted in delight and bent down to pet our baby's growing head.

He had grown so much in the last six month s that it was unbelievable. Not fully grown but not too far behind, his tall, skinny legs held up a long slender body, his once brown baby fuzz now sleek and glimmering. His paws had doubled in size as well, the whites of them only reaching just above his dewclaw.

His face was the most beautiful about him. Drizzled patches of black still sketched his outline up to his long, pointed ears. His eyes were the color of Tara's when she beheld the change, that moon tint yellow that held me captive at each of our meetings.

I pushed him over so that is belly was exposed and began to scratch him playfully bending to my knees and leaning in more. Yaku stretched out his paws and his tongue rolled out in huge enjoyment.

Tara chuckled behind me and crouched down assuming the petting role as well.

"We won't always get to adore you like this, so you better enjoy it." I said taking Yaku's snout in my hands and kissing him full on the nose. He licked at my face and I pulled away, Tara and I helped each other stand while keeping our gaze fixed on our pride and joy.

Both of us became aware of the thin brunette that was running excitedly towards us.

"Willow! Tara!" Dawn beamed.

"Hey Dawnie," I said taking her into my arms and hugging her.

"What's going on?" Tara asked touching Dawn's shoulder.

"I just had to get out of that cabin! Tara they have been at it for days. Non-stop 'Oh Faith, Oh Buffy, Yeah take me, just like that baby' I'm so sick of it!" Dawn replied ruffled.

Tara tried to hide her blush and I just laughed. "Well you can't blame them. We all saw that coming after their joining ceremony."

"Yeah I know but you'd think they'd at least let me get a word in about some things before they went off and did the nasty again." Dawn said crossing her arms and walking with us. This time I wasn't sure if Tara snorted because of embarrassment or amusement.

"Anyway, I wanted to tell you your hunting party is back, Tara and Janielle said she wanted to talk to you Willow." Dawn stated very business-like.

"Alright," I said lacing my fingers with Tara's "we'll be right there. I have to change my clothes and Tara… she has to change hers as well."

Dawn rolled her eyes and walked off in the other direction. Her quiet mumbles. "Yeah right, you just need her to help you change your clothes."

"Sometimes I wonder if all this sex is such a good thing for Dawn." Tara said as we walked towards our cabin that was located at the edge of the village.

"I guess she's got to learn about it somehow." I said nonchalantly as I opened the door allowing Tara to step in first.

"I guess so." Tara said taking off her coat and throwing it on the bed. Our cabin was one of the smaller ones. Each couple or roommates came up with their own design. Ours was quite simple, just one room with all our necessities. The bed in the middle of the lodge away from the few windows (Tara had insisted). Surprisingly throughout the day the sun never reached the sheets and I was able to rest in peace.

I smiled to myself as I watched her busy herself around the house. Picking up various things and putting them away. She walked over to the dresser that she herself built, and pulled out a fresh pair of pants and a clean T-shirt.

Slowly I began to take off my clothes. First pulling my soaked shirt off and letting it flop to the floor. Tara's eyes remained on her task; I knew she was trying not to look for the simple fact that we had to be at the celebration.

My hands moved around to the clasp on my bra and I unclipped it, letting the straps fall down my pale shoulders. Tara held her breath and shot me a quick glance. I caught her eye and smiled devilishly.

"Alright I won't distract you tonight; we have to get to the celebration." I said pulling the clean T-shirt over my head and quickly pulled my pants off and replaced them as well.

I busied myself with finding my shoes and socks, then unexpectedly colliding into Tara's strong thighs.

"I didn't say I didn't want to be distracted did I?" She asked looking down at me with a half smile.

I smiled weakly up at her and stood so I was looking into those beautiful blue eyes. "You like to look at me don't you?"

"You are defiantly a sight for sore eyes." She whispered bending down and taking my lips into hers. The kiss seemed innocent enough but soon our hands had found familiar places and our bodies where roughly grinding now laying on the bed.

There was a demanding knock at the door and Tara and I stilled our movements.

"Are you guys coming or what?" Dawn bellowed through the closed door.

"Almost," I mumbled into the sheets and Tara giggled softly.

"What?" Dawn yelled.

"We're coming Dawn," Tara said standing up and adjusting her clothes. She walked over and opened the door smiling at the back of the brunette.

"She's so bossy sometimes," I said shaking my head.

"She's learned from Buffy that's for sure." Tara replied taking my hand in hers. I shut the door behind me and we walked slowly to the blazing fire and the blazing excitement behind it was felt long before we got to the massive group of people. Tonight would be a night for change, and the change would be that deciding factor in our next move.

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