The Howl of the Night

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Joss Whedon created the Buffy universe we all know. Thank you Mutant Enemy for not expanding the W/T relationship. I don't own anything here but the story idea and a few people I made up.
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Summary: Willow is a vampire, Tara is a werewolf. The two meet by fate and develop a quick growing relationship. Plot, blood, gore, great sex, and mystery.

The wind blew though the trees making that familiar rustle. Grass swayed back and forth as if in a dance, invisible to the surrounding world. Gray and marble stone stuck up in clusters. Some off by themselves, others grouped with the correct families.

My fingertips slid across the smooth surface of a nearby headstone. The calm in the air trickled around me. I sighed and closed my eyes taking a deep breath, inhaling the sent of quiet death.

This particular cemetery, the one where my mother is buried, is where I go to find peace. I felt close to the dead, partly because I was one of them.

Lately I've came here to stare at my mother's name and try to find the answers. I haven't done that in years and surprisingly the answers haven't come yet.

Coming upon the rounded stone I was looking for I slowly circled her grave. Kneeling down letting my leather coat spread around my feet like a princess, I gazed at the engraving. ROSENBERG. I traced her name with my eyes. Placing both hands on the cold surface I said a quite prayer.


I nearly jumped out of my skin. Standing up I began to look frantically around. I could see perfect in the dark. One of the perks of being a vampire I guess. But I saw nothing until standing next to me was my Maker William.

He stood there illuminated in the moonlight. His brown hair falling to the middle of his back. Sapphire blue eyes that every time you looked at him they stole your heart. He was nearly six foot and he was wearing his usual black suit with a light blue dress shirt. The buttons fastened all the way up until the last one which he left open for 'air' he had said. Which was short of ironic if you asked me?

I could almost hear the click of his pocket watch and it made me smile. He always had that thing, ever since I was a little girl.

Standing before him I felt young again. Even though I didn't look a day over twenty-two my inner mind went back to him holding me in his lap, reading stories to me by his fire. The only light was that of the fire and candles perched to enjoyment. His always cold hands on mine, helping me hold the book to where he could see it to read.

"Hello my dear William." I said softly walking up to him. I was basically his opposite. Fiery red hair that was cut to my ears and vibrant green eyes so light you'd think they were neon. I wasn't too much shorter than him about 5'6. But that's how I became Flame. It was always just a childish nick name that William would always call me. He would say "Ah my little firefly, you are so small but so fierce and your hair resembles your passion. The deepest darkest flame.'

He put his hands on my shoulders and bent to kiss me lightly on the cheek.

"What are you doing out here again my little firefly?" His accent was purely British. He had adapted his voice to the modern American but I could always hear the harsh tones in his words. Sometimes centuries of living has that affect on you.

"I was looking for answers. And by that look on your face you already knew that." I said his hands still on my shoulders. My Irish accent was easily hidden but tonight being in Ireland again hand rekindled my heritage.

"Yes, my dearest I know. But the council is on its way and I need to know where all my vampires are." The worry was clear in his voice as he stared at me searching my face. Being on the other side of the world didn't help either. Flying comes in handy when you want to get somewhere fast.

Deep down he knew what I was looking for, but to be honest I sure to hell didn't.

I smiled and hugged him around the waist like a child with its father. He softened and embraced me resting his cheek on top of my head.

After a few moments he lifted his face and kissed my head lightly. "We must go now. I've arranged a car for you while the council is here." He paused and moved me out of his arms to look at me. "I know how bored you get with all the politics."

I stifled a laugh and took his hand in mine. "Oh the car. How I do miss the horses!" I sneered sarcastically.

He laughed and walking looped together we made our way out of the quietness back into the harsh reality of the world.

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